4 Ways VR Tech makes PORN (and media) viewing better

Forget HD porn. Try VR porn!

It was only a few years ago when virtual reality tech started to appear on the scene, but today it’s becoming bigger than ever. Google Cardboard (more on this, below) and the Oculus Rift are just two of the big hitters out there at present, and it’s only set to improve and get more varied as time goes on. However, each piece of software is still fairly limited in its ability to make things feel just as they should. These limitations have always been at the forefront of people’s minds.

Until now, that is.

Now, people are openly playing video games and simulators, watching movies and TV shows, and even enjoying some of the more risqué entertainment options (a.k.a. PORN) out there through the medium of VR technology.


hot babes n porn

Porn is absolutely glorious when viewed through VR specs!



Imagine being able to pull off a headshot or score a goal using a VR headset? Or to watch your most private desires play out in front of you instead of just on the TV?

Today, this is already happening – here are just four of the ways that VR is already making a significant change to the way that we are enjoying media entirely – as well as what is widely expected to come in the near future.






1. Heightened realism

The first thing we are all experiencing here is enhanced realism. It’s now possible for people to take in the view and the scope of a first-person perspective far more realistically than they could have in the past.

The huge attention to detail within the design allows for people to really force themselves into adult movies and into video games; now, you can get the proper action as you look around or input commands – it feels far more like the real thing already, and is only going to improve. Imagine watching Mia Khalifa in a feature VR adult film…hmmmm


2. Relive the Past

It’s something that is already brewing, but before long we’ll be able to essentially transport ourselves back in time.
Whether it’s Woodstock, a famous battle, a key moment in history…how long will it be before we can relive classic and vital moments in time exactly as they unfolded as if you were there? We can already do this via media, but not to an extent that makes you feel as if you are actually there!


3. Attend events from the couch

A big factor of VR tech is going to be allowing people to take part in events happening across the world – is your favorite musician playing a gig in Buenos Aires? Well, why not go via your VR headset?

You’ll be able to buy the actual footage live and pretty much be there, giving you something far more akin to the real thing than you’ll ever get from the overpriced and expensive “Live” DVDs.


4. Enhanced Challenges

Think the wii U is challenging and good for your fitness? Wait until you are landing knockout blows and scoring free kick goals from the comfort of your home! Fitness challenges could be enhanced from modern sports to pitting you in a coliseum!


The possibilities really are endless, and our viewing qualities and potential might just be about to explode into something we’d never even considered…until now.



Google Cardboard to the rescue!

Virtuality reality headsets sound expensive, right? Not any more. There’s now a truly inexpensive headset on the market. Introducing…Google Cardboard.

I bought one of these devices a few weeks ago. It’s certainly not aesthetically pleasing. And it’s definitely not the most comfortable piece to wear on the head. But it works.

It’s a great concept, and I’m sure millions of these units will be purchased by consumers just like you and me.


google cardboard

Google cardboard is currently about the cheapest way to enjoy VR. Less than $20 US!



This device certainly won’t revolutionize the way people utilize VR technology, but it’s a great first step. And it’s totally affordable. This is a great example of keeping things simple. And if you’re really industrious, one of these can be built, utilizing inexpensive materials from around the house. Here’s a tutorial if you’re interested.


Here’s the V2.0 –  This is the one to get.


So, as you can see, it’s a very simple device. Almost like the old Viewmasters we played with as kids! Except this is a Viewmaster on steroids.

Note: if you decide to purchase one of these, make sure you get version 2. This is the upgraded model that works better than the old one. I won’t go into the details…just trust me on this one. Oh, and it supports larger phones, so even if you have a Galaxy Note, it should work.

Last, but not least…it works for both Android and Apple devices.


So where do I get the porn??

Well, there are a couple of options here…

  1. Lots of the popular porn sites already have tons of this stuff available…for a price. I’ve had a subscription for a couple of months to one of them, and it’s been worth every penny!
  2. Alternatively, you can hit the torrent sites and download some for free.


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