Anal play safety precautions

I think we can ALL agree that pleasuring the male prostate and the resulting orgasm are the ultimate sexual experiences a man can have.  But care must be taken so we don’t hurt ourselves.  Prostate stimulation isn’t dangerous.  However, by playing safe (lots of lube and a gentle touch) you can virtually eliminate any chance of injury down there.


Follow these 3 rules to stay safe

  1. Only stick things up your ass that were designed for that purpose.  This means using something like an Aneros device.  NOT a broom handle or electric toothbrush!
  2. Follow the manufacturer instructions that came with your device.  They will tell you how to lube, clean and maintain it.  Don’t forget:  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.
  3. Moderation is key.  I strongly recommend against doing this every day.  Start slow.  Give your body at least 48 hours rest between sessions.  Then, after you’ve had a lot of practice, you will know better what your body can handle.


Anal fissures

You can get what’s called an anal fissure when you don’t use enough lube, or by playing too rough.  This is exactly what it sounds like: a tear or cut in the rectal wall.  It can be caused by using an anal toy or by anal intercourse.  Yeah, painful.


causes of anal fissures


Fortunately, they normally heal quickly, and you’re back in business in no time.


A case study:  unwanted consequences from stimulating too hard or too much

You don’t want this to be YOU!  Click the image to read more.

unwanted consequences


Reduce the risk:  self stimulate

If you’re inexperienced, you can play it extra safe by first playing on your own.  Learn first about your preferences and how your body will respond.  Once you’re comfortable with it, then bring a partner into the mix.  The added benefit of solo play is that you can do it with privacy, in your own home.


If you feel pain…

Stop what you’re doing…immediately!  Pain means something’s wrong.  See a doctor if you have any of the following symptoms.

rectal pain symtoms





See what else I like to play with

See what else I like to play with



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