Money Can’t Buy You Love But it Surely Helps

In the wildly popular Beatles song, Can’t Buy Me Love, George, Paul, John, and Ringo passionately belt out a tune imploring women not to be obsessed with money. It would be easier to row a boat up Niagra Falls than to make this a reality. “Tell me that you want the kind of things that money just can’t buy.” Go the loud lyrics. The truth is, young men are sold on romance more than young women seem to be.

What confuses most guys who get into a serious relationship is that the love that was once so important to the lady suddenly fades as soon as the fun cannot be paid for. Eloping and shacking up loses its shine after awhile. This confounds the man, and makes the woman frigid. Tension ensues, and each feels betrayed. Why? You said you loved me, baby!

According to a recent study by, women measure financial responsibility and sexual intimacy equally when choosing a long-term partner. At what point that “choosing” takes place is a mystery that is as vast as womanhood itself. Don’t lose hope, and think that the world is a cruel, cold, and nasty place just because chicks dig cash.


can money buy love


Men start to wonder, why would a woman waste a man’s time if all she wants is some children and a steady income? Why all the courting, the romance, and the regal rigmarole? Why not just go down to the local sperm bank and select a reasonable donor from a data sheet? The answer is simple, really. Women are not that different from us; but there are some key gaps that are hardwired into them from long ago.

Women are activated. They have buttons that need to be pushed, in a specific sequence, to rev up the wonderful and complex mental machine that they are. Once you find that secret code, then the cornucopia of goodness overflows, the piñata cracks open, and you get full access to her mind, her love, and all of her emotional support. Do the wrong things, and she becomes like a sullen, hateful little girl. This is not sexist, it is just the way women are wired.

Where it all began is with the hunter. As a people, men became providers. They were fighters, and warriors, and they battled to bring home the bacon. The women made the babies, and life went on in a nice little cycle. As modern society evolved, less emphasis on the man’s manliness occurred, and women sought equal rights. Feminism and women’s liberation came about, and suddenly there was a war between the sexes. It has simmered down a little recently with men “getting it’ and being more politically correct and sensitive toward women; but rest assured, the tension is still there just beneath the surface.


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In comes money; and sure, women can get their own now. But they like the company of men. You ask yourself, then why don’t they want to be equal breadwinners when the knot is tied for all times, for better or for worse? The truth goes back to their wiring. You have not signed a contract on paper, you have signed the eternal agreement between male and female going back to the Garden of Eden, or to the caveman days. You have promised to be the Man. That carries a lot of weight. Sure, it knocks the wind out of you and makes you think twice about all those romantic movies you have seen; but that’s your problem, pal. At least that’s what she thinks.

So, why then do women become so empowered by divorce? Why do they wait until they have taken the kids away because you are a financial failure to suddenly become super mom and start earning more than you? Why do they act insulted and treat you like a loser, along with all your folks and in-laws who jump on the bandwagon? It is because of a little thing called the Man Card.

You will carry it your entire life. It is a heavy burden, a cold shoulder, and a kick in the pants. It is waiting for you everywhere. And this is the bear that the caveman used to fight off at the mouth of the cave with the torch that he lit from the fire that he built by chasing down a lightning-struck tree. You are the man, and always will be; and your money is your big stick. Well, besides your other big stick. So, wield it well. Guard it, protect it, grow it, and show it to your woman you love. It’s what turns her on.


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