A Visit With the Counselor

“Mr. Thurman…why do I have to be here? Like seriously, I’m not even crazy or anything.”

Isaac Thurman eyed his whiney patient across the desk, “Sydney, you know why you’re here. Your mother thinks it would be best you seek after school counseling, and I think so too.”

“Just because the fight with Jessie? That wasn’t even my fault, she’s been pestering me since middle school.”

Mr. Thurman sighed and took out a pad and pencil. “First, is everything okay at home? Any trouble with parents or siblings at all?”

Sydney looked away, “No, I’m perfectly fine.”

Sydney Quarnberg was indeed the resistant type. A challenging type Mr. Thurman had always found sexy. It also didn’t help that Sydney had just turned 18 and happened to be beautiful, with huge, innocent, green eyes, red lips, freckles and a mess of glossy black curls.

“How about your friends? Seems like you’ve been having some trouble with Jessie.”

Sydney looked back to him with an evil glint in her eye, “Yeah.”

“Okay, so tell me, why do you two girls not get along?”

“I fucked her boyfriend a long time ago, and have been fucking him since. When she finally found out, she went after me like mad…”

Mr. Thurman sighed, the thought of little Sydney already fucking boys at such a young age was bothersome. She must be a sexual girl. “And why would you sleep with her boyfriend?”

“Because we were always competing for the same guys. When she finally got the guy I wanted most, I decided to get her back by becoming his “on the side” fuck buddy. I only wanted him sexually anyways. I was planning on finally showing her all of our messages at graduation, but she found them earlier.”

“Do you have a boyfriend, Sydney?”

Sydney smiled, “Well, yes.”

“So…doesn’t it bother you to cheat on him?”

Sydney smiled a slow conniving grin, “I love sex. One boy is hardly enough to feed my appetite. Don’t you love sex, Mr. Thurman?”

Mr. Thurman felt his cock begin to grow hard; good thing he was behind a desk. What a slutty cunt she was. Of course he liked sex.

“Sydney, this is not about me, it’s about you. So explain to m-” he was immediately interrupted.

“Don’t you like a woman’s cunt? Because I love, love, love cock,” she exhumed, sitting forward.

Mr. Thurman stared at her in shock, “Sydney, we should really keep things on-topic.”

She suddenly stood from her chair, “I’m a slut, Mr. Thurman. It’s true, I love sex, I just can’t get enough of it! Every male I see is a walking cock that I want to fuck. Including you!” She raised her foot onto the desk revealing no panties beneath her mini skirt.

Mr. Thurman gasped at the sight. “Sydney…!” he admonished, looking away. His patient was losing it, yet, he didn’t really want her to stop.

“Look at my pussy, Mr. Thurman, look at it. Shaved and ready to fuck,” she slipped a finger inside herself, “I’m already so wet…!” she moaned as she began to fingerfuck herself.

Breathing heavily, Mr. Thurman guiltily watched the eighteen year old bombshell slip her fingers in and out of her impressively slick cunt. He wanted to look away but couldn’t find it in himself to do so.

“You know you like it, Mr. Thurman…and I know your dick is hard behind that desk! You’re an attractive man who likes sex, and I’m a pretty girl who likes sex, so let’s fuck!” She said deliriously as she fingered her pussy faster. While Mr. Thurman knew he’d be fired the second anyone found out, he’d let the situation turn so dire, the circumstance was simply so unique he couldn’t intervene.

“I-I can’t do it anymore, I need your cock…I need it now,” she whined breathlessly as she immediately withdrew from the desk and removed her top to expose a pair of round, small, breasts. She rounded the desk and dropped to her knees. “Let me see that cock, Mr. Thurman,” she snapped reaching for his belt.

Mr. Thurman shamefully swiveled in his chair to allow her better access.

“Oh, you are so horny, Mr. Thurman! You just can’t wait to fuck my little pussy, can you?” she exonerated upon seeing the confirmed tent in his pants.

He looked away as the salacious, wicked girl freed the buckle and unzipped his trousers. Mr. Thurman knew he was well beyond the point of return when the little nymph reached into his boxers and freed his steel member. God, her little hands felt so good on his cock.

breast play

“Mr. Thurman!” Sydney gasped at the sight, “You’re perfect, just perfect! You’ll fit in my little pussy like a hand in a glove!” she exclaimed as she began to plant kisses down his shaft. Abruptly, the naked girl jumped onto the chair into his lap.

“Suck my titties!” she demanded, shoving a small breast into his mouth.

Letting go of all previous restraints, Mr. Thurman savagely squeezed the girl’s buttocks and passionately began to suck her erect little nipples.

“Yeah…that’s more like it Mr. Thurman,” she cooed as she zealously ran her fingers through his hair.

Recklessly, Mr. Thurman stood and lifted the girl off of him to remove his trousers and boxers.

Excited, Sydney bent over the desk, “Oh, please fuck me, Mr. Thurman, my pussy wants it so bad!” she groaned impatiently.

“Yeah, baby? You want me to fuck that little pussy?” he said delivering a harsh slap to her buttocks.

“Yes, oh god yes! Make me your little bitch!

He roughly slapped her naughty ass thrice more before finally guiding his cock to her wet pussy. Slowly pushing inside her tight, wet, canal, he grunted in carnal satisfaction.

“Oh, yes…” Sydney seethed in immense pleasure.

Sensing that Sydney was the type of girl who preferred rough sex, Mr. Thurman tightly grasped her hips and immediately began pummeling her slick cunt.

“Oh, god! Yes, like that, fuck me like that!” she wailed, arching her back upwards.

As Mr. Thurman stared mesmerized by her gorgeous, jiggling, gelatinous ass, he felt a dynamic climax unlike any other begin to near its peak.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Sydney boiled, “Fuck, fuck…Ohhhhh!” she moaned in orgasmic euphoria.

Mr. Thurman gasped as the girl’s pussy squeezed and clenched around his cock. Thrown overboard himself, he squeezed her buttocks and groaned as his jizz filled her sweet cunt.

Exhausted and sweating, he gave her ass one more stinging slap before stepping back to affix his clothes.
Sydney looked back at him from the desk in awe, “My god, Mr. Thurman, you really know how to fuck.”

“Thanks, Sydney. So do you,” he said, not meeting her gaze.

She was undoubtedly an excellent companion, but he needed time to organize his new found feelings of accomplishment, shame, pride, and perversion.

Sydney stood up and began to refasten her clothes. She picked up her backpack and came back behind the desk. “Thanks, today was nice,” she murmured, planting a red lipstick kiss on his cheek. She sauntered back to the door and opened it, “See you next Friday!” she called, closing the door behind her.

Mr. Thurman sat back in his chair evaluating the flawed appointment. It was undoubtedly the best he’d ever had. He knew it was a bad idea to get sexually involved with a student, but he honestly couldn’t deny amazing weekly sex with a young, lithe, nympho like her. Grateful for the soundproof quality of the counseling rooms, he sprayed a bit of air freshener, rearranged his desk and welcomed in his next student.


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