The 5 best prostate massagers for 2018 + [BONUS USER GUIDE]

A good prostate massager is the cure for boring masturbation. Which leads me to a question:

Are you tired of chopping wood the old fashioned way?

You know the drill. When you’re laying in bed getting ready for a good wank? With your favorite porno video in one hand and your throbbing Johnson in the other.

Yeah, after a many years of the “same old, same old” things got boring for me too. So I decided to change things up with a different kind of male sex toy. Nowadays, masturbation is much more…orgasmic!


5 reasons why I love prostate toys:

  1. I can play solo or with a partner. I just stick it in my butt and enjoy the ride!
  2. Regular masturbation gets old and loses its lustre. This toy spices things up, making jacking off more fun.
  3. Every now and then I have trouble “getting it up.” I don’t need an erection to enjoy a prostate toy.
  4. They’re naughty. Sticking toys in my butt feels taboo, making the experience even more exciting.
  5. I love the feeling of fullness down there. Magnificent. Primal. Relaxing.


Let’s get right to it. This is by no means a complete list of all the stimulators out there. They are, however, all toys that I’ve used and tested extensively. So I know what I’m talking about.



Mr. Racy’s top 5 list!

#1. LELO Loki

Here’s the reason this stimulator is my #1 favorite: the vibrations are simply the strongest, most powerful vibes I’ve ever felt in a prostate toy. Bar none.

It’s like the LELO Billy on steroids.

But what if I’m not feeling like getting my prostate pounded today? No problem. I can turn the vibes way down so I feel nothing more than a tickle. Enough for a light day massage session.

This male vibrator is a modern day sexual work of art. It can make me moan in ecstasy or squirm with discomfort, depending on how I use it. Regardless, this toy is great every time I use it.


Lelo Loki

The LELO Loki. Note the easy to navigate control pad on the left.


You may be familiar with the name Loki from Norse mythology. Like the namesake, this toy is full of surprises and satisfying attributes that will make any man’s prostate tremble with excitement.


  • The larger size provides that “full” feeling down there. More so than every other toy I have reviewed. A primal experience every man should try.
  • Controls are fairly easy to operate and become familiar with.
  • Like the Hugo, it’s powered by a rechargeable battery with excellent life.
  • The velvety smooth business end of the toy feels great and cleans up easily.


  • If you have a tight butt hole, it’s uncomfortable at first.
  • Somewhat expensive, but more affordable than the HUGO below.
  • No wireless remote. Not a bit deal for some guys, but I personally love the ability to control my toys from a distance. Not possible here.

Read my full LOKI review, right here. Also, read bout LOKI’s half brother called WAVE, here


Check price @


#2. LELO Hugo

I’ve written about HUGO a lot since it was released a couple years ago. I don’t use it as much as I used to, but it’s still one of my favorite horses in the stable – so to speak.

Yes, I know. Another toy from LELO. I cant help it, though. They make some of my favorite male sex toys.

Here’s why I like this one so much: the wireless remote control. For a long time I never had wireless toys, and thought of them as a silly gimmick. Now that I have one, I can’t believe I waited so long. Being able to have my hands free to do other things is awesome. I simply find a setting I like, and put the remote down. Voila! Hands-free!


Lelo Hugo remote control male vibrator

Toy on the right. Wireless remote control on the left.



  • It’s cordless, utilizing a rechargeable battery.
  • It comes with a wireless remote control.
  • A satin, soft feel texture that feels good in the hand, even better in the butt.
  • HUGE range of vibrations from intense rumbles all the way down to mild vibrations.
  • It’s a hands free device. Once inserted, your hands are available for other things and not fiddling around with a toy.
  • It’s waterproof. Enjoy it anywhere, even the shower!



  • It’s expensive. One of the highest cost toys I’ve reviewed.
  • Take some practice to get accustomed to the remote control and settings on the toy.

Read the full review of Hugo, right here.


Check price @



#3 Aneros Helix Syn

Syn is the prostate toy that started it all, for me. The very first one I purchased. It helped me learn about my body and how it responds to prostate play. It taught me how and when to move, and when to stop and be still.

With it, I learned the principles of hands free stimulation. And how to experience a prostate orgasm.

But I don’t use it much anymore, as I’ve graduated to bigger and better things. Syn does make an appearance every now and then, for nostalgia more than anything.


Aneros Helix Syn

The Aneros Helix Syn. Simple. Small. A great training device.



  • Very inexpensive
  • It’s simple. No batteries to charge or vibrators to stop working.
  • The #1 best toy for beginners. The slim diameter is perfect for rookies who aren’t used to inserting things into their butt.



  • It takes patience and practice to use. Some guys report having hard time getting off with it.
  • This thing is like cocaine. Tolerance builds very quickly. It doesn’t take long before this toy just isn’t enough anymore.


Read the full review of Syn, right here. For even more excitement from Aneros, read my review of the Vice here.


Buy it directly from Aneros, here:

#4. Njoy Pure Wand

There’s something about cold, hard unforgiving stainless steel that makes it so perfect for sex toys. It’s raw. It’s naughty. It’s bad ass.

The Pure Wand never gets old for me. It’s a timeless toy that never rests for too long. It’s just too awesome to leave alone.


The best thing about this toy?

I can precisely control the pressure on my prostate when I’m using it. You see, the toy acts like a lever when inserted. When I’m laying on my back, a simple press down will nudge the other end of the Wand up. This applies more pressure to my prostate.

If I want a lighter touch, I just lift up. This eases the pressure on my prostate.

All in all, this toy is kinda like an exotic Italian sports car. It’s firm and unforgiving, but in the right hands, amazing things can happen.



Njoy Wand review

The Njoy Pure Wand is a timeless classic. It will probably out live me…



  • Stainless toys are the ultimate for durability and will last decades.
  • Men and women can BOTH enjoy it! It’s like getting two toys for the price of one.
  • A snap to clean. Some hot soapy water does the trick every time.
  • No other toy is built like this. Applying and decreasing pressure during prostate play doesn’t get any easier.
  • The balls on each end are different sizes. Use the big one when feeling frisky.



  • Semi expensive. You get what you pay for. Sheer excellence.
  • It’s heavy! A hand is always required to keep it on the right spot.
  • Steel holds temperature very well. If this toy is in a cold room, it’s best to put it in warm water for a bit before play time.

Read the full review of the Pure Wand, right here.


Check price on Amazon



#5. L’Amourose Rosa Rouge

Last, but certainly not least, is the Rosa Rouge by L’Amourose. This toy is sophisticated. Like something designed by Coco Chanel. Looking at the picture below, one could swear that it flew in, straight from a Paris fashion show.


The best thing about this toy?

It has a nifty trick up its sleeve: it heats up! As far as I know, this is the only vibe that has this feature.

Personally, I think there’s (almost) nothing more uncomfortable than an ice cold sex toy. If it’s cold enough, it’s like jamming a dildo shaped ice cube up the butt. Not cool.

All those problems go away with this euro-style male vibrator. The operating temperature is perfect every time. It only takes a few moments for it to heat up, perfect for when I’m short on time and need to move quickly.


L'Amourose Rosa Rogue review

The L’Amourose Rosa Rouge. Elegant. Sophisticated. Stimulating.




  • It has a built in heating element, so it’s always at the right temperature.
  • Powerful vibrations. Right in line with LELO’s vibrators.
  • The flexible shaft is nice. Sometimes a completely rigid toy is a bit uncomfortable. Rouge solves this problem and it makes the toy a bit more comfortable that others.
  • It’s waterproof, so playtime can be virtually anywhere.



  • Expensive at north of $100 US
  • Charging is only available on the provided stand, which I’m not a huge fan of. I prefer to plug it in directly like most other toys. Not a deal breaker though.

Read the full Rouge review, right here.


Check price on Amazon



Meet the other prostate stimulators that didn’t make the cut for my top 5 list, right here.



Well, that wraps up my list of the top 5 prostate toys!


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Author: Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. And I'm fiend?!? No, not really. But, Kinda :)Actually, I'm just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy WOMEN and HOT sex toys. Hence, these are my chosen topics for this blog.I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm.I own a number of male sex toys, and my personal "toybox" is growing rapidly. But prostate toys are my favorite.So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say!

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  1. I really like your healthy, matter-of-fact, non-judgmental approach to sexuality. Men, regardless of sexual orientation, have a lot of hang ups and misconceptions around our bodies and sex.

    Thanks to reading your personal and informative articles, I’ve purchased the Lelo Billy. As a gay man, although I fantasize about anal intercourse and being penetrated. I’ve only allowed myself to try it a few times. It’s only been recently that I’ve admitted to myself that I still judge myself for being gay and desiring anal sex. As a result, I’ve never allowed myself to explore prostate pleasure during solo play.

    I honestly didn’t believe it possible to enjoy anal sex or have orgasms without ejaculating. That is until I experienced this during my second session with the Lelo Billy. I felt the sensations that you described, orgasming twice without ejaculating! I will no longer doubt your sage advice and and very much looking forward to becoming more comfortable with my body, during solo play and with a partner.

    Post a Reply
    • Dave

      Congrats, Erick! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself 🙂

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  2. Nice website!

    I just got a prostate vibe in the mail and unfortunately, the thing is too big to fit. It’s obviously going to take a while to be able to take it inside, even though it’s not THAT big. I tried for 4 hours today just to fit it in, and failed miserably. Any tips on stretching so I can fit it? How long is it going to be before I can increase the size I can take? Right now, even a single finger can feel uncomfortable, but I want to experience the fabled big O.

    Post a Reply
    • Dave

      The best tip I can offer is to start with a finger and work your way up. Hard to say how long it will take, as every guy is different. Remember, practice and persistence will pay dividends in the end 🙂

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