The Unexpected DOM

Erotic BDSM stories make me hot! How about you?

Jonny met Carolina in a seedy bar just outside of town a month ago. When they first met, it was her glittering green eyes that caught his immediate attention. She sat down next to him, put a gentle hand on his thigh and said she’d thought him handsome. Although Jonny was only 23 and had hoped to find some younger college girls, Carolina was in great shape and was quite a beauty at 41.

She had long, black, glossy hair, and looked killer in the red lipstick she wore. Later on that night, they went back to her apartment and fucked like rabbits on the couch, table, dishwasher, and on the floor. They met up again a week later.

However, since then it had been two weeks and Jonny was horny as hell. She had been busy on a business trip the previous week. In need of serious relief, Jonny dialed her number.

“Hey, Carolina…are you busy tonight?”

“No,” he heard her smile. “Would you want to get a little kinky tonight?

“Sure,” Jonny had no idea what Carolina meant, but was down nonetheless.

“Can you be here in 30 minutes?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

After a quick shower, Jonny was on his way. When he reached her apartment, he knocked on the door with a tune. When she opened the door, he was taken aback by her sexy outfit. She wore a red and black corset, a black micro miniskirt, fishnet thigh-high stockings, and red shiny stilettos.

“Carolina, you look amazing!” he exclaimed.

“Why don’t you come in?” she purred with a smile.

Obediently, he entered her apartment and prepared to ravish her. However, as soon as he took a zealous step towards her, she backed away.

“Oh no…today will be a little different, Jonny. Get down on your knees!” she demanded fiercely.

Shocked, Jonny removed his jacket and got down, “I never knew you were into this kind of stuff,” he mumbled quietly.

“Silence!” she hissed. She turned around and took from the closet a metal collar and chain. Jonny stared at her lovely, exposed ass and felt himself grow hard.

“Take off all of your clothes,” she commanded.

“Okay,” while Jonny had never been in a submissive role before, he had to admit that being bossed around by a beautiful, scantily clad lady was turning him on. Once all his clothes were off, she placed the collar loosely round his neck.

“On all fours, now,” she directed. Once he obeyed, she linked the chain to the collar and led him into the bedroom.

“Get on the bed and lie on your stomach.”

Jonny did as he was told.

“That’s a good boy,” she praised. “I’ve been wanting to conquer you since I first laid eyes on you, boy. Today, you’ll call me Madame Rouge, got that?”

Confused, Jonny looked back, “What?”

She slapped his hairy ass full force.

“Ah!” he cried out.

“I said,” she repeated, “that you will call me Madame Rouge for the day. You are my male sex servant.”

“Yes, Madame Rouge,” he replied finally understanding.

“Good,” she climbed onto the bed and immediately spread his asscheeks. “Mmm, you look fucking delicious…”

Jonny laid still in disbelief. He’d been fingered once before by a girlfriend and loved it. However, she’d never done it again and he’d been too shy to ask. He sighed pleasurably when he felt Madame Rouge’s tongue begin to circle and probe his hole.

“You like that, slave?”

Jonny groaned in approval.

“I said, do you like that?” she repeated giving his fleshy, muscular ass another hard slap.

“Yes, Madame Rouge, I like it when you lick my asshole!” he cried out sheepishly.

“Yeah…?” she murmured as she picked up a bottle of lube from the night stand. “How about this?” she said drizzling lube onto his asshole. Before he could respond, she probed one of her long fingers into his tight, clean ass.

“Oh god…yes…yes, Madame Rouge” he moaned as her finger reached and began to massage his prostate gland.

“Mmm, I love fingering your nice man ass…get on your knees!”

Jonny obeyed. While keeping her finger in his ass, Madame Rouge laid down on her back and scooted between his legs until his hard cock dangled above her face. She freed her D cup tits from her corset and immediately took the head of his cock into her mouth.

“Yes, Madame Rouge…oh baby” he groaned taking one of her tits into his hand.

Moaning with wanton desire, she resumed fingering his ass and began to massage his balls. Soon, she was deepthroating his shaft with wet, choking sounds.

“Fuck yes, Madame!” he groaned as he began to thrust into her forcefully.

“Madame what, you nasty slave!” she shouted at him from below.

“Fuck yes, Madame Rouge!” he growled as his orgasm neared its peak.

Jacking him off with her hand, she caught his eye, “I want your fucking cum, boy, every drop!” Deliriously, she took his cock down her throat again.

The exquisite combination of her long finger up his ass, her hand massaging his balls and his cock down her slippery, wet throat began to drive him over the edge. Frenzied, he grabbed a handful of her hair and groaned gutterally as he came, pumping hot, white strands of fluid down her throat.

Groaning, she milked his cock greedily. When she licked him clean, she laid back panting and smiled.
“You taste so good…” she sighed.

“And you really know how to please…damn, baby.”

“Feel free to stop by whenever you want, I don’t have another business trip until next month” she grinned. She was a dream come true, Jonny thought. Sitting up, she freed him of his collar. They went back out to foyer where Jonny put on his clothes.

Carolina gave him a long, deep, kiss “See you soon, slave.”


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