5 Terrible Pieces of Advice on Love and Dating

It’s not you. It’s the advice!


Love and relationships, we all want them in our life, and will drive ourselves absolutely bonkers trying to get them. First dates, blind dates, single bars, and a whole host of set ups by your mom can be enough to make you want to throw your hands up, and spend the rest of your life in your sweatpants. On top of all the woes of single life, you also have to deal with dreaded bad dating advice. Below is a list of some of the worst “pearls of wisdom” around.


If You Give the Milk For Free, They Won’t Buy the Cow

Well as much as any person likes being compared to livestock, and receiving advice based off a bad metaphor, it’s just not sound advice. Of course if you are uncomfortable you should wait, man or woman, but if the mood is right, then go for it. Puritanical ideas just do not work in the modern world, and besides, maybe keeping a mindset of a group so uptight that the British kicked them out isn’t the way to go. Bottom line, it’s about the individuals, but there are plenty of examples of happy couples who had sex their first time out.


If You Like Them, You Can’t Let Them Know

Playing hard to get is one of the most overused pieces of advice out there, and it is just plain ridiculous. Men acting like asses and aloof, and women acting like stuck up princesses, may not be as sexy as you think. When did it become a bad thing to let another person know you like them? If you use this a lot, then you cannot be surprised when you do not secure a date. People generally only want to date people who act like they are interested.


You Are Too Picky, Lower Your Standards

Well excuse the heck out of us for not wanting to settle for anyone that happens to stumble into our lives. Not everyone is so desperate to be with someone that they are willing to compromise standards. With that being said, make sure your standards are healthy and reasonable, jumping ship because of some completely superficial flaw says more about you than the other way around. Be proud to have standards of character, and never settle for less than you deserve.


Love Finds Those Who Stop Looking for it

Really? Because when I stop looking for my keys, they don’t magically appear in my hand. It is possible that this advice is meant for those with a cloud of desperation around them, but it is said a lot more than needed. For some, a great relationship does come when they never expected it, but simple logic that suggests you are much more likely to meet someone when you get off the couch. Put down the Cheetos, and turn off Hulu, and get out in the world.


Go With Your Heart

This always sounds like such warm and fuzzy advice, doesn’t it? Emotions are a powerful force, and they can be a good indicator that chemistry is there, but they can also blind you to some harsh realities. Lust and infatuation make for a great roll in the hay, but if they keep you from seeing some red flags with your partner then you are in for a world of heartache. Enjoy the fun parts of love and dating, but keep your wits about you. Then you will always be ready if the person you’re with sheds their human form.


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