Dating tips for guys: 5 first date turn ons for girls and women

If you’re heading out on a first date, you want it to go well so that she’ll be interested in a second date. That means that there are some things that you should be doing that are turn ons for women. These will spark her interest in you and make her feel like you are interested in her as well. Also, be sure to check out 5 first date turn offs. Don’t do any of those!


1. Dress Appropriately

This one is just common sense.

Where you are going will determine exactly what you wear, but make sure you are dressing appropriately for the occasion. No matter where you are going, make sure you are dressed nicely and that you don’t have any lingering odor from a long day at work or your trip to the gym. Men who are neatly dressed and who smell nice is a huge turn on for women.


2. Be a Gentleman

Whether they admit it or not, women love to be treated like princesses. They love when men come to the door to pick them up, open the car door, open other doors, pay for their meals, bring them a drink, and offer an elbow when walking together. A man who knows how to act like a gentleman is another big turn on for women, so make sure you are doing everything you can to treat her like the princess she secretly (or not secretly) wants to be.


3. Have an Honest Conversation

One of the things that turns women on because they value it so highly is honesty. Being able to talk honestly with your date will turn her on and will be a great start to a good relationship if that’s where this is headed. Part of this is also being able to have a normal conversation, which means you both talk and listen in equal increments. Make sure you don’t dominate the conversation or allow her to do all the talking.


4. Be Interesting

Nothing turns women on more than a man who is not only able to hold his end of a conversation up, but one who is able to do so in an interesting way. If you get nervous on first dates and are worried about having things to say, take some time to make a list (mental or on paper) of things you enjoy or stories you could tell. Have the list ready for lulls in the conversation, but make sure you are paying attention to the flow of the conversation to avoid turning your date off with a sudden left turn and change of subject.


5. Be Yourself

More than anything, a woman wants to get to know you on your first date, just the way you are. Most women are excellent at being able to tell if someone’s being fake or not, so just relax and be yourself. After all, you do want her to like you for you, not some image you’re trying to project. Women will find it a big turn on when they see that you are comfortable with yourself to be yourself right from the get-go.



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