A Prostate Exam with the Naughty Nurse

He pulled his car up to the clinic entrance and sat for a while, his feelings mixed. It was his first prostate exam and while he was experiencing the usual qualms of apprehension, there was a very faint thrill of anticipation and excitement as well.

He took a deep breath and reached for the handle. Out of nowhere a red Mazda MX zipped into the space beside him music blaring; the driver turned the engine and stereo off and opened the door. One stiletto heel emerged, showing a tanned, toned shapely ankle and placed itself gently on the asphalt. Another sexy foot appeared and then she stood. There, framed by the sun rays behind her, appeared the hottest woman he had ever seen.

His eyes traveled up the long smooth brown legs to her short, barely there, white uniform. The hem only just covering the plumpest, juiciest, peach shaped ass. Above that a tiny waist giving away to the swell of her breasts, long dark hair tousled down her back.

She picked her bag off the seat and locked her door, then swung around to catch his eye as she headed into the clinic. Her full lips quirked into a smile and she raised a dark eyebrow at him.

‘Hello honey’, she purred.

Dropping her bag to the ground and with a quick glance around the car park, she grasped the edge of her uniform. She slowly lifted the hem, giving him a tantalizing glimpse of the damp dark curls beneath. His breath stilled, she let out a laugh and dropped her hem, picked up her things then walked into the building.

Not entirely sure he wasn’t hallucinating he quickly got out of the car and followed her. Once inside she was nowhere to be seen. Shaking his head he walked to the receptionist and confirmed his appointment.

In the waiting room he took his seat heavily closing his eyes imaging that firm plush ass and how hot her skin would be there. He could just imagine his cool hand gliding across its curves curling deeply into the depths of her. After a number of very pleasant and dirty imaginings, he was eventually called in to the doctor’s office. His doctor was a non-descript plump middle aged woman. She very tactfully ignored the throbbing erection he was trying and failing to conceal behind his jacket. After a few routine questions and a blood pressure test which came back significantly more elevated than normal he began to calm down and tried to dismiss the whole event.

The doctor swung around in her chair, eyeballed him and asked him straightforwardly if he was ready for his prostate exam. He gulped, stiffened his spine and said yes. She asked him to step behind a screen, drop his trousers and bend over the bed. As he followed her instructions he heard the sound of a beeper going off.

‘Damn’ he heard her say, ‘I’ve just been called to an emergency…. I have to go, would you be alright if I let the nurse finish the exam? They are very experienced!’

‘No problem’, he replied, he just wanted to get his over and done with. That way he could go home and think about the hot woman as he stroked his hard aching cock.

The doctor left and he heard the sound of the nurse entering the room not long after. He heard the rubbery snap as she put on rubber gloves. Then the wet sound of lubricant being squeezed from a tube.

A sultry feminine voice spoke out, ‘Are you ready for your exam sir?’

He caught his breath and his erection was again instantly hard. There was only one voice he had ever heard with those sexual and smooth tones. She pulled back the curtain and displayed the same quirky full smile as she had outside. Now she had pulled her hair into a professional bun but there was no disguising her round ass and long legs.
He looked her up and down and squeaked out a yes.

‘Ok, spread your legs’ she twinkled, and he turned his head to the wall and did what she asked.

Very gently she inserted two fingers, his anus instinctively clenched at the intrusion. But she slipped her fingers back and forth until he relaxed. She felt his prostate slowly, massaged it and he felt pleasurable sensations beginning to shoot through his lower body. He could feel her hot breath on his back and her hand resting lightly on his skin; it was almost more than he could bear. Slowly, incredibly, like a dream he felt her other hand move and come from behind to gently cup his throbbing balls.

She withdrew her fingers and he turned to look at her. Her face was flushed and her hair loosening from its bun, her lips parted and glistening.

She sank to her knees and looked up to him with a question in her eyes while peeling off her gloves. He reached to her hair and freed it from its bun. As he gripped her dark silky tresses in his fist, he nodded, and she bent her head to his twitching swollen cock.

Her pink mouth closed on him and buried deep straight away, in and out. He could feel the back of her throat. In and out, up and down her hot mouth and tongue slipped along wetly in a strong building rhythm.

Sight left him. In the distance he heard the faint sounds of the clinic bustling, but the centre of his world was focused below. On this woman and what she was doing.

In no time at all he was ready to cum. He could feel her smiling as she brought him closer and closer, going deeper and deeper. He could neither see, nor hear, nor think and at the last minute she pulled back watching his face as the sensation subsided. Then like a lady, she delicately licked the tip of his cock around and around in circles and he stilled.

Suddenly she engulfed his cock into her mouth. A sweet. torturous cycle of bring him to the brink and back over and over until he was out of his mind and delirious in sensation.

Just as he thought he could take no more spun him around and bent him over the bed, powerless to resist he lay as she crouched between his legs. Inhaling the scent of him she murmured, ‘Mmmm, yummy…’ and pressed her tongue to his asshole.

He had never experienced this before; the feelings that radiated throughout his body were intense and unknown to him. She began to move her tongue in circles causing jolts in his legs and then in and out causing him to feel he was a marionette on a string, his pleasure controlled by a single string.

As his knees began to buckle she reached through his legs, gave his cock one strong stroke and his world exploded and liquefied. She moved quickly around and caught his cum in her mouth; it bubbled over her lips and spilled down the v of her uniform. The last thing he heard was her voice, hoarse from sucking his cock, ‘Didn’t want to miss that…’

Many, many minutes later he came awake lying on the floor of the exam room. She was standing and tucking her hair primly back into its bun.

‘I’d say you passed that exam with flying colors’, she said, ‘We’ll see you in 4 years’, and then she disappeared out the door with a wink.

He stood shell shocked, and then a slow smile spread across his face. ‘4 years?’ he thought.

He adjusted his clothes and walked unsteadily to the reception pulling out his diary ready to make his next appointment.


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