I got a happy ending massage, and my girlfriend PAID for it!

Here’s my TRUE (mostly) story of a wickedly scrumptious happy ending massage, bought and paid for by my latest love interest. Yeah, she’s pretty damn awesome 🙂 To keep her anonymous, I’ll refer to her as “K.”

How I met K

I met the girl who would become my new girlfriend at a local pub one night while helping a friend commiserate his recent divorce. She was the bartender and, I know that everyone says it doesn’t happen, but I caught her eye and she caught my eye.

By the end of the night (after a series of tequila shots to freedom, as well as a series of over-exaggerated shrugs and winks), she wrote her number on my tab. I waited a day or two to text her, which she responded to almost immediately. We met later that day for a quick bite before her shift.

The sex was switched on

Skip ahead two weeks, past some absolutely mind-blowing sex. You know, the kind that comes at the beginning of every relationship when just about nothing is off the table. I’d spent more nights than not at her place, and there were no signs of slowing down. K was always up just a little bit before me even though she worked nights, sucking my cock to wake me up. I’d blow my load. She’d swallow. I’d take a shower and head to work. It was heaven, basically.

The envelope: here’s a happy ending massage…

After two weeks or so, K bluntly suggested I go for a massage with happy ending. Wait…what???

Your shoulders are always so tight, she said. You could use the relaxation, it’ll make you feel like a new man.

I reminded her that I was basically running dry with how many times a day she made me cum, but she just smiled and handed me a little envelope. She told me she had to head back to Chicago for a few days for a family event and she didn’t want me to get too stressed out while she was gone. In the envelope, there was a note saying she’d signed me up for a “special “massage and a business card of an Oriental massage parlor in our city.

She had to go to work, but she playfully grabbed my cock and tugged it before leaving me there with the envelope, and something to do the day after next. Damn, I knew she was hot stuff, but this was off the charts.

Hear, hear…

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The event

Two days later, I took an Uber downtown and pulled up the address she gave me on my phone. Fifteen minutes later I was there. I got to the right street, but because I was distracted, I actually walked right by the massage parlor at first. On my second time around, I saw the place I was looking for. It looked like it could’ve been any sort of place, if it weren’t for the words “Oriental Massage” written across one window and “Full Body Relaxation” written across the other window.

I went inside and was met by a happy looking Japanese woman wearing a kimono. The lights were low, and there were candles that smelled like sandalwood on what seemed to be the front desk. The candlelight caught on a pendant that hung between her breasts, which strained at the kimono. At this point, I was aroused.


She seemed to know who I was and, without saying a word, led me down a hallway as dim as the main room. Somewhere, soft music played. The only other thing I could hear was the soft clicking of her heels on the hardwood floor.

She didn’t say a word as we walked, so I stayed silent as well. We passed three or four doors, all closed, quiet behind them. As we walked, she kept her hand lightly on my shoulder. She touched me the entire time, and I soon felt a tug in my jeans as this mysterious stranger escorted me back.

She stopped in front of a door just like the rest, opened it, and gestured for me to walk in. There was a large massage table in the center of the room, as well as a rolling cart that looked to have massage oil on it. There was a chair and a lamp on a small stand in the corner. The music was a little louder in here and it smelled strongly of coconut oil.

The woman gestured for me to take my clothes off, by sliding the shoulders of her kimono off before sliding it back up. I wished she would’ve kept going, but it seemed just as quickly as she did it, she was backing out of the door. I stripped down and folded my clothes before putting them on the chair. I got up onto the massage table, which seemed to have a warmer in it, and lay on my stomach. A few minutes later, there was a soft knock at the door and the smiling masseuse came back in.

She started at my feet. I have to admit, I’ve had massages before and they were all good, but this was something else entirely. Even though her hands were pretty small—I usually look for the Nordic girls who have bigger hands and stronger muscles when I get massages—there was something fierce about them.

She knew all the right points as she worked her way up my legs, slowly and methodically. I started to relax more as she worked on my thighs and ass, moving the blanket aside to keep the half she wasn’t working on warm. More than once as she massaged the inside of my thigh, I could feel the warmth of her hand near my cock—I was never so happy to be laying on my stomach.

Even if you’ve never had a massage before, you’ve got to know it’s bad form to pitch a tent in the middle of a session.

After she finished with my legs, she moved the blanket off my back and started really digging into the muscles in my lower back. She was standing in front of my shoulders as she worked and so she needed to lean over me to get to my lower back.

She was at least six inches shorter than I was, so when she leaned I could feel the silk of her kimono rub against the top of my back. As she worked, she moved back and forth and no shit, I could feel her nipples getting hard.

I’d begun to relax, but now my mind was running a thousand miles a minute, thinking about what her tits looked like. I imagined her perfect nipples rubbing against my back and I could feel myself getting hard. She finished my back and moved on to my arms and neck and I started to relax again.

I guess I had drifted off a little bit, because the next thing I knew, I felt the fierce handed masseuse tapping me on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She smiled and motioned for me to flip over. So after she lifted the blanket for me, I rolled over. She went back to my shoulders next and slowly worked her way down my arms.

When she finished the arms, she moved to the bottom half of the table and moved the blanket off my legs completely. I kept my eyes closed and heard her squirt a little bit more oil into her hands before rubbing them together.

The happy ending

The next thing I know, I felt her hand wrap around my semi-hard cock. I’d stayed somewhat aroused through the rest of my back massage, so there was enough there for her to wrap her little hand around. I involuntarily let out a moan as she began to stroke me, slowly, as I grew in her hand.

After a minute or two, she began to fondle my balls with her other hand, all the while still pumping me—faster now, though. She moved her hand in what seemed like a figure eight motion around my cock as she moved and I moaned again. At one point, I bucked my hips a little and she firmly pushed them back down. I realized I wasn’t the one in charge here and that was A-Okay with me at this point.

I opened my eyes shortly after that to see my masseuse staring at my cock as she worked it. Her kimono has slipped open and I saw her eraser-sized, perfect nipples moving in sync with her arm. The thought of taking one of her tits into my mouth was too much for me and I began to cum, shooting rope after rope into the air. She kept pumping my cock until after I finally stopped.

I’d cum more than I’d been used to in the past few weeks with K, but the woman didn’t seem to mind. She let go of my rapidly-deflating cock and took a warm towel from the table to wipe me off. She spent the next few minutes cleaning me up, before finishing the massage.When she was done, she whispered a thank you, and exited the room, leaving me to put my clothes back on.

When I walked out, she was nowhere to be seen, so I left her a tip on the front counter and walked back out into the sunshine. With an ear to ear grin.

All the way home, I contemplated how I would describe all this to K. Would she ask me about my experience? Will she ask if it was money well spent? Or would she just let be and not ask any questions at all?

Hmmm…the answers to those questions will have to wait for the next post 🙂

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