Japan’s lifelike silicone sex companions will blow your mind

There is nothing quite like an expertly crafted roll of Japanese sushi. A sushi chef, wielding a keen knife and muscular fingers, manipulates the ingredients until the final product is a heavenly bite.

Sushi might be the one thing that the Japanese do best, that is of course, unless you are a connoisseur of love dolls.




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Japan doesn’t think of realistic love dolls as mere objects of inanimate pleasure. Rather, they refer to them as pieces of fine art and take care to produce the most lifelike ones possible.

Orient Industries is one company at the cutting edge of what the Japanese call the ‘Dutch Wife’ business. The company claims their dolls are so advanced that they can replace your girlfriend altogether.

Among the customizable attributes that Orient offers are 10 different heads, 35 hair styles, varying busts, hair colors and eyes. Of their ultra-personalized “artwork” Orient says, “We feel we have finally got something that is arguably not distinguishable from the real thing.

Indeed, the skin feels real, the eyes blink and the joints move and for only £1,000 one of these Japanese masterpieces can be yours. Included with the doll are outfits to suit any fantasy, from nurse uniforms, to maids, to sexy schoolgirl outfits.

The Japanese love dolls sound like the perfect mate, yet, one question still remains. Can she make a good roll of sushi? That would be the ultimate technological advancement for a love doll.


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