Immerse Yourself Fully With the Kiiroo Onyx (Now VR Compatible)

With every passing day technology is expanding the ways through which we connect in new and exciting ways; and nothing reflects this more than the current surge in virtual reality headsets.

No longer the faraway invention of sci-fi movies or ambitious erotic fantasies, VR headsets are taking the world by storm, and the VR world is clearly the place to be.


When it comes to the world of adult erotica, there’s no denying that VR porn is a powerful experience. Suddenly immersed in the scene unfolding, VR headsets take you beyond being a distant observer looking at a screen and allow you to become part of the virtual world around you. And when that virtual world has your favorite porn star in it, then things suddenly get a lot more interesting.


Check out this video – VR will blow your mind


As pioneers of the sex tech movement, Kiiroo has recognised the desire to connect online since inception in 2013. Combining technology and sensuality to provide you with increasingly intimate experiences online is at the very core of our company ethos. The rise the popularity of VR headsets has presented us with yet another chance to share these endeavours with you. Seeing is one thing, after all, but feeling elicits total immersion.

Continuing to push the boundaries of adult digital connectivity, Kiiroo has embarked on the next exciting step in sex tech by transforming the Kiiroo Onyx into the first and only male masturbator capable of synching with 2D & 3D VR content, in addition to conventional webcams. Combining our Kiiroo Onyx interactive masturbator with VR technology Kiiroo presents you with porn like you’ve never seen (or felt) before. But that’s not all.


Free VR headset and 15 day Free trial to Virtual Real Porn with purchase of a Kiiroo Onyx



By integrating into this exciting new world, Kiiroo is offering you even more ways to connect with the content that you desire most. With VR and Onyx combined you don’t just watch the action play out: You live it. Every motion, every thrust, conveyed from your point of view in real time through the power of sex tech.

The power to connect to erotica like never before, made possible through VR and enhanced through the Kiiroo platform and the Onyx device.



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Author: Somebody Cool

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