Guys, get your mind blown with prostate milking. Yeah, it’s that good.

Ever had your prostate milked?

Most men haven’t. If you’re one of those guys, that’s perfectly ok. If you’re a veteran, that’s cool too. Hopefully you’ll find a few golden nuggets of information for guys (and gals) of all experience levels.

In the next ten minutes, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask about man milking. Get ready for…



ANSWERED: Four most common questions:

  1. What the heck is this black magic?
  2. How does it feel?
  3. How do I do it?
  4. Will I get an erection?
  5. Should it make me cum?
  6. What’s it like after I get off?
  7. Does it mean I’m gay, or less of a man?




1. What the heck is prostate milking?



I’ll be using the terms prostate and man milking interchangeably. Some folks refer to it as the process by which he drains his prostatic fluid for health reasons. Other guys, like me, do it because it feels fucking awesome!




First, know your target

Before you do anything, you need to know where your male g spot resides. In the world of sex lingo, this area is called the “P-Spot,” but it’s officially called the prostate gland. It’s generally located about two knuckles deep, inside a guy’s ass.

I say generally because it can be slightly deeper for tall guys or slightly shallower for short guys. We’re not talking a great deal of variation here, just a half a knuckle, give or take. For example, I’m about 190 cm tall and mine is about 2.5 knuckles in.

Regardless, it’s important to remember that every man’s body is unique. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different depths or different devices to find the feeling that works best for you.




Here’s how you stimulate it

The idea here is to rub and apply mild pressure to this area, which brings forth wicked, exotic sensations. This is where the term “milking” comes from. Akin to milking a cow, the rubbing motion is what causes the pleasurable sensations, which can pave the way to an incredible prostate orgasm.

The reason it feels so good is because a guy’s prostate, and anal cavity in general, is a VERY sensitive area, full of nerve endings. With this sensitivity, sexual pleasure reaches an entirely new level.

I have a superb guide that will explain how to use some of the most common prostate massagers, right here.


Fingers vs. Toys

Either one will work, but I suggest you do it with a specialized device called a prostate toy.

After sticking things in my ass for a few years now, I’ve learned a few things.

  1. Start small. A finger is a great way to get acquainted. Then move on to a dedicated toy.
  2. If you decide to purchase a toy, get one from a reputable manufacturer, like these.
  3. Use plenty of lube. Suggestions for every imaginable type can be found here.
  4. It’s always more fun with a trusted partner!



2. Here’s how it feels

At the very beginning, after the fingers are inserted and the massage starts, I feel a “buzz” that envelopes the entire mid section of my body. From my thighs to the upper abdomen. I can’t say it feels awesome at this point, and if I’m not completely relaxed, it’s a bit uncomfortable. However, a few deep breaths will make the discomfort pass.






As the session progresses, the nudging and bumping of the finger against my prostate feels divine. I can actually feel sensations in my penis, although it’s not being touched. Very odd, but wickedly erotic.

If a vibrating stimulator is being used, the sensations are even more intense. For me, when it’s done right, I have an urge to pee, but I never do. I have literally no control when I cum…it just happens. I’ve found it’s best to just enjoy, relax and let it happen.

When I’m getting close to climax, a very warm feeling comes over me. At this point, I know it’s VERY close.

This whole process, from start to finish can take as little as 10 minutes, up to an hour or more. It totally depends on my state of mind, my level of relaxation and the skill of the person performing the massage. Like any other sexual activity, a little foreplay can enhance the experience and makes things happen MUCH faster.


Think of it as psychological submission

Having another person (girlfriend or boyfriend) massage your p-spot is a mind blowing experience. You’re basically submitting to this person and allowing them to dominate your body.


Even the alpha male will find himself smitten and submissive when his partner is penetrating his rectum.





3. How do I do it?

This is the fun part. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Follow along…

There are two ways to do this. Internal and external. I’ll be covering the internal method, because it’s far and away the best way to go. Why? Because it’s the best way to get off.

With the external method, the perineum is massaged, applying pressure to the prostate which lies nearby. In my experience this fun, but just doesn’t do it for me anymore. It was exciting at first, when it was new and fresh.

Now that I’ve shoved more than a few toys up my ass, it’s boring, and there’s no going back. It’s great for beginners who are nervous about sticking things in their butt for pleasure. It’s like an appetizer before diving in to the main course.



4. Will it cause an erection?

Another gray area here. For some guys, yes; and some guys, no. In my personal experience it’s mostly a state of mind. If I’m really turned on, I’ll almost always get a diamond hard erection. At a minimum, I will have a semi flaccid, waving penis during the session.

Also, based on my personal experience, the resulting pleasure is pretty much the same whether I’m hard or soft. This is the beauty of this activity:

Even guys with erectile dysfunction (ED) can thoroughly enjoy this activity!





5. Should it make me cum?

I’ll start by saying that traditional orgasm, where you blow your load all over the place, is entirely different from this type of stimulation. Hence, there usually isn’t an ejaculation when getting milked.


NOTE: For many guys, this causes them to produce tons of pre cum.


I’m one of those guys: a leaker. Always have been. The moment a woman touches my cock or even kisses me heavily, I’ll start to drip. It’s a bit embarrassing sometimes because the amount is so much, it’ll show right through a pair of jeans. Yikes!

It’s quite common for my erect rod to drip copious amounts of pre jizz throughout the entire process.

For other guys, they don’t drip a drop. I have no idea why some guys leak and some don’t. But it really doesn’t matter either way. Every guy is different, so it’s expected that his sexual responses are different as well.

Lots of Mr. Racy readers have emailed me over the years, asking these questions: “Is it normal if I don’t have any pre cum?” or “Is it normal if I have TONS of pre cum?”

I believe that it makes no difference at all! As long as it feels good, keep on milking. There is no normal or abnormal here. It’s all about his pleasure. Nothing else.


BONUS TIP #1: If you wanna cum REALLY, REALLY hard, follow up with a vigorous cock stroking after getting milked. It’ll be one of the best orgasms you’ve ever had.

BONUS TIP #2: While you’re masturbating and getting close to climax, have your partner rub your prostate until you ejaculate. Keep jacking until you blow your load. You might just enter the mystical realm of total Nirvana. A higher level of orgasmic goodness.





6. Total relaxation after the massage

Post massage, I feel incredibly relaxed. Much more so than a normal orgasm. Give me a hot shower and put me to bed! I’ll sleep like a baby all night long.

For hours I experience a complete sense of “relaxed satisfaction.” Totally content. Completely happy and fulfilled. This afterglow persists for a longer period of time than traditional sex alone, in my experience.


7. Does it make me gay or less of a man?

The answer is a resounding NO!! Even if you’re a hetero manly-man, it doesn’t change a single thing about you or your sexuality. If it feels good, and you’re comfortable with it, go for it!

Have a look at this reader submission, right here. See what Dan had to say about his experience of prostate massage with another man. Oh, and did I mention that Dan is also a straight, happily married guy?



nirvana awaits


So what are you waiting for? Get busy and start practicing! Man milking is one of the most awesome sexual experiences available. Your body is your temple, and you can and should enjoy it to the fullest.

Read more about all this, below.


Here’s more prostate stuff!




Author: Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. And I'm fiend?!? No, not really. But, Kinda :) Actually, I'm just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy WOMEN and HOT sex toys. Hence, these are my chosen topics for this blog. I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm. I own a number of male sex toys, and my personal "toybox" is growing rapidly. But prostate toys are my favorite. So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say! Hey hey...I just joined Reddit! /u/mrracy

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  1. Great post Dave for beginners and experienced milkers alike.I just love milking myself this way! Once you’ve tried it you never go back believe me!

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  2. Hi.. Had my first experience with ‘milking’ this past weekend. I’ve tried often over the past few years with fingers and toys, only to see very little clear pre-cum and no other results. (I’m not a leaker, so I rarely see pre-cum — would love to know how to increase pre-cum regularly.)
    But, recently my wife and I started using a strap-on where I am ‘receiving’ a very nice sized dildo. Formerly, I was using a bulb-style cleaner in preparation, but recently upgraded to a shower enema cleaning system with multiple attachment options. I spent about 45 minutes in the shower this past Sunday evening trying out the different attachments. One attachment is particularly longer and I really enjoyed its effectiveness, when all the sudden, I felt a discharge sensation from my penis. It was milky, mostly medium consistency like cum but contained a good amount of thinner fluid too. Did I just cum? It didn’t have the same orgasmic sensation as a penile-stimulated orgasm. I wasn’t even erect. At any rate, I’m looking forward to my next 45-minute shower!!!

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  3. I had a guy massage my prostate for the first time last week. He was so gentle and took his time. I thought I was going to loose it; it was incredible. I never had a guy fuck my ass with his finger but it was great. I came so fast and kept cuming for about a minute. I had cum all over the place.

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  4. Dave, thanks for diving into and sharing what you know on this topic. I just read your “Art of milking” and although you share about the results, I was hoping for more details on techniques once the prostrate is located.

    Post a Reply
    • Dave

      Hey man, glad you stopped by. How timely, I’m in the process of updating this post that includes those details! Stay tuned…I should have something up soon.

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  5. I’ve been reading through a lot of this stuff, and i guess I’m just glad to know it might take a little while and numerous attempts to get right. I’ve been using plugs and dildos for years now, but never knew about prostate massage, and so i picked up something simple to try it with. Needless to say the toy i picked up (California exotics p-rock prostate massager) didn’t really get me where i wanted. Definitely noted that i need to avoid cheaper products. The biggest problem with the toy i got was that it just wouldn’t stay put and it was hard to stay focused and relaxed when having to wrestle with it. Hoping i can find my o in the future, and plan on getting something from your reviewed and proven list of toys instead.

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  6. I’m nervous but would like to try!!! Any first timer advice?

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    • Dave

      Hey Joe!

      Thanks for stopping by. The best advice for first timers is right here: my prostate toy user manual.

      Just follow along and you’ll be well on your way!


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      • I just did it and my ass feels relaxed and my body feels like it’s melting into my bed best orgasm ever

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    • I found, when I first started using any toys at all, that I wasn’t using enough lube…I mean, when I first started using my finger a lot and then my wifes dildo, it just seemed to burn…and when I found my prostate I told myself that I had to find a way to make this work. I started using more lube, I even pull the toy out after it has been fully inserted and lube it again before putting it in the final time. I started by putting a dildo between the mates and box springs of my bed, so that it was like someone behind me and I would get on hands and knees and slowly, slowly work my asshole onto it. Then I would start to fuck my ass into the dildo. Don’t be afraid to visualize and fantasize while you do this because it increases the relaxation and heightens the taboo, I am totally straight, but the first time I fantasized about backing myself up onto a real guys tool I had an amazing orgasm that made me shake. I eventually got a proper, curved vibrating dildo with a suction cup and I can get my ass fucked in any position, and save the vibration for when I’m getting close and then put it in full vibe. I know that I need in and out insertion for my prostate to feel it, and I slowly ride my dildo while kneeling over it and stroking my cock at the same time. It’s often somewhat uncomfortable for awhile, but about 15 minutes later, after I start letting my ass fully relax and the riding gets smoother and steadier I go from being semi-hard to really hard as the orgasm approaches and then it’s all this fluid flying everywhere! Feels different than a normal jack off, but is just as good or better, and I also am able to recover quicker and start again in 5 minutes…I can’t do this with just a normal jerk session.

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  7. Just a question. Will you compare the Aneros Vice and the Lelo Hugo? Which is your favorite?

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    • Dave

      Hello and thanks for stopping by!

      Here are my thoughts:

      Vice – Definitely a nice product. Very durable and feels very nice. As far as thickness and “feeling full”, it’s about on par with the Hugo. No remote control, you’ll have to reach down and hit the button to change settings. Also, I don’t feel that the vibrations are as intense or enjoyable. Can be purchased for under $100 US.

      Hugo – My favorite vibrator, until something better comes along! LOTS of different vibration patterns and intensities. The wireless remote is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it runs over $200 US. This is a pretty hefty sum to pay for a vibrator, but well worth it in my opinion.

      Common to both – They’re both waterproof. Both hands free, once inserted. The only thing you’ll need hands for is to change the settings. They are both constructed of excellent, high grade silicone. They both come from very reputable manufacturers. However, Lelo’s 10 year product guarantee is pretty nice. This means if the toy craps out during years 2-10, they will give you a 50% discount on your next toy.

      I feel that they are both great toys, but Hugo is quite expensive. It all comes down to your personal budget.

      Hope this helps!


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