Sex Haiku. Get those erotic juices flowing!

Soft, smooth, porcelain
Fingertips, kiss in the wind
Hot passion, desire

Jagged breath, tremble
Thrown panties, ripped shirt excites
Scream my name all night

All the universe
I only want to become
one with you, my dear

Two faces, trouble
Two backs, passion forever
Two heartbeats, to one

Your lips are sweeter
than the things you scream to me
when I wear the cuffs

When I pull the sheets
Over our heads, I never
want to leave the bed

Whispers in my ears
About shoving my face in
the pillow and sheets

Slender wrists pull mine
Into the bedroom, dim lights
Candles and roses

I pulled her dress up
Revealed that of a goddess
and worshipped til dawn

My tongue is a snake
Slithering into a cave
for hidden treasure

Earthquake a trembling
Her skin tightens and flexes
Her gasps, her moans, bliss

Valley of the thighs
Creamy fields and juicy hills
Maybe I’ll move there

Locomotives push
and pull, I squeeze and release
my bliss into her

Dripping on carpet
the remains of my efforts
to please and appease

Knees quiver softly
after I’ve finished inside.
Candle oozes wax

Her muffled moaning
Dampened by my firm hand on
her mouth, neighbors heard

She pulls my tie close
and tight like a noose, and she
knows what happens next

My hand rests on her
neck when we kiss, I tighten
my grip, devour her

My desire’s a cloud,
I rain upon her and my
thunder strikes swiftly

My passion’s a fire,
enveloping house and trees,
the world all for her

I pull her in endlessly
universe collapse

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