REVIEW: The Fleshlight ICE is the BEST I’ve ever used. PERIOD.

I have a discerning dick.

It’s picky sometimes.

I’ve rammed my penis into more than a few toys over the years.  So, when I come across something that feels good, I like to stick around for a while.  When Ice and I met, we just hit it off.

fleshlight ice male masturbator

TOP pick

$70 @

Fleshlight Ice


wicked strong suction


#1 Fleshlight

Introducing: the Fleshlight Ice

The best all around male masturbator I own? Maybe…

IMPORTANT: at the end of the day, all Fleshlights feel pretty much the same. Just some minor differences between models, like size and amount of suction. It’s hard even for my sensitive cock to discern the different internal textures and patterns.

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Table of contents:

  1. What’s in the box?
  2. Specifications
  3. First impressions
  4. Cleaning and care
  5. How to assemble it (very simple)
  6. How to use it
  7. Here’s what makes this stroker AMAZING
  8. How I crossed paths with Ice
  9. Final thoughts
  10. Where to buy it
  11. BONUS advice!!
Ice with accessories
Here’s what comes in the package: 2 packets of lube, the Fleshlight and a user manual

1. What’s in the box?

The Ice masturbator (shown above) came with the following:

  • A clear case, with screw on/off caps at both ends
  • The orifice:  there are three choices.  I chose the Lady.
    • Lady – it resembles a vagina
    • Butt – looks like a butt hole
    • Pure – neither vagina nor butt.  It’s just a…hole.
  • An instructional booklet: this shows how to clean and maintain it.  Also advertisement for some of their other product offerings.
  • 2 trial packets of lube called Flesh Lube
dimensions of the Ice
Here are the dimensions, measured by a standard US ruler.

2. Specs

The Ice is A LOT bigger than I imagined!  Definitely not discreet.  See the images above for reference.

The case

  • about 10 inches long
  • 3.5 inches wide at the big end
Fleshlight Ice completely disassembled
Here it is, all taken apart.

The orifice

  • about 9.5 inches long
  • it fits right into the case

This toy is phthalate-free! Read more about why this is important.

Lips and orifice of the front end of Fleshlight Ice

3.  First Impressions of ICE

Did I mention this thing is BIG?

Yes, it is.

Honestly, Ice is a handful.  But that’s a good thing.  This makes it easy to grip and handle when you’re jacking it up and down.  If you’re looking for something small, like these pocket pussies, you shouldn’t buy this device.

The insert is a very jiggly, clear, jello-like substance.

Here’s the best way I can describe it:  if you had a baking mold shaped like your hand and wrist, and filled it with Jello mix, this is what it would resemble.  Both in size and consistency.

The exterior hard plastic case is durable and solid.  It appears that it will last for many years of use (and abuse).

I once dropped my ICE on concrete, and it survived just fine.  This “universal” case is really cool.  If you wear out an insert, or just get tired of it, it’s easy to purchase a replacement that will slide right into place.  Of course, these will have to be the Fleshlight brand to fit properly.

It’s big enough to accommodate nearly ANY size dick.  It should be tight enough, even for the smaller guys. Unless you’re swinging more than 12 inches erect, this will work just fine.

fleshlight ice, clear outer case
fleshlight ice male masturbator

TOP pick

$70 @

Fleshlight Ice


wicked strong suction


#1 Fleshlight

4. How to clean and maintain Ice

Cleaning and maintenance are vital for the longevity of your Fleshlight, and for your personal pleasure.

Now, I have to say that cleaning this thing out isn’t the easiest task in the world.  However, the instructions are short and sweet.

When I’m done, I take it to the kitchen sink and start the faucet.  On your way to the sink, make sure to hold it in a way that your jizz won’t drip out and onto your floor or household furniture.  A tall faucet sink works best, because this allows plenty of room to hold the sleeve vertically under the water.

I like to hold it vertically so the water runs directly into one end and out the other, without bending the toy. A short bathroom faucet might not allow for a straight shot through. This way I can be sure that all my “spunk” has been washed out.

Gently hold it under the stream of warm water, and watch it run out the other end.  You can easily see the orifice and your leftovers since it’s clear.  A few squeezes in strategic places while the water is running will make sure you get everything out.

Once you feel it’s clean, flip it over and run water through the other end, just to make sure.

Finish up by running some toy cleaner through there to kill any baddies that may be left behind.  Then rinse once more.

I’m a bit of a clean freak and like to make sure it’s 100% sanitized

Gently shake it off and let it air dry on a paper towel.

Then, rinse the case and lids.  You don’t need to be quite as careful here.  Just a mild soap and warm water should do the trick.  Let these pieces air dry as well.

Here’s how I keep it like new

The Fleshlight instructions (shown below and in the video above) say that you should use their “renewing powder”.  This stuff works great, however, you can save some money and just use corn starch.  It’s the same thing.  Just powder it up from time to time and it will remain like new.

Fleshlight Ice instruction manual

5.  How to assemble it

This is a piece of cake.

The easiest way to put it together is to hold the hard case (with the big end up) in one hand, and the insert in the other.  Slowly lower the sleeve into the case.  This sleeve has a tendency to grip onto the sides.  Just jiggle it while lowering it and it’ll fit just fine.

Once it’s all the way in, make sure that the “notch” on the big end fits properly into the case.  This will give it that snug fit so it stays in place.

Screw the little cap onto the small end and you’re ready to rock.

NOTE:  when you look at the base (the small end) you’ll notice that there are small holes in each side, next to the threads.  By adjusting the tightness of this cap, you can adjust the amount of suction generated each time you stroke up.  This is the most fabulous feature of this toy, and I’ll go into more details in a bit!

Fleshlight Ice, important components diagram

6.  How to use it

Let’s just jump right in.

Before I even get started, I like to soak this stroker in a bowl (or sink) of lukewarm water.  A warm pussy always feels better than a cold one.  Unless you’re into that kinda thing…

Then, do whatever it is you like to do to prepare.  Grab a towel, get comfortable, etc.  I like to do this while lying on my back in bed.

Then…grab your stroker

Remember, always use water based lubes with Fleshlight!

I like to hold it upright, and then squeeze some lube into the orifice and onto the “lips.”

After this, squeeze a little more out onto the tip of your dick.  Then grab your cock with one hand, and slide her onto your shaft.  Give it a few pumps.  If you feel some friction, you’ll likely need a little more lube.  Apply as necessary.

Once everything is nice and slippery, go to town with this silicone beauty.  Slow, fast, long or short…it doesn’t matter.  Just go with it and enjoy the ride.  Sometimes a fast and vigorous jackoff session is just what the Dr. ordered.  Other times, a long, drawn out jack session while watching porn is a great way to go.

One word of advice: this thing makes me cum in no time.  It might do the same for you.  If you’re not careful, you could blow your load much quicker than anticipated.  You’ve been warned.

Hey you… yes, YOU!

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7.  The MOST amazing thing about Ice

Earlier I hinted about those holes drilled into the base of the Fleshlight…remember?  Well, I like to call these the “magic holes.”  These holes allow for the user to adjust the amount of suction the device creates.  Increase the suction by tightening the cap.  Reduce the suction by loosening the cap.  Simple, eh?

It’s that suction that takes you back to your first great blowjob back in your younger years.  That light suction as she coaxes those big ropes of cum right out of your cock.  Yeah…you know what I’m talking about.

The loads I shoot with this thing are nothing short of amazing.  I can feel the power and the pulsations, a completely different sensation from jacking off with my right hand.

And it’s not just the volume of cum.  It’s the orgasm that reaches its peak, and just kinda hangs there.  Like you’re holding a string tied to your orgasm, and slowly pulling it out of your body.  Vaginal sex, anal sex, blowjobs…none of them give me this kind of feeling.  It’s unique.  It feels DAMN good!

internal texture of Fleshlight Ice
The transparent silicone is really cool, because you can see the inner orifice. All those knobs, nodules and bumps feel exquisite on a penis!

8. How I crossed paths with Ice

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that prostate toys are my first love.  As much as I love those things, I found myself craving a change of pace.  Something to expand my sex toy horizons.

I’ve dabbled with dildos, played with butt plugs, and even banged a few sex dolls.  Yet, my hunger for something new kept lingering in the back of my mind.

Then, one day, it happened.  “Hmmm, what shall I try next?”

fleshlight ice close up. Frontal view
Like a pussy staring you right in the face. A view looking into the front

One uneventful evening, I was browsing online for male masturbators (like these). No particular urge to buy anything.  You know how it is, just chillin’ on my couch after a satisfying meal, surfing the ‘net. Then I found the ICE.   I’d heard a lot of amazing things about them.  I always wanted to try one for myself.

After about 5 minutes of browsing, I found something that looked…tantalizing.  So I ordered it.  It was from the Ice line, and I purchased it with a “Lady” insert.  Four days later, it showed up on my doorstep in a discreet cardboard box.

This turned out to be one of those impulse buys that I’ve NEVER regretted.

9.  Final thoughts

All in all, I’m really impressed with this toy.  The cost is at the higher end of the spectrum, but with the build quality and the incredible sensations, I feel it’s totally worth it.

The vagina (orifice) feels pretty darn good.  Not as good as the real thing, but still…very nice.  I wish it was a little tighter, but, as far as pussies go, it’s about right.

Remember, there are plenty of options when it comes to the sleeves. It would be simple and relatively cheap to buy another one, perhaps the anal hole model.

Just remember, it’s not discreet.  It WILL take up some room in your dresser drawer.  And no, you can’t shove it in your briefcase and take it to the office.

There’s only one thing I dont like: it can be a real chore to clean out. That orifice that runs through the center of the sleeve isn’t smooth. It has bumps and ridges that are designed to increase your pleasure.  And they work very well.

However, those same bumps and ridges make it a challenge to clean, as your spunk can get stuck there. Not a big deal, because if you thoroughly rinse it from both ends, it’ll all wash out.  Just keep in mind that it might take a few minutes to do it.

Sometimes, when I just want to get off quickly, I’ll choose my hand over this. It doesn’t feel as good, but it’s also less hassle.

I really tried to find flaws with this toy. But after using and abusing it for a while, I just can’t find any, other than the cleaning issue!

In my opinion, ICE is the BEST Fleshlight available. It’s priced right and built to last for many, many wanks.

10.  Where to buy it

I recommend buying directly from Fleshlight. Free and discreet shipping is one of the things they do best. Tap the button below to see it there.

fleshlight ice male masturbator

TOP pick

$70 @

Fleshlight Ice


wicked strong suction


#1 Fleshlight

11.  A special BONUS!

Now, this will sound a bit over the top, but hear me out.  I just started using this in CONJUNCTION with my Aneros Helix Syn.  The best position for me is laying on my back, with the Aneros in my ass.  I spend my time at first just enjoying the prostate massage. Never touching my dick. Read more about Helix.

Then, when it’s time to “close shop” and finish myself off, I grab this toy and go to town.  There’s NOTHING like a guy masturbating with TWO sex toys at once!  The experience is out of this world.

If you decide to give this a whirl, I’d love to hear your experiences. Contact me or leave a comment below!


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