Sam meets a sultry werewolf

The only way Sam knew how to unwind, was the same way he’d been doing it for years. When he was younger, and things weren’t going well in his life, he’d often take to strolling through the woods behind his parents home to find some semblance of peace. As he grew into a man, that habit didn’t change. Whenever work was to much, or the bitter sting of loneliness was to overwhelming, he’d take to the woods to clear his mind.

As he walked through the forest, and the leaves crunched underneath his old boots, the familiar sounds helped his worried mind drift away. For a moment, it was perfect. It didn’t matter that his girlfriend of ten years had just left him. It didn’t matter that the company he was working for was laying off hundreds of employee’s. It didn’t matter that his life as he knew it was hanging in the balance. As he walked the old worn down paths that he’d been following since he was a boy, the only thing that matter was that he was alive and well.

The air wasn’t it’s usual bitter cold, but even with his thick jacket and beanie, he could still feel the cool air biting at his skin. As he walked, he kept his jacket wrapped around him tightly and his eyes fixed ahead on his path.

That’s when he noticed her.

She was maybe a hundred yards away, maybe more. Distance was never one of Sam’s strong points. What he noticed first was her voice. It was absolutely mesmerizing. It drifted in and out of the trees like the bird songs dancing above him. It echoed like it was miles away, and yet at times was as strong as a whisper right next to his ear. As he walked closer, he couldn’t tell what she was saying. The language she sang in, sounded like nothing he’d ever heard before.

As he grew closer, he could make out her features more and more. She had died hair that was the palest faded blue. Her skin was milky white, and lightly dusted in freckles here and there. The closer he got, the clearer she became among the trees and shrubbery. As he marched along the beaten path, deep in the woods, inching closer to the beautiful siren serenading the woods around him, his chest began to tighten. Since his girlfriend had left him, he’d been hiding away in his apartment every chance he could. He hadn’t talked to anyone, let alone a beautiful young woman in months. As he approached her, he decided to only smile as he passed the stranger in the woods.

Any conversation he knew, would only end being an embarrassment for himself.

As he rounded the last little turn and dip in the trail before he’d cross her path, he noticed that even though the air was uncomfortable cold, the young woman was hardly wearing any cloths. No beanie, no scarf, no jacket, nothing to indicate that she was the least bit cold. All he could see that she was wearing, was nothing more than a loose hanging shall around her shoulders. Her legs looked bare and just as pale as the rest of her, no socks, no shoes, nothing to keep her from freezing in the early New England morning.


Sam slowed his pace as he got closer, not by choice, but out of sheer curiosity. There was something off about the young woman, something about the way she was staring at him as he walked. It made him feel uncomfortable, like he was being watched. She continued to sing, and as he got closer, the volume at which she sang seemed unnatural to Sam. As if her lungs were twice the size that her small frame seemed to appear as. With his eyes to the ground, he tried his best to pass her with nothing more than a friendly smile, but the young woman wouldn’t have it.

“Are you not going to say anything Sam?” The young woman asked.

As she said his name, it stopped Sam dead in his tracks.

“How do you know my name?” Sam snapped back, to startled to be polite.

“I know everything about you Sam.” She teased again. “I know you’re alone right now, in more ways than you care to admit.” She added, with a twisted grin and wink.

Sam wanted nothing more than to keep walking, and put the strange young woman behind him, but for whatever reason he found himself locked in place and unable to move. The more she spoke, the worse it got.

“I know what you want Sam.” She said, her voice slowly hypnotizing him. “I know what you need.” She added, standing up from the stump where she had been sitting.

“I don’t know you,” Sam stammered as she approached him. “I don’t know what you want-”

“Shh.” She interrupted. “Don’t speak.”

As she crept closer, Sam could feel the presence of something worming it’s way up the back of his spine. It was fear, that basic human emotion calling out to him to run, that his life was in danger.
“You don’t need to run.” He heard the young woman say, though her lips didn’t move, and the voice only seemed to ring out in his own head. “I want you Sam.” The voice continued in his head.

As he stood their paralyzed, Sam could only watch as the young woman sauntered closer to him, till she was only inches from his face. The way she smelt was like lavender, like fresh linens. Her eyes were even more beautiful just inches from his face, as were her lips, and the fair skin of her face. When she was close enough, she reached out her left hand to stroke the side of Sam’s face.

What startled him most, was that her skin felt like fire.

The heat of her touch, snapped Sam from the haze he found himself in, just long enough to register what was happening.

“Who are you, and what the fuck is going on!” He barked, his anger finally taking over.

“I’m the one you’ve been waiting for,” She teased. “I’m the one you want.” She added before slowly lifting the loose fitting shall over her shoulders, expose her bare chest and naked body to Sam.

It had been so long since he’d seen such a beautiful woman, let alone one so happily naked, that his knees nearly buckled from the sight of her. But as her twisted grin, grew more hideous and snarled, Sam knew that nothing was okay in that moment.

As her eyes turned from the palest blue, to a sickly yellow, something snapped in Sam and he began to run.

He tore off back down the path that lead out to the housing development by his apartment. He didn’t look back, he just ran. He ignored the voice calling out to him, whether it was in real life, or just in his mind, he couldn’t tell you. All he did was run, as fast as he could, till ever muscle hurt and his lungs were on fire.

That’s when he felt the burning grip of the young woman’s hand wrap around his shoulder.

In one swift move, she managed to stop him dead in his tracks, and throw him to the ground with ease. As she stood over him, manically laughing and naked, Sam watched in horror as her body twisted and contorted in horrific ways. He watched her legs snap and turn back wards, her nails grow long and jagged, her teeth multiplying in her mouth till it was nothing but an over crowded horror of ivory razors.

“What the fuck!” Sam screamed, as the young woman put her foot square in the middle of his chest. Pinning him to the ground as he watched her pale skin give way to a white pelt of thick fur. As she doubled in size, and every attractive feature of her naked body changed in to the animal, Sam made peace with his death that he knew was coming.

“Easy Sam,” He heard her voice say in his head. “I’m not going to kill you.”

As he opened his eyes to stare at the beast that was now standing over him, he couldn’t breath let alone respond. As her long twisted claws reached down and hooked his belt, shredding it in one easy pull, he couldn’t understand what was happening.

That’s when he felt the young woman twisting around in his mind. Arousing him in ways he’d never felt before. It was as if she was over taking his mind, to quell the fear that he felt towards her hideous form. The harder he fought her, the worse it was. When he felt her claws tear his pants from his body, the cool rush of frigid air against his bare skin brought him back to reality.

“It will all be over soon.” He heard her voice whisper in his mind, as the snarled snout of the beast that stood above him looked down at him.

It was then, that Sam noticed how aroused he was. It was then, that the beast slowly lowered herself on top of him. Her fur reeking of death and decay, her body heavy against his. As he felt himself slip inside of her, Sam’s mind couldn’t handle it any longer, and he drifted of in to the blackness as the beast that was once the girl began to ride him viciously.

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Lucian Wolf courtesy of Underworld Wiki


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