REVIEW: the Sinclair Select ONYX black glass stimulator

I picked up the Sinclair Select Onyx glass wand a while back, and just got around to trying it out. I’m not overly thrilled with it, so I decided to do a quick review.

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It’s a cheap, budget minded product

I’ve acquired a rather large collection of higher priced items over the last few months. Some I got for free, others I’ve paid for out of my own pocket. I’ve been wanting to try out a “budget” massager for quite some time, and this stimulator seemed like a good candidate. I paid about $20 for it, so no big deal if I it didn’t work out.

Well, here’s one thing I’ve learned: it’s wise to invest a little extra money for a quality toy. They’re constructed better and they definitely work better. Good orgasms are worth the extra cash!

Let’s do this…


sinclair onyx glass prostate massager

Here it is, in the factory packaging. Nothing fancy.


What’s in the box

This is a basic, no-frills tool. Here’s what you get:

  • the glass piece
  • a packet of organic lube

There’s no instructions. Most other devices will have something that indicates the basics, like how to care for it, etc. This really isn’t a big deal for me, though.

Also, I haven’t tried the sample lube, so I can’t comment on that.


sinclair onyx glass prostate massager

The open box. It includes a free packet of organic lube.



It’s made of a non-porous, borosilicate glass. This is the same type of glass used in medical test tubes, beakers, etc. In scientific terms, it’s much less resistant to “thermal expansion.” In laymen’s terms this means it will withstand the transition from hot to cold (and vice versa) much better than traditional glass (which shatters). It’s quite durable, but just don’t drop it on a concrete floor.

It’s small, which is both good and bad:

  • about 6 inches from end to end
  • the “business end” is about an inch in diameter

In my personal opinion, this device is just too small to use effectively. I like something that’s longer and bigger, kinda like this stainless steel wand. The additional leverage of a longer device is much easier to handle and work with.

It’s phthalate-free! Read more about why this is important.


sinclair onyx glass prostate massager

The Onyx is about 6 inches end to end. The “business end” is about 1 inch in diameter.



A closer look

The deep black color is certainly sexy. I’ve never seen one with glass quite like this, so it’s definitely unique. If you take a look at the picture below, you’ll see some “ridges” in the handle. These help to maintain a grip on the device when using it.

These are generally effective, but if you have too much lube down there, it’s still slippery as hell and hard to hold on to.


sinclair onyx glass

Notice the built in “grip.” This helps the user maneuver it.


There are some neat designs that are etched onto the glass (see the pic below). When you run your finger over them, they aren’t really noticeable, other than a slightly rough feeling. They are neither a help nor hindrance when using the toy. Just for aesthetics.


sinclair onyx glass prostate massager

The flowery etchings on it are kinda cool. Again, nothing special.



Cleaning and maintenance

This is about as easy as it gets. Some warm soapy water will clean it right up. You could even put it in the dishwasher if you’re too lazy to rinse it in the sink. The box has a cardboard insert that’s perfect for storage. Just don’t drop it or nick it, and it should last forever.


How to use it

The easiest way, in my opinion, is to lay on your back with knees up. Lube up your rectum and the toy. Pop it in and go town. See my guide for learning to use a stimulator the RIGHT way for more details.


Recommended lubes

Since this is constructed of non-porous glass, you can use ANY lubricant you want. Silicone, coconut oil, whatever.


Overall impression

The fact of the matter is, I’m not really impressed with this device. It’s too small for me. The length is too short, which makes it more difficult to maneuver for an effective session. If it was a few inches longer, I might feel differently.

Because it’s so small, it’s also hard to handle. I was unable to get much leverage, and therefore not much pleasure. I’ve tried it out a few times, but was never able to get an orgasm. Oh well, such is life. I have plenty of other toys that will make me cum buckets!

With all that said, this is worth a look if you want to spend the bare minimum. For around $20 it can be yours. Just don’t expect much.


Where to buy it

Amazon has it for the best price I’ve seen online. However, I personally don’t recommend you purchase it. Yeah, it’s cheap, but it’s still a waste of money.




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