Dating Haiku: relationship poetry just for you

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When her eyes meet mine,
the stars shine brighter and the
ocean churns harder

Coming home from work,
to find that who I support
is worth all the sweat.

I dont care who sees
when we are somewhere public,
the world knows you’re mine.

Her fingers on my
shoulders after a hard day
make it easier.

He knows that I can’t
always control my feelings,
but he makes it work.

Even though I am broke,
she is with me, just for me.
Compassion beats cash.

With one glance she can
make or break me, wall to dust.
Intimacy counts.

I love when she texts
and asks how work is going
when I work late nights.

The comfort of someone
who cares about you for you
just cant be compared.

The park livens, and
we walk slow along the trail,
it’s the little things.

Sometimes I get up
early, cook for her just so
I can see that smile.

She knows me so well
that sometimes we talk, and yet
we dont speak aloud.

It’s hard to open
up to someone new after
being hurt, dont quit.

Trust is fickle, it can
be built for years and shattered
in a mere instant.

Her voice alone can
lead me right to her, distinct
even among crowds.

Her trust gives me strength
to keep my word and support
my family dream.

Our words together
mix like paint, forming our own
color, just for us.

Waking up to hair
and the familiar smell
of a night well spent.

When we meet somewhere
and both come early so the
other wont wait long.

I think the most of
her when she shows that it’s more
than just a night out.

Every moment
carved into my mind, I won’t
forget one second.


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