REVIEW: Tenga Polygon 3d Sleeve – masturbator + pocket pussy

So I bought a Tenga 3d sleeve…

At first glance I wasn’t sure what to think. It looked kinda small, more like a pocket pussy. It didn’t look all that stimulating. And it didn’t look like it would last very long. It just looked…average. I’m used to something that looks more like a woman’s open mouth, or maybe a vagina spread open. Nope, this is something different. The polygon shape leans toward artistic and classy, rather than cheap and slutty. But that’s ok. I’m always down for something new and different.


Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money. No sponsor here.


See this toy, right here at Amazon


Notice the “polygonal” shape on the outside. When in use, you turn it inside out so the polygons are stroking your cock. Pretty nifty!



Table of contents

  • Testing. How did it feel?
  • Cleaning it.
  • Final thoughts.
  • A video.


Before we get started…

I’ll just say that this product review is short and sweet. There’s really not a whole lot to say, as this is a very low end masturbator. It’s essentially a silicone sleeve that you slide over your penis. Nothing fancy. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments section below.


Testing. How did it feel?

Obviously, there was only one way to find out: beat the hell out of it with some lube and a hard cock. And I did just that. In fact, I ran it through the masturbation gauntlet. I tested multiple lubes and multiple positions. Full thrusts vs. half thrusts. Tight grip vs. loose grip. After 20 hard sessions, I tossed in the towel, feeling informed enough to write this review.

In a few simple words: it feels pretty good! Nothing fancy, and certainly doesn’t come close to the real feel of pussy like a Flip Hole (read more) or Fleshlight (read more). Nonetheless, for a little over twenty bucks, it’s better than a bare hand.


Tenga 3d polygon in factory display case


Inside out. This is how you use it when you beat your meat. Polygonal shapes are on the INSIDE now.


I have to admit, it does look classy, almost sexy in the display case. Once it’s out, it’s nothing special to look at. Remember, don’t throw the case away when you first open in! It doubles as a drying stand.



Cleaning it

Remember how I told you earlier that you shouldn’t throw the factory case away? Well, see the picture below. It doubles as a drying rack and storage container. Nifty!

Washing it is simple. Hot water + mild soap = clean toy after vigorous washing!


A stylish picture. Something you could proudly display on your coffee table as expensive art!



Final thoughts

For the money, I think it’s above average. Not awesome, but not shitty either. This definitely is in the realm of “pocket pussy” because it’s small and portable.

A pretty slick video

From Tenga themselves, a nicely done video for the 3d Sleeves. Yes, there are multiple versions of this toy. Polygon is just one of them.

YouTube video



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