Dirty sex talk: 10 erotic lines for sinful minds

Learn how to talk dirty during sex!

The difference between GOOD and GREAT sex is often a very fine line.  All that kissing, licking, sucking and poking is fabulous!  The sounds and the smells bring out the primal beast in many a guy.  However, we often get so wrapped up in the moment, that we forget about other ways to make her toes curl.

I’m not talking about physical stimulation either.  In two recent articles, I covered domination and breast play.  Don’t get me wrong…these are great ways to give your lady a royal treat in bed.

For today’s lesson, we’re moving away from stimulating her body.  We’re now going to learn to stimulate her mind.

Learning to speak with authority and confidence in bed will make your “sexcapades” all the more amazing.  If you’re well versed in dirty talk, that’s awesome!  I encourage you to read on and see some of my personal favorite lines below.

If you’re a rookie or even a total NOOB with dirty talk, keep reading.  Here are some of the best lines I can think of to make her (or him) growl in ecstasy.

Mesmerize her with words!

You should know that stimulating a woman’s mind is at least HALF of the battle to bring her orgasm.  And the best way to get into her mind is to talk to her.  But not just talk…SPEAK.  Use your words to make her feel like she’s the only thing in the universe at the moment.  Make her feel wanted and desired.  Let her know, in no uncertain terms, that you want to ravish her.  Tell her how great she tastes.  You get the point…

Some women just aren’t into dirty talk…but the vast majority are.  It’s up to you to learn what she likes and doesn’t.  What turns her on and off.

Dirty sex talk is just one of the many tools that every guy should have available in his sexual repertoire.  For some girls, talking and stimulating her mind are the #1 things that will launch her to interstellar orgasms.

10 great lines you can use tonight!

These are designed to be used with your girlfriend, fuck buddy, or whatever you like to call her.  But they work equally well for all sexes and sexual orientations.  Just switch around a few words, or come up with some completely new ones!  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

1.  “Do you feel how fucking hard I am right now?  THAT’S what you do to me.”  This gives her a positive reinforcement.  It assures her that you are supremely turned on, and it’s all because of her.

2.  While you have your cock inside her, stop and say this: “I can feel your heart beating through your pussy.”

3.  Sometimes when a woman has orgasmed a few times, she’s just ready for you to be done.  If she asks when you’ll finish but you’re not ready, say this:  “But I want to fuck you longer” or “but I don’t want to cum yet”

Now, if she really wants you to be done, it’s important to follow her wishes.  However, these words may just flip her switch and make her fuck you even harder.  You have been warned.

4.  If she’s moving and gyrating on your cock or other parts of your body, ask her this:  “how do you fucking move like that?  I wish YOU could feel this.”  This is a great way for you to let her know how much pleasure you’re experiencing.  Girls always appreciate feedback on what they’re doing.

5.  If you’re feeling dominant, use this one:  “Don’t you dare cum until I say so.”

6.  If you really wanna bring out Mr. Grey, try this before sexy time even starts:  “Take off your clothes.  Get on your knees.  I want to watch you touch yourself.”  Or, another variation:  “Take off my pants.  Get on your knees.  Start sucking my cock.”

7.  Let’s say you’ve been going downtown on her, lapping up her exotic juices.  Whisper this in her ear:  “Wanna know how you taste?”  Then give her the hottest, most erotic kiss you can muster.  Or, for another variation, ask her the same thing, but put your cock that’s covered with her juices into her mouth.  Then tell her to suck it.

8.  If her vagina feels really good, TELL HER!  “Your pussy feels so good when it grips my rock hard cock.  I’ve never wanted you more than I do right now.”  This is one of my personal favorites!  It works very well.

9.  When you’re getting close to finishing, throw this one out there:  “I’m gonna fill you up with a load of my hot cum.”  There are sexier ways to say this.  Regardless, this one is golden!

10.  When you’re fucking her in missionary (or any position where you face her), stop and pause for about 5 seconds.  Then say this:  “Hi”  Make sure she’s looking at you when you say it.  But use a lower, sexier voice than normal.  Eye contact is critical here.  Stare at her like you’re trying to melt her eyeballs.  Speak it with confidence.  This one is so simple, so subtle, yet so effective in my experience.

And that’s a wrap!  If you have any suggestions you’d like me to add, send a comment!


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