Death by sex: 5 insane ways to die

Sex and death are uncomfortable, almost taboo, subjects to discuss for many people.  Well, today, I have a special treat for you.  I’ve combined both topics into one outrageously uncomfortable list of ways you can die during sex.

Let’s get right to it.


1.  Kenneth Pinyan:  death by horse

Mr. Pinyan is a true internet legend.  He holds the dubious title of dying while being penetrated by a horse.  The story of his fateful encounter is chronicled in the movie Zoo, which appeared at kenneth pinyanthe Sundance Film Festival in 2005.  Kenneth, referred to as Mr. Hands in the documentary, died from a ruptured colon when the horse’s schlong penetrated him too deeply.  Furthermore, knowing he was injured, he refused medical care.  He was 45 years old.  Ironically, Mr. Hands was an engineer at Boeing.  A very smart dude, which begs the question:  “why in the hell did he even do this??”

The incident occurred at a farm in Washington State, in King County.  Apparently this farm was running an animal “brothel.”  Mr. Pinyan was reportedly a frequent visitor, who enjoyed sexy time with the horses in the stable.  The rest is history.  After the injury, Pinyan was  anonymously dropped off at a hospital, and his friend disappeared.  He died soon after.

Prior to stumbling across this story a while back, I had no idea that this sort of thing even existed…naive, eh?  You can watch part 1 of the film below.



2.  Sandra Orellana:  death by foreplay

Sandra Orellana was a 27 year old single woman, from Houston Texas.  She fell to her death from the 8th floor , room 813 of a Sheraton Hotel just east of Los Angeles, California.  She dropped about 104 feet before striking the pavement.  Allegedly, she was in the middle of some late night foreplay with her boss, Robert Lee Salazer, a 33 year old executive from the same city.  He was married with 2 children.

Sandra Orellana

According to his story to the authorities, she just fell off the balcony.  Law enforcement wasn’t so sure.  After finding some inconsistencies with his story, police decided to arrest him.  Lucky for him, a jury later found him not guilty.



3.  Michael Hutchence:  death by autoerotic asphyxiation

Michael Hutchence was the Australian front man for the very successful 90s rock band, INXS.  He passed away at the young age of 37, on November 22, 1997.  Apparently the world tour accompanying the release of their album Elegantly Wasted took its toll.

He was found dead, hanging by his neck, in room 524 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney, Australia.  The rope was around his neck and genitals, with his hands tied behind his back.  The official report from the coroner stated that his death was a result of suicide due to severe depression.  I have no idea how you hang yourself with your hands tied behind your back, but…whatever.  It’s also reported that his death was actually a result of autoerotic asphyxiation, A.K.A. the “double hang.”  Perhaps the Devil Inside had something to do with it.

See his interview below from the Elegantly Wasted tour on Youtube.  One of his last appearances, obviously…



4.  Mario Bugeanu:  death by carbon monoxide poisoning

The undignified deaths of Romanian soccer player Mario Bugeanu, 24, and his girlfriend Mirela mario bugeanuIancu, 23 certainly deserve a Darwin Award.  The couple died in 1999 while doing the nasty in their car, while it was running, in a closed garage.  In the midst of passion, they were apparently unaware (or didn’t care) of the dangers of an “unpassionate” killer, carbon monoxide.







5.  Kirsten Taylor:  death by electrocution

The 27 year old Kirsten Taylor was killed by her husband, Toby Taylor, while engaged in “electro shock sex.”  The device responsible for the fatal shock?  a modified multiple outlet power strip.  Apparently Mr. Taylor rigged up a length of extension cord with stripped ends and two small battery clips.

taylor toby kristen

At his trial, the star witness for the state was Sgt. Scott James.  James testified that Taylor admitted to occasionally shocking her and then “wrapping electrical tape around her head.”  At the night of her death, he claimed to have shocked her “five or six times” with a “15 second last shot.”  Holy shit!  15 seconds!  No wonder the poor woman died.

Taylor was, of course, arrested and later charged with murder.  During his trial, the jury discovered a skeleton on Taylor’s closet.  He had a previously documented police incident where he shocked a previous girlfriend, as a punishment, with a similar contraption some 20 years prior.  Sounds like a really nice guy, eh?


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