Dating tips for guys: 5 first date turn offs for girls

If you’re going on a first date with a woman, nerves can sometimes get in the way which can lead to making one of these mistakes that will quickly turn off your date and could lead to an early end to the night. In a previous article, I covered 5 great first date turn ons. So, when you’re on a first date, make sure you don’t do any of these five turn offs.


1. Talking Too Much

Women love to talk and while they would like to learn more about you, be careful that you are not dominating the conversation. Allow your date to talk as much as or even more than you. More than that, make sure you are actually listening to what she as saying, as another huge turn off for women in general is men who don’t listen to them.


2. Talking Too Little

It’s important not to take it to the other extreme, either. A conversation should involve two people, and if she feels like you aren’t contributing, it’s a definite turn off. If you are nervous, try not to just clam up. Plan several topics in advance that you can talk about that you can bring up if there’s a lull in the conversation. Pick topics that are interesting and that you know about to avoid talking about the new shoes you bought for an hour.


3. Coming on Too Strong

If your intention is to pursue any type of long term relationship with the girl you’re with, make sure you don’t come on too strong. For women, the purpose of a first date is usually to get to know someone better and decide if they want a second date. That means that assuming you’re getting anything out of the date other than a wonderful evening of conversation is a big turn off.


4. Being Rude

This is another turn off that applies to women in general, not just the first date. When a guy is rude to anyone around them including wait staff at restaurants or other patrons at the movie theater, a woman sees that and assumes that the rudeness is a more accurate reflection of the guy she’s with. She knows that you’re trying to impress her, but when you’re rude to other people, it’s a turn off.


5. Sloppy Appearance

You don’t have to show up to your first date in a 3-piece tuxedo with a perfectly matched tie and freshly-shined shoes. However, you should dress for the occasion. If you are going to a casual event, dress casually but be sure that your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free, and that you have showered within the last couple of days. Men that don’t take care of themselves is a big turn off for women.



By avoiding these turn offs on the first date, you can be well on your way to securing a second date and beyond. Also keep in mind that all of these apply to future dates and relationships as well, so don’t toss them all out the window when you get to date number 7.

Gals with an eye open for boyfriend material will likely pass on a second date if this is how you act on the first.  But what if you’re a guy with a lot of money? Could you bend or break these rules successfuly?  Find out by reading Money can’t buy you love, but it certainly helps.



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