About Me.

I think sex is fun, and I think you do too.

I mean, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here, right? You didn’t come here looking to find a new vacuum cleaner, you came here because you saw something I wrote about and you were…intrigued, titillated, maybe even aroused.

Well let me you, that’s what Mr. Racy is all about.

I talk openly and candidly about male sexuality. If that’s a little uncomfortable for you, that’s fine. I’d ask you to read on anyway. Hangups about sex are common and the only way to work through them is to be open and candid about everything.

I’m snarky, honest, and unapologetic. I tell you the truth as I see it about men, women, the sex they share, and the toys they use. I offer sex tips and I review sex toys.

I talk about anything and everything in the world of male sexuality. If that sounds exciting to you—or maybe just a little bit dangerous—then I invite you to stick around, we’ve definitely got something in common.

Happy massaging!

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