6 Underrated Masturbation Techniques That Feel Amazing!

Odds are that you’ve probably already established your own strategies for getting yourself off that suit your personal needs. But I’m here to walk you through some new techniques for you to try out or experiment with in your precious alone time.

After all, having sex with yourself is bound to get boring after a while if you always stick to the same routine. I’ve compiled all my best techniques from years of experience and it’s my pleasure to bring this knowledge to you!

#1 Use Your Left/Off Hand

This may seem like a bizarre way of spicing up your alone time but it can be a simple, yet effective way of getting a different kind of gratification if you’re an avid masturbator.

It’s almost like a mysterious stranger pulling you off… after becoming so accustomed to using your right hand, it’s a surprisingly enjoyable way of roleplaying. I like using this strategy while roleplaying in my head, rather than watching porn or looking at naughty photos. Sometimes I’ll turn off the lights use my imagination to pretend my left hand is a sneaky sex fairy getting me off in the night….

#2 Use a Sock!

Again, this sounds like another strange method considering socks are usually just used for cleanup or as something to blow your load into… which is usually the source of dubious smells coming from a man’s room.

But what if you could use a sock for a higher masturbation purpose?!

A sock can be used to easily make a makeshift Fleshlight simply by inserting a latex glove into the sock, folding the open end over the outside of the sock and squirting in some of your preferred brand of lube! After these steps, your socks should be a full blown sex toy ready to help you bring your jerk off session to the next level!

Shoutout to TugBro for this ingenious idea!

#3 Try New Positions

Men have a tendency to masturbate in the same position over and over……

I mean it makes sense if you think about it, if it works, then why change it? This may sound like an obvious strategy but after jerking it in the same position over and over, it can be a huge turn on to try a different angle. If you like to masurbate while sitting down, try standing up or laying down. The goal is to make your sessions more unique and dynamic, this way you can keep it from becoming boring or stale. Try a new angle every time!

Another benefit is that by diversifying your angles, it may help you become more confident in trying new sexual positions with your partner in the future.

#4 Use a Sex Toy

Now that the stigma behind male sex toys is gone, we’re now seeing huge innovation in the male sex toy industry! There are entirely new ways to get yourself off with these new toys and you no longer have to feel guilty about using them

The Fleshlight is the perfect example, what could be better than holding an exact vagina replica in the palm of your hands?! The new line of Fleshlight Girls mimic the orifices of real life adult actresses, which opens up whole new avenues for roleplay and fantasizing. You can now get the next best thing to being with a real pornstar! In addition, there are now interactive toys like the Fleshlight Launch that can push your enjoyment to the next level, you can even sync up a VR headset with videos to get the full pornstar simulation experience!

aneros helix syn

The recent surge of prostate massagers and anal toys deserve to be mentioned as well. Now that we have companies like Kiiroo and Lovense who are changing the way we view these anal toys with advanced teledildonics and new innovations coming sooner than we ever could’ve hoped for!

#5 Edge/Tease Yourself

You’ve probably heard of edging as a way of spicing up bedroom activities with your partner. For the uninitiated, edging is when you bring yourself right to the edge of climaxing then stop completely.

It should come as no surprise that this can be an excellent way of improving your solo-time as well! It may feel a bit frustrating at first but if you have enough restraint to stop yourself, you’ll be very pleased with the results.

It’s usually best to try this after not masturbating for a few days, that way you’ll reach the edge much quicker and makes for a much more enjoyable orgasm. I like to watch one of my favorite adult videos and once I can feel myself starting to blow… I go get a drink or do a quick workout, doing this makes the anticipation grow even more as my testosterone flows through my veins!

After repeating this process once or twice, you can finally blow that load you’ve been saving up for and trust me… it’ll be well worth the wait.

#6 Explore Your Body

Unfortunately, so many men tend to stick to the status quo when it comes to self-stimulation.

It’s a tragedy that most men will go their whole lives without sexually exploring the rest of their body. Usually this is due to feelings of embarrassment or just not being open to stimulating the more forbidden parts of your body.

As bizarre as it may sound, fooling around with the other sensual parts of your body like your nipples, prostate, testicles or even your rectum can add a whole new aspect to your sessions and leave you feeling more satisfying than ever before.

Check out my prostate play article for even more info on how to maximize the way you play around with your body during masturbation

Final Thoughts

It was pretty liberating for me to break down all the different ways you can make your sessions more dynamic. I sincerely hope that readers will give some of these techniques a try, you may find yourself never settling for the status quo ever again!


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