Best sex dolls: a buyers guide

Choosing the best sex doll for your personal, erotic pleasures isn’t difficult. However, before you take the plunge and buy one, it’s important to know the “ins and outs”. Whatever the final decision, just make sure to choose the RIGHT one that fits your needs AND your budget.

In this post, I’ll recommend a few models that won’t break the bank. These won’t be the very best on the market, but rather the more affordable types.

Why you might need one

Sometimes vanilla masturbation routines grow stale.  Or maybe that favorite masturbator doesn’t get you off as well.  When this happens, it’s probably time to change tactics.

A love doll, partial or adult size, could be the answer to your jack-off woes.  Keep reading…


In the world of mainstream adult toys, sex dolls don’t get a lot of attention or coverage. Vibrators, prostate massagers and masturbators, currently have the spotlight.

Since the web is lacking a comprehensive resource of solid and unbiased information, I’ve assembled this smart buyers guide to provide the straight facts and dispel the myths.

Unfortunately, some folks view these toys as taboo; and guys/gals that buy and masturbate with them are labeled as freaks, perverts, forever alone, etc. Bah…to hell with what they think!

Table of contents:

  1. What is it?
  2. Should you use one?
  3. Recommendations
  4. Choose one with high quality construction
  5. Lubricants:  always use water based
  6. How to maintain and clean them
  7. Warm her up for enhanced pleasure
  8. Cool facts
  9. How they are made: see a real factory

1.  What is it?

Before we start talking about a few awesome and affordable products, it’s important to know what they are, and aren’t.

Think of it as a “synthetic, life like lover.”  It’s a type of sex toy designed for male masturbation.  Her purpose is to simulate intercourse with a real female partner, without all the muss and fuss that goes along with having a girlfriend or wife.  They can be just a body part such as the vagina and anus, or they can be the full meal deal with a head, torso arms and legs.  The high end ones also include “internal skeletons” that allow the user to position the arms and legs in nearly any position, just like a real human.  These skeletons are usually made with metal or PVC.

The only real limitation is how much money you’re willing to spend.  Obviously the full body models with heads and hair will cost significantly more than a body part or torso.  You can buy a high quality, but relatively inexpensive, silicone lower torsos for less than $200 US.  Alternatively, if you have some spare cash just laying around, you may opt for a full body, life like one that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Or, you could buy one of those cheap, inflatable ones (that look like a gag gift) for less than $20 US.  Just don’t count on it feeling very good, or lasting longer than a couple of hard poundings.

High quality models often have vibrating or removable parts as well.  Removable vaginas, anuses and mouths make cleaning and maintenance much easier.  This is also a bonus if you’ve been using your doll for a while and wear some of the parts out.  It’s always easier and cheaper to buy a single replacement part than an entire body.

A fuck doll IS NOT a replacement for real human companionship.  In my opinion a full fledged woman is still the far better option, able to provide intimacy and much better sexual experiences.  And no realistic silicone beauty can change that.  But, to each their own

2.  Should you use one?

Men and women from all walks of life can and do enjoy using them.

Who SHOULD use one

If you’re comfortable with it, and don’t mind the stereotypes, this is the perfect sex toy to keep around the house.  Here are a couple of examples where one of these will fit your lifestyle:

  1. They’re great for the recently divorced guy who’s horny as hell, but isn’t yet ready to go through all the motions and stress of finding a real woman.  A doll may cost hundreds of dollars, but it’s much cheaper than taking a gal out on a few dates!  And the sex is guaranteed.
  2. Busy men who work lots of hours or hold multiple jobs might not have time for a real life female partner.  A doll is the perfect way to release all that pent up stress resulting from a hard week at work.

Who SHOULD NOT use one

If you have a wife or girlfriend who doesn’t like to share you with anyone else, this is a toy to avoid.  She might find you creepy or “pervy” if she finds one of these in your closet.  Also, if a plastic woman freaks you out, it’s best to avoid and stick with standard sex toys, like these.

3.  Here are my favorites!

These are in no particular order, however the first one is my favorite.  The realistic feel and texture is simply amazing, even though it’s a bit expensive.

These are my favorites from each of the following categories:

  • Best complete doll: includes everything, head to toes
  • Best full torso:  boobs, ass, vagina
  • Best upper torso:  boobs only
  • Best lower torso:  ass, vagina
  • Best face/head:  mouth only

In case you didn’t know, Amazon sells all types of sex toys. Vibrators, prostate toys, dildos, masturbators, BDSM equipment, pocket pussies and…you guessed it, sex dolls. As an added bonus, their prices are CHEAP! You’ll see a few recommended items, below. I doubt you’ll find them at a lower cost anywhere else.


Mandarin Duck Life Size, complete body with 3 holes!

This is probably the most complete, lifelike doll that can be purchased for around $1 grand. Yes, there are more realistic, higher quality silicone lovers on the market, but none of them come even close to this price point. As I mentioned above, this post only covers affordable toys, so this one fits right in. Note that this is a TPE doll, which isn’t quite as exquisite as full silicone.

This is the full meal deal. You get EVERYTHING from head to toe. She even comes with a G Spot for the ultimate in realistic playtime.

I like that she’s flexible and can be posed in nearly any manner that turns on the user. The patented 3d joints allow the owner to put her in position, and she will stay there until her master decides otherwise. Sexy!

Product highlights:

  • Patented 3d joints for maximum flexibility, yet reliable posing
  • The vagina is designed with realism in mind. The tunnel is very similar to the real thing!
  • Titanium alloy frame
  • 3 holes: mouth, vagina and anus
  • 61 inches tall. About 155 centimeters

You can take a closer look at this full size doll right here, on Amazon.


Pipedream Products Extreme F*ck Me Silly Slut

This one is made from a very realistic material called Fantaflesh.  It jiggles almost like the real thing.  Don’t forget to warm her up with a heating pad before use!  She’s soft both front and back, and has a natural feeling spine and hip area that allows the user to get a good grip when hitting it from behind.

Product highlights:

  • 27 inches in length, and 15 inches across at the hips
  • weighs 25 lbs
  • 36DD breasts, great for titty fucking
  • She can be used missionary and doggy style
  • 2 ribbed openings:  vagina and anus
  • easy to clean and flush after use, just don’t submerge it

See the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Slut, right here, at Amazon.


Pipedream Extreme: Fuck My Big Fat Titties

For all the boob guys out there, this one is dedicated to you!  It’s just an upper torso, but it has a pair of big round titties for you to fuck, suck or whatever turns you on.

Product highlights:

  1. The boobs are 36DD!  More than enough for your titty fetish…
  2. They truly bounce and jiggle, very much like a real pair of breasts.
  3. It’s heavy:  about 20 pounds
pipedream extreme fuck my big fat titties

See the Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Big Fat Titties, right here, at Amazon.


Pipedream Extreme Mega Masturbator: Fuck Me Silly

Just buying a lower torso can save quite a bit of cash.  This particular model has a very nice feel.  Definitely not a bony feeling ass!  They come in two versions:  white girl and black girl.  The two are the exact same size and dimensions, just different skin tone.

It’s nice and big so there is plenty to grab on to 🙂

Product highlights:

  • Easy to clean.  The anal and vaginal tunnels are connected, so you can just shoot water in one to flush both cavities out.
  • Should not be completely submerged
  • See the video below for a good visual

See the Pipedream Fuck me silly, right here, on Amazon


Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Face Blonde

This one is dedicated to all you guys who like to feed your cock to a puckering, sexy blonde.  Unique, to say the least.

Product highlights:

  1. Constructed of FantaFlesh material
  2. The eyelids flutter!  A minor, but cool detail.
  3. The “tunnel” has an exit on the back side.  This makes it easy for flushing after use.
  4. The hair is of decent quality.  You can actually style it to your liking.

See the Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Face Blonde, right here, at Amazon.

4.  Buy one with quality construction and materials

Dolls are constructed of various materials such as vinyl, rubber or silicone.  However, I prefer ones constructed of silicone or “real feel” skin.  They feel more realistic and they’re much easier to clean and maintain.  And they’re hypoallergenic, so you minimize the risk of skin irritation or rashes.  Unfortunately, these are generally more expensive. All the dolls above are constructed with realistic “skin”.

When in doubt it’s always a good idea to read some real customer reviews.  Just a few honest reviews can tell you everything you need to know.

5.  Always use a water based lubricant

Silicone, rubber and other materials don’t play well with oil based or silicone lubricants.  These types of lube will react with the material.  After enough use, the “skin” can actually become soft, sticky and peel away.  Not good, especially if you just dropped $500 on your toy.

The rules of lube are the same, whether it’s a vibrator, prostate massager or doll.  When in doubt, always use water-based and go from there.

6.  How to maintain it and keep it clean

It’s common sense that the orifices need to be thoroughly cleansed after each and every use.  Usually, some warm water and a very mild body soap will do the job.  A toy disinfectant is also recommended if you’re worried you can’t get it 100% clean.

Also, corn starch is a must for keeping your doll in tip top shape.

Why corn starch?  After a few washes, the surface may feel sticky or oily.  This is common and nothing to be concerned about.  To return your lady’s skin to that soft smooth feeling, a light dusting of starch will bring her back to new.  Baby powder is also acceptable, but I personally prefer the corn starch.

The owners manual is your best friend.  It should tell you everything you need to know, so you can keep her in tip top condition.

7.  Warm her up for enhanced pleasure!

Sliding your penis into a cold orifice isn’t much fun, right?  Well, the best way to prevent this is to use a heated blanket on your silicone lady.

30 minutes before using and abusing her, I suggest that you wrap her in an electric blanket and let her get to that perfect 98.6 degrees.  Sexy times will be much more fun, and natural this way.

8.  What makes them awesome?

  1. They’re ALWAYS ready for you!  None of the usual complaints like “my stomach hurts” or “I’m too tired.”
  2. You never have to worry about STDs or other diseases when you use one.  However, it’s very important to keep them clean and sterile so no funk builds up in the orifices.
  3. You don’t need to buy them dinner or flowers.  Just pump them up with some lube before you get started.
  4. They don’t nag or expect you to do anything for them.  No walks through the park and no going to visit their mother-in-law.
  5. You don’t have to please them, either.  Dolls are there just for you, and they don’t care how long you last.  They don’t require any effort from you, other than pounding away until your heart’s content.

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