Sex Ed 101: The ULTIMATE guide to breast play

Breast play is one of the most mutually pleasurable experiences I can think of.  When you possess the bedroom skills that make your girl tear the sheets and cause her toes to curl, sex becomes an over-the-moon experience.

This is erotic touch on a whole new level, and you’ll need to break out your best moves to make it happen.

Cue:  breast stimulation.  Learn it.  Practice it.  Know it.

Top skills are mandatory when it comes to sending your girl’s orgasms toward the stars.  These erotic techniques should be part of every sexual male’s repertoire.  Integrate this into your other sexual activities, such as domination and dirty talk.  And for heaven’s sake, don’t forget to play some hot tunes to make play time even better! Your girl will soon be worshiping you AND your cock.

It’s important to pay attention to her reactions, so you know what she likes (and doesn’t like.) This is the best barometer to gauge what she really wants you to be doing.

The #1 thing about breast play

Communication is critical to giving her what she wants.  It’s important to remember that every girl is different.  Some like it soft and easy.  A few like to have their tits thoroughly abused.  Others like a combination of both.


TWO universal truths:

  1. It’s generally best to start slow and gentle, and turn up the intensity as you go.
  2. It’s generally best to work ’em from the outside in.  Start with the side boobs or areola and work your way to the center.

Verbal communication is your best friend:  i.e. she TELLS you what she likes.  If she’s the bashful type and won’t tell you, then starting out slow and easy is the way to go.  Pay attention to her reactions.  Her nonverbal cues will tell you what you’re doing right and wrong.  Whether you need to play a little harder, or go a little softer.

Her breasts are a sexual hot spot

In fact, they’re one of the most erogenous areas on her entire body!

According to this article from Time Magazine, her boobs are one of the most sensitive areas on her body.  Here’s an excerpt from the study.  Almost all the main body parts were tested and compared for sensitivity.

breasts, sensitive erogenous zones

Not surprisingly, the clitoris and nipple are the most sensitive to vibration AND pressure.

HINT: When sexy time gets hot ‘n heavy, buzz those nipples with her vibrator! For even more fun, you can go back and forth between her clit and nipple. You’ll basically be “revving” her up and down like a motorcycle. She’ll beg you for more

It’s important to remember that the areola is the LEAST sensitive to light touch.  This isn’t a bad thing, though.  This means it’s a great area to start warming her up.  You don’t wanna just dive in there and go straight for the nipples!

It’s ALWAYS a good idea to start small and work your way up.  Your girl will love you even more for this…trust me.  Better yet, TRUST HER.  Her verbal and nonverbal cues will be your guide.  Just pay attention to them…


You probably already know that your girl just LOVES it when you suck, lick, tickle and squeeze her tits.  But how do you know if you’re giving her everything she wants?  Well, you don’t know.  And, unless she specifically tells you, you’ll never know.

Some women are great about communicating what they like and dislike, others are just too shy or uncomfortable talking about it.  If your girl is the shy type, you’ll need to conjure up Mr. Alpha Male and take matters into your own hands…literally.

Don’t be afraid to get rough.  This tip fits in with another article of mine, “How to be Dominant in Bed.”  Communication is important here.  If she’s uncomfortable, stop!  If she asks for more, give it to her!

Squeezing, slapping and biting can be really hot.  This includes all areas of her breasts.  Just don’t make it painful for her.  Again, pay attention to her reactions.

Start easy and progress to rougher stuff.  Taking her from low to high and back again might just drive her wild.

Titty fucking.  In Japanese, this is called paizuri, which translates literally to “breast sex.”  If she’s into it, this is one of the hottest things you can possibly experience with your sweetie.  And if she happens to be a cum slut, you better marry that girl…

Nipple teasing with your hard cock.  This is one of my girl’s favorites.  The pleasure isn’t really in the physical sensations.  It’s more of a visual experience.  Really hot nonetheless.

Try some Altoids!  Depending on her preferences, having an Altoid, or other strong mint in your mouth will make her nipples pucker.  Not to mention covering up your bad morning breath.

Don’t forget about the areas between and under her breasts.  These aren’t the most sensitive areas, but are great spots to hit when warming her up.

Just grab ’em.  Seriously.  Being aggressive and breaking out Mr. Grey could turn a no sex night into an entire evening of passion.  You just need to have the balls to do it.

Ice cubes on the nipples.  Some women like ’em.  Some hate ’em.  My girl isn’t a big fan.  Just throwing this one out there for you, in case you haven’t tried it yet.

Don’t forget her neck, arms and legs.  These are great places to start working your magic BEFORE you work your way up to her fun bags.

3 key breast areas to play with

Disclaimer:  these are generalizations based on my personal experiences.  Preferences can vary significantly from woman to woman.  Communicate with her to learn what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Lateral breast (side boob) – the least sensitive area of all
  2. Areola – the least sensitive to touch
  3. Nipple – the most sensitive to pressure and vibration
boob diagram

 The Lateral Breast (Side Boob)

How to play with this area

Since this is one of the least sensitive spots, I don’t spend a lot of time here.  It’s usually the first place I start, but I quickly move on to the other areas and spend my time there.

Some tips

  • Run your fingers gently around the cleavage and around the sides.  Kind of like tracing a line around them.  Follow this up with some light licking and kissing.
  • Softly blowing there can really feel good to her.  It’s even better when you lick the area first, and then blow on it.  This will give her a cool, soothing sensation.
  • At this point, just leave those nipples alone!  Build her up before going for the homerun.


How to play with this area

Once she’s starting to get into your erotic massage, it’s time to move to those areolas.  Some light touch, along with licking and teasing is important here.

Start as far away from the nipple as possible.  Apply gentle pressure along with a circular motion with your hands or fingers.  Start with wide circles around the perimeter, and work your way in.  Don’t be afraid to use your tongue, instead!  The warmth of your hot, salivating tongue will most likely make her nipples stand at attention, begging you for more.

PRO TIP:  Lay your hand flat on her breast, applying pressure with the entire hand/fingers.  Gently bring your palm and fingers together, kind of like gripping a baseball.  Repeat this motion, with a gentle touch at first.  Keep doing it, applying a little more pressure each time.


There are tons of ways to work this area:

  1. Slight twists, pulls and nibbles are always good.
  2. Hot wax, anyone?  Definitely worth a try.
  3. Nipple clamps.  Pretty intense, but she might love ’em
  4. Raise and lower the temperatures.  Like ice cubes and hot wax.
  5. The possibilities are endless.  Experiment and enjoy!

General advice

This is the most sensitive area, and it’s usually a good idea to save this part for last.  This is the crème de la crème, so you want to make sure she’s hot a ready before you hit this part.  Sucking, licking, biting, pinching…nearly anything goes here.  The most important thing?  MAKE SURE SHE’S COMFORTABLE and listen to her.  She will let you know if she’s uncomfortable, or if you’re pushing all the right buttons!

5.  How she wants YOU to handle them

Here’s an informative video from AskMen that gives a woman’s point of view on this hot topic.  It’s a little over 9 minutes long, but well worth your time.

YouTube video

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