REVIEW: the Tenga Flip Hole (Black) masturbator for men

I bought the Tenga Flip Hole a while back from Lovehoney, on a whim. I really wasn’t planning to buy another silicone jelly masturbator, but the price was so good, I couldn’t pass it up. I was skeptical about this toy, because I didn’t see how it could possibly be any better than my mighty Fleshlight. However, since I’m a sucker for new gadgets, I was totally game to take it for a test drive.

This is the second male masturbator I’ve had the pleasure to review. After 20 jack off sessions, I’m still in awe with the orgasmic prowess of this toy! It gets better every time I use it.

Tenga Fliphole

Tenga Fliphole



  • Easy cleaning
  • Compact
  • Unique sleeves

Tenga Flip Hole Black Overview

Overall, I give it a solid two thumbs up! It feels fantastic. One of my personal favorite features is the ability to increase the tightness of the toy. It’s a simple matter or squeezing the white buttons on each side. I’ll explain these buttons later in the review.

Tenga Flip Hole Black
It’s discreet! It certainly doesn’t look like a sex toy when closed.

The silicone is extremely soft, almost jelly-like. It’s very comfortable on the skin, and feels DAMN GOOD when it strokes the cock. This silicone mold has different shapes and textures that provide an added boost to your masturbation sessions. It feels…heavenly.

The suction is FANTASTIC. This is what makes me cum really quick if I’m stroking it too fast. At the moment of truth, the combined sensation of me shooting my load and the Tenga sucking away is a stellar experience. I’ve literally seen stars on the occasions where I came super hard. Not sure if that’s normal, but it sure as hell feels good.

The Flip Hole feels like it sucks the orgasms right out of my dick. No joke.

This toy gets me off every single time I use it. Not once has it failed me. This is the sign of a high quality toy: it just doesn’t seem to get old. I enjoy the hell out of it, and will continue to do so until it breaks or I get tired of it. I’m guessing it’ll break first. Or hell will freeze over…

Partially removed from the storage sleeve/drying rack.

What’s in the box?

Actually, it doesn’t come in a box. It comes in a clear, circular plastic case, with a cellophane type wrapper.

Here’s what you get:

  • The Black toy (of course)
  • The black rack that slips onto the toy for storage (see pic above). It’s also a drying rack.
  • Three trial-size bottles of lube
  • Instructions
The factory packaging. A sexy presentation.


Here are the dimensions when closed and ready for use:

  • Length – 6.9 inches
  • Outside diameter – 3.3 inches

If you’re a really hung guy, this device might be a bit small for you, especially in the girth department.

Here’s a pic of the user manual, that discusses all the high points of the interior of the toy.


How to lube it up

This is probably the easiest product to lube up on the market.

Open it up. Lay it out flat (like the picture below). Drizzle plenty of your favorite lube right down the middle. You can go to town with the slippery stuff, because it seals up pretty well when locked and loaded for action. Just don’t over do it, because you’ll just waste expensive lube.

**Remember, only use water based lubes with silicone toys!

opened up
The Hole laid out. Just drizzle lube right down the middle and close it up! Then it’s locked and loaded!

A note about the included lubes. Each tube is good for about 2 uses.

  • Wild has a cooling menthol effect. It’s rather mild, almost unnoticable in the heat of the moment.
  • Real is supposed to “feel like the real thing.” I honestly didn’t feel much of a difference between this and the others, except for the cooling effect of Wild.
  • Mild is advertised as “soft and silky.” Not much different from the others.

I’ll be perfectly honest and say that none of these lubes were all that great. I used Wild my very first time, and it was…meh… Nothing special. Personally, I felt no discernible difference between the three as far as slipperiness. They were all just average. I personally prefer ID Glide for all my silicone toys.

Tenga Fliphole

Tenga Fliphole



  • Easy cleaning
  • Compact
  • Unique sleeves

How to use it

It takes slightly more work than a single piece model, but it’s well worth it. See first line of the diagram above for a pictorial reference.

It’s a simple matter of sliding the storage rack onto the back of the toy. The notches on the side of the toy lock into the channel of the rack. This holds it together while you go to town on it. This seals it up AND creates the suction effect that makes this device so fantastic.

Then, slide it onto your erect cock and go to town. Fast or slow. Hard or soft. Laying down or standing up. It really doesn’t matter. Since the user has complete control, the possibilities are endless.

How to clean it

This is a super simple process that shouldn’t take more than a minute. After you’ve released your load, CAREFULLY take it to the nearest sink. You don’t want your fresh spunk to drip on the floor, right?

Open up the toy, draw some warm water, wash it with a mild body soap, and rinse it thoroughly. Since it can be opened for cleaning, this shouldn’t take any more than 30 seconds for a thorough job. You can also use a toy disinfectant, but I personally don’t feel this is necessary.

After you’ve washed it and let the main water drip off, put it on the included drying rack!


What makes this toy amazing?

Actually, TWO things make this a bad ass masturbator.

1. Control – The user has infinite control over how much pressure is applied, simply by squeezing the white buttons. This is a huge advantage over strokers with a hard outer case (like the Fleshlight). With a rigid case, there’s no way to apply additional pressure, if required. This gives the user complete control!

flip hole instructions

2. The inside texture – The array of different silicone shapes on the inside provides an exciting experience. To make the most of the textured middle, make sure to apply plenty of pressure to the control pad!

The picture below is a detailed view of what it looks like on the inside. When it’s closed, your penis goes into that little circle on the end. It’s a nice and tight fit! Perfect for shooting massive loads and relieving built up stress.

looking down the middle of the flip hole
The interior, looking from the insertion end. Lots of silicone ridges and shapes for orgasmic sensations.

Final thoughts

All in all, the Flip Hole Black by Tenga is a KILLER male masturbator. It feels great on a hard penis. It’s easy to use, and even easier to clean and store. I have nothing negative to say about this toy.

Except for one thing: the owners manual says it’s good for around 50 uses?!? I haven’t hit this mark yet, as I’m currently at 20. Perhaps I’ll come back and let you know how it’s holding up after another 30 uses.

maximum uses

I’m skeptical it will fall apart by that point, but I guess I’ll just have to find out. Darn, another 30 mind-numbing orgasms to go…

Where to buy it

Your best bet is, both for price and availability.

Tenga Fliphole

Tenga Fliphole



  • Easy cleaning
  • Compact
  • Unique sleeves

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