Audio Porn: masturbate to HOT sex sounds

I’ll admit it…sex sounds turn me on. I love audio porn.

I need more than just visuals to get me off. I like to hear what’s happening. The sounds of a woman having sex. Hearing her moaning and groaning with pleasure propel me from flacid to erect like a Top Fuel dragster screaming down a quarter mile track.

With that said, this post isn’t about music soundtracks or songs that are good for sex. Oh no…this is about the REAL sounds of sex. Moaning, groaning, screaming and purring. The same sounds you like to hear when getting down and dirty with a partner.

Erotic audio is equally awesome during solo sex. Listening to this stuff while using a masturbator is next-level fun! I highly recommend it.

Erotic Art: AI-Generated

I’ve been experimenting with text-to-image AI platforms. My customized Stable Diffusion model has been generating some fascinating erotic images!

I only recently stumbled across this genre of porn (I guess thats what you call it?) that’s completely new to me: audio only. No visuals, just sounds and voices of raw sex.

It’s become a bit of a fetish, and it turns me on almost as much as visual erotica. And under the right circumstances…even more!

Lying in bed with my headphones on is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to wank. There’s something orgasmic about being able to close my eyes and VISUALIZE what’s happening. I can imagine the perfect woman to match the voice on the audio. It’s like I’m creating my own, personalized sex soundtrack, right on the fly.

High quality headphones make the experience even better!

Here are my favorite erotic sex sounds!

Without further ado…let’s do this. There’s something here for both guys AND gals, and they’re great for supplementing your boring old masturbation routine. The title of each entry indicates whether it’s a male or female voice. Enjoy!

Welcome Home – female voice

A super hot, ear tingling erotic walk through of a woman welcoming her military man home. This one gave me tingles. Damn…

The strong smell of your crotch hit my nostrils and the manly odour only turns me on. Dipping the washcloth in the water, I run it, warm and damp, up your thigh and caress your balls and shaft, cleaning and rubbing it.


Sleeping Beauty – female voice

A very sexy woman with a youthful voice. Very hot. Very descriptive. This is a great way to get warmed up for a wank session.

I study you then, and see the bright red mark I left behind the night before. Biting, sucking, licking, the raised flesh is a lovely reminder of how wild you’ve driven me. I remember how well we fit together – no matter where you beg entrance.


A Fuck for the Road – female voice

This is 15 minutes of pure erotic awesomeness. Loaded with sounds of sucking and fucking. An erotic treat for the ears.

A quick car fuck, with a British accent!

All the windows are steaming up in here too. Why yes, I did have to wear this little skirt today! Don’t you think it shows off my legs beautifully? Don’t be jealous. Sure guys will be looking, but you know I only have eyes for you. How about a little gift, whilst you drive?


A Nocturnal Affair – male voice

A guy trying to arrange a middle of the night rendezvous. Nice ‘n steamy fun with a woman already in a relationship.

Hey, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, and I know what’s gonna happen. Um, so I sent you a note earlier on, and slipped it beneath the dinner table. And, I just hope that you read it…


Forget the Fantasy – male voice

Just a dude wanking off, talking about his girlfriend. There’s no doubt about what he’s up to.

Let’s forget about fantasy tonight. Let’s just be honest. You’re just sitting there. Now you’re just listening to me jerk off. No scenario. No fantasy. You’re just listening to the sounds…of me moaning. Stroking my cock. I don’t think that makes it any less hot. Don’t you?


Better than your wife! – female voice

A sexy sultry female voice talking about how she’s his whore.

I’m not your wife…or your girlfriend. I’m your whore. And you’re the one who’s actually cheating on your wife with me. You still want me to answer the question. Well, it’s not like I don’t have ample opportunities to cheat on you, babe. In fact, just waiting at the bar downstairs for you to arrive, a man slipped me his hotel key and promised me an afternoon I’d never forget.


Cock Worship – female voice

Ok, there’s something about this woman’s voice that is TOTALLY AMAZING. Almost creamed my pants after 2 minutes. Hot stuff

You know I love your hard cock. You know. I love it when you’re hard. But you don’t have to be hard all the time for me to love your cock.


I’m your dream fuck – female voice

This is the same woman talking dirty as the clip above. If she can’t make you hard, I feel sorry for you 🙂

Baby, I want to tell you something. I want you to know. You’ve gotten to me. You’ve gotten under my skin. Into my thoughts. I think about you all the time…


Beg for it – female voice

A horny woman waking up, talking about taking her man in her mouth. Her moans, sighs and groans are divine. You can actually hear her making all the sounds you’d expect in a situation like this. This is one of my personal favorites!

I hope that you don’t think this sounds too terribly naughty of me, but, all I want to do today is play with your cock. And make you cum. It’s just that I miss the taste of you, and the smell of you, and the feel of that silky hardness on my wet tongue. So, I wanna sit right down here between your legs and I want you to open your pants…


The naughty Sugar Plum Fairy – female voice

A naughty perspective inspired by the timeless classic, The Nutcracker.

Her hands grasped his hair and she pulled him atop her. “Lick me like a lollipop,” she demanded.

His tongue was like fairy wings against her gumdrop button and she moaned in ecstasy.

“I need some frosting for this cupcake,” she cried.

He acquiesced, pumping his rolling pin against her muffin.

“I need some milk for my cookies.”



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