REVIEW: The Vice, by Aneros. Hands-free orgasms galore!

Ok, guys.  I’ve owned the Aneros Vice for a few weeks now, and I’ve tested it THOROUGHLY. Now it’s product review time. All in all, this is a pretty exciting butt toy for guys. I give a thumbs up!



Top Pick!

Aneros Vice

Aneros Vice

One of my favorites!

VERY good vibes
Never falls out
Slides smoothly into rectum
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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A few things before we get started…

This is my first male vibe, so it has a special place at the top of my dresser drawer. It has been my go-to vibe for a long time because it feels awesome!

** EDIT: Vice will always be my first love (maybe?), but there’s a serious contender that recently stepped into the ring. It’s a bitchin’ vibe called Loki.

One of the things I like most about it is the bulbous shape. These bulbs add a bit of kink when I’m playing. The sensation in my ass when each bulb pops into place is exquisite. The sensation is similar to anal beads being pushed, one by one, into my rectum. A feeling of pressure that builds and then subsides.

This was actually uncomfortable for me at first. But by the third time, I became accustomed to it and began to enjoy the feeling of fullness.

I love it because it stays in place. Once it’s in, IT’S IN. And it won’t come out until you remove it with your hand. No more handling is required once inserted. Then, once you kick the vibrator in…GOOD LAWD. Get the clean-up towels ready.

Seriously, though, I can’t get enough of hands free prostate orgasms. This toy gives me one (or several) almost every time I use it.


Table of contents


vice p-spot vibe

Here it is: the Vice by Aneros



Let’s start with the packaging

The red box that holds the device is enclosed in another black box with embossed plugs and other toys.  They appear to be other Aneros products.  Kinda cool, but nothing special.

retail packaging

This is the retail packaging. I didn’t realize that Vice won an AVN “O” award. I’d say it’s well deserved!


Vice rests in a somewhat flimsy plastic tray, inside the dual flap red box.  For reasons unknown to me, the box my device came in looks a bit shoddy.  There are some bubbles under the red coating, and other places where the paper doesn’t fit quite right.  The build quality of the box itself is fine, though.  Very similar to the Helix, that I reviewed a while back.


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Despite the rough appearance of the box, the toy is in perfect condition.  I’ll also say the box is perfectly functional and sturdy, despite the cosmetic defects.  I’m guessing there were some quality control issues the day this particular box was made.


retail packaging

When you open the outer retail packaging, this is the box inside.



What’s in the box?

There are four (4) pieces once you open the box:

  • One (1) AAA battery
  • The silicone butt plug
  • The vibrating “bullet”
  • Instructions
The plug, bullet and battery

The plug, bullet and battery






It’s a 2-piece vibrator.  The main piece is the silicone plug.  The other piece is the vibrating “bullet.”

The silicone has a wonderful, velvety texture.  It’s a medical grade silicone which is hypoallergenic and perfectly safe to use.

When the metal vibe is not inserted, the toy is flexible and easy to bend.  Once the bullet goes in, it’s mostly rigid.  This is by design, so the anatomically shaped plug fits snugly up against the prostate.

Dimensions of the plug:

  • About 3.75 inches wide at the base
  • 5 inches from tip to base
  • The bulbous tip and midsection are 1.25 inches in diameter, also the maximum diameter of the toy
  • Maximum insertable length is 4 inches


Dimensions of the bullet:

  • About .5 inches in diameter
  • 4.0 inches in length


This toy is phthalate-free! Read more about why this is important.



About 4 inches wide. The vibe is about 1/2 inch in diameter.


5 inches long

5 inches long


vibe size

The vibrating bullet is about 4 inches long with the cap on. The AAA battery is also included for scale.




Inserting/changing the battery

This is a fairly simple process.  The vibe is essentially a metal rod, with part of it being hollow for the battery compartment.  The cap, at the lower left of the following picture simply screws on and off.  It also has a small rubber “o ring” to keep it water resistant.  It’s similar to a flashlight, where you screw the end cap off then on when changing batteries.

Screwing and unscrewing the cap was fairly easy for me, as my hands and fingers are pretty nimble.  However, if you have arthritis or other conditions that reduce dexterity, changing the battery might be a challenge for you.  It’s not all that difficult, but the small pieces may be hard to handle for some men.

battery insertion

Only one AAA battery is required. Just unscrew the end cap, slide the battery in and screw the cap back on. Simple.



The tabs

On the base section, there are two (2) tabs

  • Perineum abutment – as the name suggests, this is the side that rests against your perineum once the toy is fully inserted.  This is designed to give you a mild, external massage around that very sensitive area, also called the “taint.”  From my personal experience, this tab doesn’t do a whole lot for me, as I’m focused on the other sensations going on from the inside.
  • Kundalini or “K-tab” – this is designed to apply pressure to the “kundalini” spot, an accupressure point between the buttocks.  This one makes me quiver!
perineum and kundalini tabs

The perineum and kundalini tabs




The modes

There are 3 very distinct patterns.  There is something for every user here, controlled by clicking the button on the end.

To turn it off and on:  just press the button and hold it.  In about a second you will feel it come to life.  Same for turning it off.

Here are the patterns.  Switch to the next one by tapping the button.

  1. Constant – this one is a bit intense for me personally.  It’s just a non stop, rather strong vibration.  More like a BUZZZZZ.  A little too much for my liking.
  2. Up and down – the best way to describe this one is to think about how a fire engine siren sounds.  Except it’s a vibration.  Kind of a slow “rrrrrrrr eeeeeeeeeee rrrrrr.”  It smoothly revs up and down, repeating the loop.
  3. Tap, tap tap – a “buzz buzz buzz” sensation.  Kind of like a tapping, but each tap is a very fast vibration.

I prefer modes 2 and 3.  The “up and down” is what I like to switch to when I’m ready to climax.



How to use it

I must say that this toy is very easy to use.  Almost as easy the Helix Syn…almost.  The larger diameter requires a little more warm up for me than the thinner devices.

Before you can use it, make sure the vibe is inserted into the silicone plug.  I know, this sounds pretty basic…but when you’re getting all excited about prepping and lubing up, it’s the little things that are easy to forget.  Also, make sure you inserted the rounded end of the bullet into the silicone plug.  If you put it in backward, you can’t access the on/off button.

Finally, make sure you have it in correctly:  the perineum abutment toward your balls, and the Kundalini toward your back

It’s hands free – this makes it super simple once you have it inserted.  There’s no need to move it in or out, or twist.  Once it’s in…it’s in.


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Here’s how to use it:

  1. Make sure you’re relaxed.  No distractions.  No cell phones ringing.  Nothing.  This is your personal time, so keep it that way.  Read more about how I use a stimulator, here.  There are some good tips there to help you with your preparation and relaxation techniques.
  2. Make sure you have your lube and a towel close by.  Since it’s made of silicone, I always use a water based lubricant (click here to learn more about lubes).  Put a generous amount of the slippery stuff on it, and in and around your anus.  Don’t be skimpy with this.  It’s better to have too much than not enough.
  3. Get into position.  I find it best to lay on my side in bed.  I pull the knee of my upper leg up toward my chest, leaving the bottom one straight.  For example, if you’re laying on your left side, pull up your right knee.  This provides easier access to your hole.
  4. Insert.  Wait…before you do that, take a few deep breaths to make sure you’re relaxed.  Then, slowly slide it in.  Once you get to the middle bulb, your sphincter muscles will pull it the rest of the way in.  Once you’re comfortable, switch it on to the pattern you like.  I recommend that you wipe any lubricant off your hands before messing with the controls (this is why I suggest having a towel nearby.)  It’s harder to operate the power button with slippery fingers.
  5. Now you have a couple of options:
    1. You can just lay there, letting the vibrations do their thing, or
    2. You can do repetitions of contracting/relaxing your PC (pubococcygeus) muscles, while the vibe is buzzing away.  Flexing these muscles is easy.  It’s a simple matter of “lifting” and then “releasing” the muscles in your groin area.  It’s the same ones you use when stopping urination in mid stream.  Keep doing this as long as you feel comfortable, or until orgasm.  Using this technique really kicks things up a notch for me.
  6. Keep going until you finish!  Then clean up.  Then have a glass of wine, cigar or whatever vice turns you on.



How it feels

It’s a little more radical than the Syn I reviewed a while back. A bit more comfortable but not necessarily better than the Progasm and Progasm Jr. This definitely has more girth. Getting over that first bump is a kinda tough the first couple of times. It actually made me wince the very first time because I tried to cram it in there too fast. Fortunately the tip is a bit elongated, so the initial shock of insertion was reduced. So, I learned it’s important to take it easy and go slow. For a really tight ass, I use a finger to loosen up first.

Once the first bulge is about half way in, the toy sucks itself in, and stops at the next bulge. This one’s a little smaller in diameter, so it slides in easily. Just don’t go too fast and it’s fine.

I get a full feeling once it’s all the way inside. Like, I know it’s there. But it’s not uncomfortable. I found it helps if I take a short break with some deep breaths once it’s fully inserted. At this point the hard part is done, and it’s time to start the show!

The buzzing vibe nicely complements the feeling of having a full rectum. They are intense enough to be felt throughout the pelvic area, although they’re focused on the sweet spot (the prostate). The overall sensation is hard to describe. Kinda like it truly belongs there!?

It’s a huge bonus when I can enjoy this orgasmic pleasure while keeping my hands free for other things. Like playing with my lady’s tits while she rides me!


How to clean it

Easy as pie.  Put it in the sink in some very warm water.  Drizzle a very mild soap in there and wash it…just like doing the dishes. I wouldn’t recommend dish soap, though, as you don’t want to use something that could irritate your skin.  A very mild body shampoo or cleanser is best.

Some folks like to use antibacterial toy cleaners as well.  This is probably a good idea, but I find it unnecessary.  A good hand washing works just fine.

Note:  I don’t like to submerge the cap end of the bullet in water.  Despite the o-ring, I believe water can still get in there and damage something.

Because of this, I always separate the 2 parts before cleaning.



See what else I like to play with!

See what else I like to play with!



Closing thoughts

I really like this device.  Then again, I like most of the toys I’ve used!  I feel this is a solid tool that will last for years.  The only weak link could be the vibrating mechanism.  I have no reason to believe it will fail, but that will be the determining factor.  If I get at least a year or two out of it, I will be pleased.

I also like that it uses a standard AAA battery.  A lot of the higher end devices use rechargeable batteries that either cannot be replaced, or are proprietary.  This is all fine and dandy until the battery craps out and you can’t charge it any more.  With this one, I can walk into nearly any drug store, grocery or gas station and pick a few up.

One thing that disappoints me:  once the bullet is inserted fully into the plug, it’s sometimes difficult to pull back out.  I believe its a combination of the snug fit and the suction that’s created when trying to remove it.  I need to wiggle and twist the silicone part while simultaneously pulling on the small exposed part of the bullet to separate them.  For someone with arthritis or dexterity issues, this would be darn near impossible.

UPDATE: a reader recently gave me a serious pro tip for inserting and removing the vibe! And it works perfectly. Simply put some lube on the bullet BEFORE you slide it in. Then it will come out with ease!



Where to buy it

Buy it directly from Aneros. You’ll get an authentic, high quality sex toy straight from the manufacturer. No cheap knockoffs.

Get YOURS here at



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Author: Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. And I'm fiend?!? No, not really. But, Kinda :) Actually, I'm just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy WOMEN and HOT sex toys. Hence, these are my chosen topics for this blog. I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm. I own a number of male sex toys, and my personal "toybox" is growing rapidly. But prostate toys are my favorite. So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say!

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  1. I’m considering purchasing one of your recommended vibro p massagers. I’ve tried the eupho syn and the njoy wand. The wand feels great but I haven’t been able to have an orgasm. Is the vice quiet? I like the hands free option but I don’t want to wake the neighbors either. Your thoughts sir? Thanks for all the useful info.

    Post a Reply
    • Andrew,

      Vice is relatively quiet. I’ve tested this at my pad. I can turn it on, but not hear it outside my bedroom.

      Post a Reply
  2. I gotta say, I fucking love this toy. I have shared my experience with the Lelo Hugo on here (thanks Dave for graciously sharing it BTW). While I enjoy the Hugo, the Vice feels better up inside my ass. There is something about the size and shape of this toy that sets my prostate off immediately once I have put it in. My prostate is stimulated before I turn on the bullet. As the matter of fact, sometimes I don’t need to turn on the vibrator at all. Once the Vice slides into place, by prostate starts to contract and everything starts to release. One of the fascinating things about these toys is that they are all different for every man. I love my Hugo as well and have been using it more often. But, I have only really experienced prostate orgasms with it once, and that was after I had already been fucked for a good while by a real cock and wanted to keep the prostate stimulation going. I find the Hugo, because of it’s powerful vibrations and size, gives a very similar prostate stimulation to when I’m taking a real cock. This is one of the reasons I love this toy. But, for a nice, quiet session of uninterrupted masturbation, I will reach for my Aneros Vice.

    Post a Reply
  3. If you had just enough funds to buy either the aneros vice or a lelo product which would you buy? I have playex with various aneros products for around 10 years without any glimpse of a super o so would like to move to a vibrating tool to try and take things to the next level

    Post a Reply
    • Hello Pad,

      In my opinion, a Lelo toy would be the way to go. Specifically the Loki. Those vibration patterns and intensities are FAR stronger. The Aneros Vice doesn’t even come close.

      Loki costs more, but it’s a superior toy overall.

      The Billy is another option. It’s cheaper than Loki (but not as good), and still has better vibes than Vice.

      Hope that helps!

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