Brutal Dildos: an erotic adventure

Here’s an epic story of a couple and their newfound love for brutally large dildos.

Richard lay on the bed and sighed deeply. He looked down his body, still healthy and trim, even in his early fifties. He worked out every day at the gym and he and his wife took evening walks together through the park by the house. Richard was, according to his doctor, the pinnacle of middle-aged health, full of energy in the buildup to the retirement years.

Next to him, Nina breathed softly and let out a light mumble in her sleep. He gave up trying to figure out what she was saying when she slept. Sometimes he could pick out words, but even then, it was just jumbles and nonsense.

She was his own Beckett play, wrapped up in a beautiful twenty-eight year old body with long, slender legs, deep chestnut hair, and eyes as bright and blue as winter topaz. Richard still did not know how she ended up with him. Yes, there was the office party that his lawyer held, where the two of them met. That was five years ago. She was still an intern in the office, trying to get through college.

How she chose him over the young college boys, Richard did not know. He was not obscenely wealthy. While he liked to think he was handsome, he knew he did not hold a candle to some of the young men who would have been on her campus. She spent most of the party talking to him and when he asked her if she might like to have a drink, she said yes.

Most of the time, he satisfied himself with the knowledge that she had fallen in love with him. Nights like tonight, however, he wondered if he was doing right by her. He provided a nice home in a comfortable neighborhood. He doted on her when she was in the mood to be pampered. He debated with her when she wanted someone to challenge her opinion. They talked about trivial things and deep things.

They were there for each other, no matter what happened, in every way that matter.

Well, every way except, increasingly, this one.

Tonight, Richard had found himself yet again unable to achieve an erection. He had noticed the problem, starting with difficulty keeping it. It started as annoying, but now it interrupted the flow of their sex life. That, he knew, was going to create a rift between them emotionally, and Richard did not want to do that to Nina. She was too beautiful, too fun, too loving, and too sweet.

He took another deep breath.

“You really should get sleep, you know.”

Nina’s voice startled the air out of his lungs. He touched his lamp to turn it on as she rolled over to look at him, her blue eyes tired but concerned.

“When did you start faking talking in your sleep?” Richard was amused, but a little worried as well.

“When you stopped telling me what was wrong.” Nina gave him a smile that told him it was okay, and he was sure she already knew what was bothering him.

“I want to me the man you deserve.” Richard touched her cheek gently.

“You are the man I deserve, and the man I love. You are also the man who needs to sleep because he has a five-hour drive tomorrow morning.”

Richard laughed. “You are more important to me.”

He saw the frown on her lips and knew what was coming. “Coffee will keep me perked up on the drive. I’m more worried about not being able to have sex with my wife. I don’t want that to hurt our relationship.”

Nina propped herself up and kissed him on the lips. “I know. I’ve been thinking about that, actually.” She gave him a shy look and Richard indicated that she should continue. “Until we know what’s going on and the doctor fixes it, you could use a dildo on me.”
Richard shook his head. “Sex toys are a you thing. They’re not really for couples.”

Nina rolled her eyes and sat up now, her bare breasts bouncing with the motion. She let him cum on them sometimes, and he enjoyed that. He wondered if he would ever get to again. “They can be for couples. I was thinking we could get two, one for you to use on my ass and one for my pussy.”

His cock tried to grow hard. Richard always enjoyed when she talked freely about her body. Too many women tried to frame themselves in clinical terms or flowery euphemisms. He wished he could respond to the urge she brought up now.

“Please, could we try it?” Her eyes widened and her lips turned down at the corners. He knew that Nina was manipulating him, but even with that knowledge, he could not resist her pout.

“Buy the ones you want. We’ll give it a try.”

It was best just to resign himself. Nina kissed him excitedly and rolled over to go to sleep again. Richard turned off his lamp and closed his eyes. At least, he thought, he had the business trip. He would be gone for two weeks, and over that time, she would probably forget about this.


Not only had Nina not forgotten about the agreement, she had sent him photos of different big dildos, like this one, wanting to know which he might like to use on her. Richard still found it uncomfortable to think about. Still, he had managed to choose one of each type. That Nina later texted him, letting him know how many times she had made herself come fingering herself, thinking about those dildos, made him happy at least.

When he arrived home, Nina greeted him as she always did, with a warm meal and a moderately strong drink. After dinner and some time to relax, she brought him back to the bedroom. As she stripped, Richard examined the dildos on the bed.

They were larger than he thought they would be from the photographs. One, he hoped it was the vaginal dildo, was almost as thick as his wrist and a little longer than his forearm. It looked mean, and he wondered how she would be able to take it without crying out in pain.

The anal dildo was not as bad, but it was still far larger than anything he would want to use. It was a little more than half the width of the vaginal dildo and shorter. It also had a wide lip and a ring base that he could fit his hand through to grip. Richard had read enough stories of dildos slipping up that he was sure he knew why this one had the lip.

The black monstrosity had a fleshy texture with ribs and veins in alternating patterns. The anal dildo was smooth, and when he touched it, Richard saw that while it was a firm dildo, it bent slightly with pressure.

“For a man who doesn’t like dildos, you sure pick out some quality products.” Nina climbed onto the bed and lay on her back. She opened her legs and reached her hand down to her pussy, spreading the shaved lips and teasing herself with her fingers.

“Have you tried them yet?”

“No. I wanted them to be just for you to use.”

Richard’s torso tightened. She looked sexy there, waiting for him as she touched herself. Again, he felt desire try to stir his cock, and yet again, his cock failed him. He looked at the two dildos. If this was all he had left to please his wife.

He reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out Nina’s lubricant that she used for her dildos. It would be best, he thought, if he applied it liberally, and he was happy to see that she had plenty of the lube left.

First, though, he wanted her to be aroused. He kissed her knees and up her thighs, pushing her hand aside with her nose, and bringing his tongue to the tender lips of her pussy. He could smell the sweet musk of her desire and as he pushed his tongue through the folds of skin and pushed it inside her, he could see she was already very wet.

Richard knew his wife well enough to know that while she loved receiving oral sex, that she really wanted the dildos. He teased her for only a few minutes, pulling away even as she gave an exclamation of desire and disappointment. He pulled a pillow down, eased it under her hips, and picked up the anal dildo, lubing it generously.

He expected resistance or to hear her cry out in pain when he pushed it into her body. Richard watched Nina’s ass open around the thick head of the dildo. She moaned as he slid it into her, letting it run smoothly up to the lip. He pulled back slowly and her body trembled. When he pushed it into her, once again in a slow motion, she let out another deep, guttural sound.

Once it was all the way in her body, Richard left the dildo in place. He turned his attention to the black monster, applying more of the lube to it. This, he thought, would have to hurt. He brought it up to her pussy and parted her lips with his fingers. As he pressed the head into her, she gasped. He watched her stretch around it and moved slowly, watching her body, and listening to the sounds she made.

Slowly, inch by inch, Richard watched as the black dildo filled his wife’s pussy. She gripped the sheets and he saw her skin flex as her muscles tensed. She let out more sounds, deep, wet, and primal, as he pushed the dildo up to its base. He pulled back as slowly, listening to her make a sound between a moan and a sigh. Then he pushed it back in, just as slowly as before.

Watching her react to the dildos was arousing, but Richard could not shake the feeling that her pleasure came from an object and not him. That feeling made him feel small and as shriveled as the thing in his pants. He pushed the thoughts aside and tried to focus on her.
“Please go faster,” Nina said.

Richard picked up the pace, pulling out a little faster, and thrusting in a little quicker. Her sounds and exclamations became more excited and she called for more – faster and harder. Richard eased into those motions, a little faster with each stroke out and in. He balled his fist around the base so that his hand could strike her as he thrust the dildo in faster. This seemed to excite her more and Richard’s torso tightened in response.

“Baby,” her voice was growing breathless as his hand moved swiftly now, “you are so good to me. Please, make it brutal. I want you to make me scream.”

You. She said “you,” not “it.” That realization hit Richard, clicking in his brain. Nina gripped the sheets of the bed and her legs opened wider. He was doing this to her, he was driving into her body, making her call out for more. Did it matter that it was plastic and silicone rather than his own flesh?

Her moans as he pulled out and thrust in told him no.

Richard moved faster now, letting his hand thud against her pussy as he thrust the dildo along her smooth wetness. He twisted his hand with the trust, faster and faster. When his hand struck her pussy, he ground his fist into her, twisting the dildo inside her. The moans grew louder and more intense, but it was not enough.

He had almost forgotten about the anal dildo. He remembered that it bent gently and he understood why. As he thrust with the black monster, Richard pulled the anal dildo back, slowly at first, with deliberate motions. He pushed it back in as slowly, allowing himself time to get used to manipulating both dildos at once.

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With each stroke, Richard moved faster and more confidently. Nina let out another deep moan as he picked up speed with the anal dildo, letting the lip at the base slap against her ass. Now he had both moving, twisting, sliding in and out of her with quick, thick motions as they spread her body wide and filled her, slamming into her body.

Nina’s hands reached up to her pillow and gripped it. A low sound started deep in her chest, growing louder as it reached up through her body until it issued forth as a full, guttural scream. Her body shook with the force of her orgasm and Richard felt chill bumps spread over his body as a euphoric feeling swept over him. It was not an orgasm, but it was like it, so much so that it left him feeling warm. He watched the wetness from Nina’s pussy increase as the dildo met the resistance of her tensing muscles.

When her shudders stopped, Richard continued. He wanted to see that again. He wanted to hear that sound again. He wanted to be brutal, to hear her scream and know that it was for all the pleasure he brought her.

A dark and sensuous laugh from Nina told him she wanted it too. Brutal dildos were now a thing, not just a figment of their imagination.


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