Want more sex from your girlfriend? Perspectives from a guy on being a world class boyfriend

This “charm guide” is appropriate for ANY guy who wants to make the most of their relationship with that special woman in their lives.  Here are some fabulous reasons to read through this list

  • It’s perfect for late bloomers just entering the dating scene, and needing a few pointers
  • Great for those who have been in a relationship for a number of years, and need to brush up on those “love skills”
  • Married for 20 years?  That’s ok too.  Sometimes we forget those little things that brought you together in the first place.

If you’re a late bloomer like I was, finding your first girlfriend can be both nerve wracking AND blissful at the same time. That sexy chickadee you met at your local Starbucks while having coffee has become a focal point in your life. You want to treat her right, RIGHT?

If you’re clueless about girls and their needs, or even if you just want some pointers to be a better boyfriend, here are a few tips to help you on your journey. I’ve been in a relationship with an astonishingly sexy, smart and beautiful woman for a couple of years now; but it never hurts to brush up on our skills. There are always things we can do better.


If she wants to talk, LISTEN to her

Yeah, this one sounds really basic, but it’s a fundamental and crucial skill that you need to know.  If you don’t know it, learn quick, or she’ll be out the door.

If you’re not a great conversationalist, that’s OK.  What’s important is that you LISTEN and SYMPATHIZE with her.  As guys, we’re wired to be fixers and problem solvers.  Our first instinct is to fix the problem and move on.  It’s quite different for women.  Females often need to work through and sort out their feelings first.  She may not be looking for all the answers, or a quick fix.  The best thing you can do is listen.  Don’t offer suggestions or advice unless she asks for them.


When you argue, ask yourself this…

Do I HAVE to be right?  Usually, the answer to this question is NO!  You don’t need to always be right.  This is one of the lessons I had to learn after far too many years of trying to win arguments and always be “in the know.”

Ask yourself this question:  what’s more important to me right now, being right or staying in this relationship?

Neither answer is necessarily right or wrong.  However, if your relationship is more important, then you’re on the right path.  Loving someone and being in a relationship with that person has nothing to do with being right and wrong.  It’s about empathy, sympathy and understanding.  Help her.  Don’t always try to prove her wrong.


You’re still an individual.  Be true to yourself!

Never, and I mean NEVER neglect your friends, your hobbies or your passions in life.  Despite sharing your life with that special woman, it’s important to be your own man.  A good woman won’t expect you to drop all those wonderful things that make you the man you are.  If she does expect you to put all those things aside, she’s not girlfriend material anyway.  RUN FOR THE HILLS because a filly like this will suck the life right out of you.  Trust me, I know this from experience!

REMEMBER:  she’s with you because you’re an interesting person.  Drop all your hobbies and individuality, and you WILL become one boring dude.  Then, she might just drop you too.  Save yourself the headaches and don’t do it.

Help her when she asks.  Girls love a guy that helps out around the house.

This is another basic tenet of relationships.  However, it’s really easy to get lazy and neglect this basic principle.  If she asks you to do something, do it, as long as it’s within reason.  If she asks you to take out the trash, and you’re not in the middle of something important, just do it.  Get your butt off the couch, pause that video game and JUST DO IT.  No arguments.  No sighs.  No eye rolling.  You’ll be amazed at how much better and serene your relationship will be if you just help.

Pro Tip:  Guys that help out around the house get more SEX!  Yes, it’s true.  Click here to read more.

Don’t be afraid to be sexual with her

For the alpha male, this may seem like a no brainer.  For the more passive guys, being open and forward about sex can be a little more difficult.  If you think she looks HOT in that new outfit, just tell her!  If you think her booty looks good in those jeans, put your hands on that thing and squeeze it!  If you’re in the mood for some sexy time, look her in the eyes and tell her.

Being forward and honest with your needs and desires will make you all the more sexy in her eyes.

If you’re really forward, like me, you can share her passion for sex toys in the bedroom.  Chances are, your gal has a vibrator or something similar that she likes to use.  Men can enjoy sex toys too.  If you desire to ramp up the passion in your sex life, this is a great way to do it.


Don’t cheat

This goes without saying.  Unfortunately there are many, many guys out there who just can’t fight their animal instinct to breed with every semi-attractive woman they encounter.  News flash:  if you’re a cheater, you’re a douche.  Plain and simple.  If you want to get with that hot babe you see in the library every now and then, at least break up with your girlfriend first.  Don’t break her heart with your infidelity.


Don’t neglect the little things

Remember those little things you used to do for her when you first met?  Those wonderful small things you did that just won her heart?  Yeah, keep doing those things.  Just because you’re in a relationship now doesn’t mean you can just morph into some Boring Bobby.  Keep the passion alive.  Keep doing those little things that made her heart go pitter pat when you first got together.  Buy her those flowers.  Take her out for ice cream.  Go to that movie she’s been wanting to see.


Stay healthy

Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you can lay around the house and turn into Jabba the Hutt.  If you’re the kinda guy that works out, keep doing it.  Make sure you visit your dentist twice a year for those cleanings.  In general, keep your personal hygiene at it’s best.  She will love you for it.  And you’ll be rewarded with a better sex life too.



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