Married to synthetic women: the story of Davecat

Davecat, a nickname he acquired from playing video games, is a 41 year old gentleman from Detroit, Michigan who has shunned traditional relationships with women. He channels his love and romantic affections into his life like sex dolls.

He favors these plastic dolls over organic women because they will never cheat on him or end their relationship with him. Also, they never row or get into arguments. That’s certainly one big bonus versus a traditional relationship!

He currently owns 3 love dolls, each with their own Twitter accounts:

Davecat also has a blog: Some interesting reading, to say the least.


sidore kuroneko
Sidore Kuroneko


elena vostrikova
Elena Vostrikova


muriel noonan
Muriel Noonan


He married the first doll, Sidore, and has the others as companions to keep each other company while he’s away at work. They all live together in harmony in his one bedroom apartment.

There’s also a back story to how he “met” Sidore. They met at a goth club in 2000, so he says. The reality is, he saved up for over a year and a half to purchase her online from Abyss Creations. The cost? Around $6,000.

She’s actually a RealDoll, with an extremely life like silicone skin that’s soft, supple and feels very similar to the real thing. She’s anatomically correct, and from a distance, it would be hard to tell whether she’s real or fake.

Davecat is part of a small, but growing community of techies called iDollators. These folks get together on a regular basis to discuss their ups and downs with their synthetic lovers. They all have one thing in common: they are attracted to these robots and feel they can have meaningful relationships with them.

Love dolls are, for all intents and purposes, designed for sex. However, the iDollators believe they are much more than that. For them, these dolls represent companionship, or even life long partners.

Davecat considers these dolls his brides, even though they can’t be legally married. They even have matching wedding rings that say “Synthetik love lasts forever” and treats them just like a woman in a traditional relationship.

Since picking up Sidore, he has acquired 2 more dolls.

The next one was Elena Vostrokova. He bought her in 2012. They “met”, according to him, at Guys and Dolls and moved to Russia together.

His latest doll is Muriel Noonan, which he purchased from a Latvian company called Textile Doll in March of 2014.

This odd mingling of humans and cyborgs is definitely unique. Sort of bizarre, actually. But as I have said before, it’s perfectly OK for guys to use sex toys and enjoy their bodies however they see fit.

They sound like one big happy family! I wish Davecat all the best in his future non-traditional endeavors.


Here’s an excerpt from a TLC program

This is a clip from the show My Strange Addiction, that features Davecat and his unique relationship.



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