Spank Me

There’s nothing like a good friend to do your spanking for you…

Mia paced nervously across her living room, narrowly avoiding the corner of her coffee table with each turn back and forth. She was excited and nervous. She stopped and looked at the clock on the mantle of the fireplace.


“What am I doing?”

This was not the first time she asked herself this question. All day, as she answered Dave’s text messages, following his instructions carefully, she wondered what had come over her. Each attempt to understand herself only made her more nervous and anxious.

She wanted to experience what it was like to be spanked – not slapped on the ass or punished for doing something wrong. She wanted an erotic spanking, to feel that pain in her flesh and that sting move through her body. She had asked her husband Josh for it, and he tried to bring himself to.

He could not.

She loved him for his reasons in not being able to. He simply could not bear the thought of causing her physical pain, even if he knew that she wanted to receive it. It was a hard answer for her to accept at first. Why could he not understand how she needed it? Why did his sensibilities matter more than her needs?

She struggled with it since she had her flu shot at the doctor. She hated needles and asked the nurse how she managed. The nurse described to her how painful it was mentally to get over her own squeamishness about sticking a person with a needle, the anxiety that she experienced in nursing school from just sticking mannequins. Mia realized that if she continued to push, she would do the same thing to Josh, and she could not take that.

When she told Josh that she understood, but she still had this need and wanted a way to experience the release, he surprised her with a solution. He had a co-worker named Dave who he knew was into “kinky things.” He even had a clever tie clip with an emblem that subtly denoted his affiliations. It was one of those things that if clients knew what it was, the mostly likely would not mind it. Only people “into it,” as Josh put it, understood the symbol’s significance.

Mia had met Dave once, at last year’s Christmas party for Josh’s work. He was a handsome man, tall with short black hair and light, bright blue – almost silver – eyes. He had the kind of bearing that Mia could associate with someone who was dominant, an alpha type. She had recognized it then, in the very brief interactions she had with him. His eyes had a way of capturing a person, and looking into them was hard. She had a sense when she tried that she had not – earned it. She could think of no other way to describe it.

Josh’s arrangement was simple. Dave would come over to give Mia the spanking she so desperately wanted. Josh would not be there to watch it. Just as he could not bear to strike her, he knew he would not be able to watch either. Mia had his permission to do anything else as well. He had talked to Dave and did other research besides. He understood that her emotions and desires would be running high once the spanking was through. He did not want her to feel bad about anything else that happened with it.

He would be next door with their neighbors for the afternoon. When Dave left, Josh would come home for what he called “aftercare.” He would hold her, soothe her, whatever Mia needed, Josh would take care of that once Dave was through.

All day, Dave sent Mia little messages to prepare her for their session. He would be arriving promptly at three-thirty. He wanted her to touch herself, but not to orgasm. She had to do it in front of a mirror, one part voyeur, and one part exhibitionist. That was a frustrating experience. Mia had done it before. She was not a stranger to masturbation, using it to help herself get to sleep when Josh was out of town on business.

She hated sleeping in the bed alone.

He had her do that twice, and she could still feel the itch between her legs. His other instructions did nothing to help that. He instructed her to gently massage lotion into the skin of her buttocks every hour, to ensure that the skin was soft and supple. She had to be thorough with the application of the lotion as well. Her skin was not to be oily or slick, only soft and smooth. She also had to find an old skirt or shorts, something that would hug her body and she did not mind ruining. She was to cut the ass out of it and put it on.

She wore that now, with no panties, just as Dave had told her to. She felt cheap and slutty. That feeling only compounded her desire to be spanked. She could be treated like what she was, getting what she deserved. The thought was terrible, she knew, but it was so hot and the desire between her legs grew into a desperate heat every time it entered her mind.

The doorbell rang and Mia walked quickly to the door. She looked through the peephole to see Dave standing there. She opened the door for him and ushered him inside.

Today he wore a very nice suit, black and tailored with a white shirt underneath it and a blue tie with different hues running through it. As she closed the door, she could feel his eyes on her body and a thrill moved through her. When she turned, she saw the lust in those eyes and her breath caught in her throat.

“Are you ready for your spanking?” Dave gave her a smile that was at once casual and dark. The contrast to the brightness of his eyes made her tremble.

“Yes.” Mia’s voice was small, and she knew that she did not sound convincing.

Dave took her hand and led her to the living room. He guided her to stand beside her couch and place her hands on the arm so that she bent over slightly. “This is how you’re going to stand for the spanking.”

“Yes, sir.” Mia realized there was no other way to address this man. Calling him Dave or saying anything else was disrespectful. When she stood straight and looked up at him, she saw the approval in his eyes.

“Josh said I would be tempted to try and claim you for myself.” A bright look entered Dave’s eyes, and though she understood the seriousness of his statement, she understood she ultimately had nothing to fear from this man.

He was not here to do anything that she and Josh, and he and Josh had not agreed to. “I can see why. You have a submissive streak to you that is delicious. Josh has seen it too and doesn’t know what to do with it. If you ever want to explore it, I’ll be happy to help you, with Josh’s blessing of course.”

Mia shuddered and relaxed. That would, she thought, be an incredible thing. Maybe if she enjoyed this, it would be something she could talk to Josh about. She had the sense that she could trust Dave, that he understood very well what she was wanting and where the lines were.

“I’m going to spank you as hard as you want me to. I’m going to start light, and progressively get harder. When the pain starts to become intense, but you know you can go on a little more, I want you to say ‘yellow.’ That will be my signal to move ahead carefully. When I reach that point that you cannot take anymore, I want you to say ‘red.’ Can you do that for me?”

“What happens when I say red?” Mia asked.

“When you say red, I’ll stop. I won’t stop before then, but if you need me to stop at any time, say red and I will.”
Mia nodded and took in a deep breath. “Yellow when it is getting intense but I can take more. Red any time I need to stop, but most especially when I have had as much as I can take.” Mia bit her lip nervously. “What if I can’t find the point of what I can take?”

Dave gave a light laugh. His eyes were still bright, though, and she did not feel ashamed of her question. “I’m going to be watching you too. If your skin is getting to read or too warm, I’ll stop myself. Don’t be afraid to take pain if you’re enjoying it. I like to give as much pain as someone can take. I’ve trained myself very carefully to look for signs that it might be more than the body can take, even if the spirit is willing.”

Mia could say nothing else and was afraid to keep looking up into Dave’s eyes. She realized she could get lost in them. She thought it must be incredibly easy for anyone so inclined to fall on their knees before this man. She thought it might even supersede gender, that anyone, man or woman, no matter even their own preferences, could gladly fall down and do whatever Dave said.

She turned to the couch and placed her hands on the arm, bending forward. Dave placed his hand on her ass, rubbing it lightly. The feeling was gentle and sensual, and she relaxed. The first slaps were light on her skin, merely taps and teases. She relaxed further and let her mind float along the sensations.

Mia did not register that the strikes were harder until the first jolt of pain moved through her body, sliding along her nerves, up her spine, and to her mind, shooting through the sensual haze that filled her. The sound of flesh striking flesh pierced her ears and the shock of a harder strike moved through her body. Dave alternated between her ass cheeks, each strike sharper, harder, and faster than the one before it.

Her body shivered with each strike as her mind swam in the pain of each strike, sharp, warm, and hard. The feeling of his palm striking her skin made the warmth between her legs soar and she wanted more, ever more. The increase in pain only brought it on more, and her arousal only made her ass more sensitive.

“You are as much of a pain slut as I hoped you would be.” Dave’s voice was soft, silky, and smooth, betraying the force of his strike against Mia’s body.

The intensity of his strikes grew, and Mia cried out. It hurt. Her ass ached already, but she only wanted more. She called out, “yellow,” knowing if she did not she never would. She would only let him continue until she was nothing but his strikes against her skin. She cried out again with each strike against her flesh, sometimes calling for more, something simply uttering a primal, guttural noise, somewhere between the pain she was feeling and the pleasure she was experiencing.

Dave struck hard, now, sharp, and fast. Mia’s cries became a loud scream and her body shuddered. She felt her breasts swell and her nipples harden. As he knees weakened, she realized what had happened and fell to her knees.

She tried to utter “red,” not because she could not take the pain but because she knew she could not stand again.

“I know.” Dave’s voice was soothing. He helped her to stand and led her to the couch. “That can happen. Sometimes it only happens the first time. Sometimes it happens every time. Your body releases endorphins as your pleasure builds up with the pain.”

He guided her to lie down on her stomach and wiped the tears from Mia’s cheek. She looked up at him to see only softness in his eyes now. “You were beautiful. I’m going to call Josh now, so that he can take care of you. If you want this again, please let him know. It would be my honor and pleasure to do it.”

Mia nodded and felt the tears continue to stream down her cheeks. She had no idea why she was crying. Was it the release of her orgasm, or her body’s reaction to pain? She had no idea. She was in bliss, though, her ass burning from the pain of Dave’s strikes and her mind floating.

She knew she would want Dave to do this for her again, and she loved her husband more than ever for giving this to her. It was, she thought, the most wonderful thing he had ever done.


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