Dating Advice from a woman: Tips for the Introverted, Quiet Guy

Introverted men are often extremely shy around women, but that’s only because they don’t understand the power they really have. You don’t have to be the outgoing, gregarious guy to get all the ladies. In fact, with the right kind of suave, the quiet guy in the back the classroom could just be the object of every girl’s fantasy.

There’s something alluring and sexy about the guy who keeps to himself. A girl never knows what he’s thinking, nor does she fully understand how he feels about her. Women may see this attractive quiet guy as a challenge and want to crack open his shell.

The introverted men of the world need not worry. They don’t need to become the obnoxious, loud and overly-present socializer to attract attention. They just need to tweak their own quiet attitude so it screams “tall, dark and mysterious” rather than “nervous” or “creepy”.

Take it from a girl who dates one of the quietest guys she’s ever met (and is crazy about him).


#1 – Flirt, but do it subtly

Quiet men do best not to change their personality when they want to flirt. Rather than trying to turn into a social butterfly when interested in a girl, an introverted guy should find a sly way to approach a woman and leave her wondering how he really feels about her when the conversation is done. Perhaps employ a few pleasant, cool facial expressions. Hold a door open or offer a favor, but don’t make it too obvious. Is he just being friendly, or is he into me? The mystery will drive women crazy.


#2 – Only when he scores a date, he should begin to open up

If he keeps the quiet, mysterious approach up for too long, she may lose interest. Mysterious has its charm, but when the two have been hanging out, texting or talking, he doesn’t want to push her away by not revealing himself at all. The introverted guy should start to open up when it’s clear he’s gained her interest. That doesn’t mean he has to open up to everyone around him, just her.


#3 – In social settings, make sure you’re seen as “quiet, but cool”

My boyfriend will almost not speak when I introduce him to new people. He stays in his own head, present yet not engaged. However, he does keep up with the conversation around him. Every once in awhile, he’ll chime in with something hilarious, witty or overly sarcastic. People always say he doesn’t say much, but when he does, people notice.

An introverted guy doesn’t always need to have something to say. But when he’s hanging around other people with the girl he desires, he should try to find a way to engage with the people around him. It makes a guy seem less socially awkward and more…too cool to be interested.


**Thanks to my wonderful friend Caty for contributing this article. You rock, girl!


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