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Erotic stories. Kink. Sex-Ed. Sex toys. Prostate play. Debauchery.

You’re here, aren’t you? Not by accident, not by chance.

You’re here because something primal, something raw pulled you in. You didn’t click on this page looking for a new blender or a self-help book. No, you came here for something more visceral, something that stirs the blood.

Welcome to the underground world of Mr. Racy.


Naughty nurses, nipple play, domination, erotic fairy tales, and more…

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This isn’t a place for the faint-hearted. This is a place where we strip away the veneer, where we talk about male sexuality with the gloves off. Uncomfortable? Good. That’s where growth happens. That’s where we break the chains.

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Sex Toys

Prostate toys, masturbators, Fleshlights, Lelo, Aneros, Njoy and more…

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I’m not here to sugarcoat or to sell you a fairy tale. I’m here to tell you the truth about men, women, sex, and the toys that make it all more… interesting. I’m here to give you tips, to review the tools of the trade, to expose the raw, unfiltered reality.

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A reading library covering age play, figging, bedroom dominance, and more…

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