RealDoll or RealPerson?

Ever seen the Academy Award-winning film Her?

In the film, a man falls in love with his personal computer program that has a female voice. Although, his feelings are understandable because the voice is that of Scarlett Johansson, the relationship is not perfect. In fact, a serious point of tension in the film is the lack of a physical relationship between the two lovers.

Here comes RealDoll

Well, leave it to RealDoll, the world’s sex doll industry leader, to come up with a solution. RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen announced a new project in June 2015 called Realbotix. The purpose of Realbotix is to create the first artificially intelligent piece of rubber that specializes in sexual encounters.

To see out the vision, McMullen contracted a team of engineers from Hanson Robotics to head the project to design a computer program that will allow his sex dolls to speak, move, and react to commands. Of course, the team is also working on a more life-like head, with a movable mouth and blinking eyes, to satisfy even the most detail-oriented sex doll user.

Since 1996, RealDoll has been selling their pleasurable products but so far the dolls have been trapped in silent servitude, but that will soon change if the Robotix experiment is successful. RealDoll doesn’t think their customers should have to settle for a sexy voice or a hunk of silicone. They imagine a future in which anyone can purchase both and avoid the relationship complications that arose in Her.

I wonder if they’ll make a Scarlett Johansson replica…

If you haven’t seen the movie…

Here’s a trailer. It’s an excellent film!

YouTube video

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