REVIEW: the Lilith Uterus Masturbator. Soft. Very sexy.

I stepped out of my comfort zone when I bought the Lilith Uterus, a 100% Japanese made male masturbator. I never even heard of this brand until I stumbled across it online. It had a number of great reviews, with very few negative customer comments. So…I said what the hell, and bought it.

It was either a great decision on my part, or just blind luck. This turned out to be a damn nice stroker for the money! It feels awesome wrapped around my cock, even though it’s a tad soft for my taste. I generally prefer something that has a little more firmness to it, as I like a nice tight pussy. Fortunately, a simple squeeze of my hand tightened things up real nice the first time I used it.


Japan makes some high quality products…

…including sex toys. I’ve always been partial to their products, especially electronics. Sony tvs, Casio calculators and Seiko watches have graced my house and millions of others over the decades. And let’s not forget Nintendo! Where would the world be without billions of hours wasted, jumping a little mustached man around a TV screen??

But sex toys? I never even gave it a thought, until now. In my opinion, the Lilith fits right in with their traditional high quality craftsmanship.


lilith uterus male masturbator

It closely resembles the look of a real pussy, minus the hair and razor bumps!


Buy it from Amazon


Good for average sized guys

As an average hanging man, the depth and diameter of this device is about right. It’s NOT good for guys that swing over 7 inches in length, or have a cock the size of a coke can.


Above average suction

Since it has a sealed back end, it provides above average suction as it’s being stroked up and down on a cock. Not as good my Tenga or Fleshlight, but still more than sufficient.

At orgasm, I wouldn’t say it sucks the cum right out of my dick. It’s more like it’s teasing your man juices through the tip of your cock. Still feels most excellent!


A small concern prior to purchase

Here’s something that made me a uneasy before I decided to buy it: it’s made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), NOT silicone. If you’ve followed my blog, you know that I almost always stick with silicone when it comes to these types of toys. I’ve always been nervous about phthalates, smelly or greasy toys, etc. when using non-silicone products.

Fortunately, none of these were an issue with the Uterus! As stated by the manufacturer, it’s free of:

  • phthalates
  • latex free
  • silicone

It it feels fucking good too!

So, if you’re one of those people that have issues or sensitivity to any of those materials, this might be the perfect jack-off toy for you!


It comes in a simple cardboard box.



It’s sealed in a plastic bag, with a certificate of inspection. I felt pretty good about the safety of this toy.


Cleaning is a snap!

This is a great feature of the Lilith. It’s easily turned inside out for easy cleaning and maintenance. This is also a great way to see the texture on the inside. If your dick had a seeing eye, this is what it would see 🙂

A sink with some warm water and a mild body soap are perfect to keep it sanitized and safe.


Cleaning is simple when it’s turned inside-out.


So what’s the final verdict?

Honestly, I like it…a lot!

  • It feels good, as the material feels really soft and supple
  • Great suction.
  • Easy to maintain
  • No foul odors
  • Low cost with high quality

Also, as a guy with an average size dick, this fits just right. Not too big. Not too small.


And one thing I didn’t like…

If you look closely at the pictures, you’ll notice some surface imperfections. Now, this has nothing to do with the performance of the toy. It’s purely cosmetic. I’m sure it has something to do with the molds that are used to cast this product.

Grab a Lilith Uterus for yourself, right here from Amazon.


Recommended Lube to use

For toys like these, I always go with a water based lube. My favorite is called Passion. Get the full lowdown on this lube and many more on my Best Sex Lubes page, right here.


Where to buy it

I recommend picking it up from Amazon. The best price you’ll find online.

Buy it from Amazon



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Author: Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. And I'm fiend?!? No, not really. But, Kinda :) Actually, I'm just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy WOMEN and HOT sex toys. Hence, these are my chosen topics for this blog. I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm. I own a number of male sex toys, and my personal "toybox" is growing rapidly. But prostate toys are my favorite. So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say!

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  1. Thanks for the great article. It was very informative.

    I was wondering if you could help me. I purchased two Fleshlights and I found that they were just too tight and I ended up splitting the silicone material. Once this happened, it became very painful as the split seam would cut my skin.

    I have a large cock in length and girth and I am looking for with a silicone or TPE stroker that is not tight or adjustable to fit larger cocks.

    Can you recommend anything?


    Mr. swag

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    • Congrats on having a big cock!

      If you’re looking for something portable, I’m not sure I have any suggestions that would meet your needs. Everything I have reviewed is around the same size as fleshlights.

      Have you looked at the Fuck Me Silly masturbator? I reviewed it here. Not sure that could handle you either though. Might be worth a try, but kinda pricey if it doesn’t work out.

      Let me know what you think!

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