REVIEW: the JimmyJane Form 2

It’s not the size of the vibrator during sex; but the size of the sex from the vibrator.

Until recently, the Big Bang was an explanation for the formation of the universe or a highly rated TV sitcom. The best explanation comes from a pint-size Dynamo that has enough variable speeds to make any sports car enthusiast jealous. Consider it a mechanized treat for the woman who has everything; everything except for a talented sex partner who can deliver the same orgasmic bliss.


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Sometimes big things do come in small packages

This a concealed weapon–a weapon of pure pleasure. This is one such instance. In the dictionary under erotic explosion there should be a glossy picture of the JimmyJane Form 2.

This is a first-hand account– more of an observation–regarding its use and effectiveness in and around sensitive areas below the border. Last week, my friend purchased, then used it. It should be noted that her usage was extensive as were the surprising results.

She and vibrators go way back. She called them B.O.B.–battery operated boyfriend. She got her start with electronic stimulation models that ran on battery power, saying that hers was a step up from her mother–whose vibrator was so old it had a crank. Her daughter ran through so many batteries month after month that she needed an emergency bi-monthly battery loan from the local Rosado Brothers crime syndicate.

Whenever the batteries ran down she was on the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise, calling: “Ah, Scotty I’m about to enter the Forbidden Zone. I’m gonna need more power!” After declaring bankruptcy over a checking account that was on life support, she make a leap of faith to AC (electrical) power. When the street corner, battery sellin’ cop-man found out she had cut him out of his monthly money, he cried for days.

Soon she got the courage to walk bow-legged, one arm longer than the other, to the local JimmyJane retailer. Now she’s all charged-up ready to enjoy hour after pleasure-filled hour with the water resistant ninth wonder of the world.

Did I mention that she gets over five hours of vaginal bed wetting on a single charge? And she doesn’t even need lube! Major!


Use and overuse

It has a rubberized feel, an unusual two-prong shape, with variable speeds of vibration. It is that shape that adds to the uniqueness of the sensation. On the side are the easy to reach controls. Like anything else, too much and too frequent electrical stimulation will tend to diminish the want for human to human sexual interaction.


In other words, there’s no way a skilled tongue, or ten dancing fingers–no matter how talented–can keep up with JimmyJane in any of its production forms.


But if the person can resist using it to excess–and what constitutes ‘excess’ when we’re talking orgasms?–there is still room on the mattress for the (possibly not always) significant other.

Back during my days in retail, the rule was always “bury the price”. Downplay it. Verbally touch on the features, the convenience, the portability– anything but the cost. That’s the cashier’s job. I had an uncle who told me, “Anything that comes easy isn’t worth having. Anything with such high pleasing results easily validates its price.

It’s one thing to hear the explanation; it’s another to try it for yourself–for about one hundred and fifty bucks.

By Robert D. Rice II


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