It’s perfectly OK for guys to use sex toys…

I’ve been wondering, lately:

Why are vibrators and other sex toys for women more socially acceptable than toys for guys?

I’m a guy that LOVES sex toys.  Both for me and my lovely lady.  However, I didn’t always feel this way.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

I was “that” guy

I had this misconception that dudes using sex toys were “weirdos” or “gay” or whatever.  Despite this social stigma and my own narrow viewpoint, I still had a desire to try them; to see what all the fuss was about.  I wanted to know why they felt so good.  Why so many men (and sex blogs) were lavishing their praises on these toys.  So, I decided to buy one, just a cheap jelly stroker you can find at any local sex shop.

I got home and gave it a go.  It was quite nice, actually, but when I finished, I immediately felt dirty, self conscious and ashamed after using it.  Like I was doing something wrong, or immoral.  I guess it was just a product my very conservative upbringing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my share of jacking off for most of my adult life.  But using some “device” other than my right hand just didn’t seem right.


Here I am now

I left the dark side and came into the light!

Before we get started with the stigma, here is a fun factoid…

Did you know?

According to a couple of studies conducted at Indiana University, 45% of men between 18 and 60 use a vibrator during intercourse. Read more about it here. Not so uncommon, eh?

Why the stigma?

I feel it’s strongly attached to one’s upbringing and views of the world around them.  Strongly conservative or religious indoctrination may be a substantial deterrent to the right to do whatever you damn well please with your own body.  As long as you aren’t hurting anyone else, it’s nobody’s business but your own.

There is obviously a myriad of other reasons, but from my viewpoint, these are the biggest factors.

I just want to say…

It’s totally OK and perfectly NORMAL for guys to use sex toys.  We have every right to use them, just as women have the right to use theirs.  Sex toys don’t make us weirdos.  And they certainly don’t make us any less of a man!  I think it makes us MORE of a man.  Seriously, a guy who can be comfortable with his own body and open with his sexuality is miles ahead of the grumpy guy that thinks male sex toys are “gay.”

Toys for men are great for single guys AND those in sexual relationships with a partner.  In fact, toys are a great way to explore your partner’s body.  They’re awesome for spicing things up in the bedroom.  And they’re spectacular for making a passionate relationship even hotter!

Some toys I like to get kinky with…

If you’re in doubt about all this crazy stuff, just take a deep breath and remember that LOTS of dudes use these products, whether they want to admit it or not. Here’s some insight into what gets me off…

For example, Fleshlights are probably my FAVORITE sex toys. I own a few of these masturbators. For example, sometimes I like to use a regular old Fleshlight, like these. Or if I wanna get a little more visual, I’ll grab a Fleshlight Girl out of the dresser drawer in my bedroom. Check those out here.

If that isn’t enough, it’s time to bring out the heavy artillery. Sometimes I enjoy sliding metal rods into my penis for pleasure. This activity is known as sounding.

Wanna get really weird? Have a go with a sex doll. And no, they aren’t as weird as you might think!

All these things can be enjoyed with a little background noise, in the form of human voices moaning in ecstasy. I LOVE listening to audio porn when masturbating or just enjoying some alone time. Check out my collection here.

And here’s the creme de la creme…ever had sex with your partner even though they’re on the other side of the globe? Now you can, with long distance sex toys, also called teledildonics. The technology is incredible!

Here’s my main point

What you do behind closed doors is nobody’s business but yours.  Screw what anyone else might think.  If it feels good, experience it!  It’s your body.  You can do what you want with it.

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