REMOJI: an app to control your sex life

I’ll admit it, I’m a technology geek. I love my gadgets and can’t stand being behind the curve. Mobile phones? Yeah, I always have the latest and greatest. Television? Yep, I bought a 4k tv when they first came on the market. Watches? I always have my smartwatch strapped to my wrist.

SURFER from Picobong

It’s no mystery that technology is deeply intertwined with our daily lives. Everywhere we go, people are on their mobile phones texting, reading the news, watching Youtube videos, etc. Following this trend, a sex toy company called Picobong is taking a bold step forward. They are integrating the latest technology into an app called REMOJI that will control a new line of sex toys!

Yes, REMOJI will integrate music, emojis and sex into a cartoon app for your mobile BLOWHOLE by Picobongphone!  You’ll be able to enjoy them in public or the privacy of your own home. Personally, the thought of walking down the street with a sex toy in place is pretty darn hot. Having a remote control in my hand that will allow me to control my or someone else’s toy? Priceless!

DIVER from PicobongI love the names of the toys too: Surfer (I’m currently reviewing it, here), Diver, Blowhole and Lifeguard. Notice a theme here? The product isn’t on the market yet, however. They’re running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds and test public interest. I can tell you right now that I WANT THESE!

If app controlled sex toys sound like a cool concept to you, jump on over to the Indiegogo campaign right  to learn more about ’em! You can even contribute and reserve your place in line as one of the first to own one.

Surf’s up!LIFEGUARD by Picobong


A video!

If you’ve been hanging around my blog, you know that I almost always include a video with products I own or am interested in. I won’t break tradition, so here ya go!

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