Turn offs for Girls: 4 Reasons Why Women Run for the Hills

If you never seem to be able to keep a girlfriend for long, or you can’t even get past the first date, there may be good reason. Sure, you may be a great guy at heart, but if you are exhibiting the qualities below, you can bet she is going to move on. Let’s breakdown a few turn offs for women that you should avoid at all costs if you don’t want to spend Saturday night alone with a bag of Cheetos.


Stop With the Insecurity

If you are wearing your securities like a cheap suit, then you are headed straight to hermit junction. We all have insecurities, but how you handle them says a lot about you, to women. Men show how insecure they are in a lot of different ways. Some overcompensate by acting overly macho and aggressive. Others are constantly seeking validation, and need constant ego fluffing. Neither extreme is attractive, and is a sure fire way to send her running.


Messy Men

An easy way to show how immature you are is by not taking care of yourself. No one can look perfect all the time, men or women, but you can ALWAYS look clean. A shower takes all of 5 t 10 minutes, so be sure you’re making it to the shower daily. Women love a man who smells good, and looks put together. So take some time to go out in more than your sweats, and make yourself smell better than a sweaty gym sock. It’s the simple things.


Don’t Be an Ass

Seems like a given, but somehow, being an ass became a thing men think, women want. The truth is that real women have no time for this crap. The tweeny bopper may find it super sexy that you talk down to her and push her around, but a real woman is going to send you packing every time. Aretha Franklin wasn’t singing about respect for no reason. Women demand it, and they’re not going to settle for less.


Doormats Aren’t Sexy

Women want a man who stands up for himself, and isn’t a ‘yes man’ all the time. If you let people walk all over you, or agree with everything your girl says, how is she supposed to take you seriously? This doesn’t mean become a defensive jerk, but when you are truly in disagreement, or feel you’re being done wrong, take a stand. Showing that you do not settle for less than you deserve reveals a deep underlying confidence that every woman wants, and needs, out of her partner.


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