Go for the GOLD with the new LELO Tiani 24k!

The LELO Tiani 24k gold couples toy: taking sexual arousal to new heights? I’d say so! Here are just a few of the awesome features!

  • a 24 karat gold band
  • couples insurance
  • wireless remote control
  • pleasure for both her AND him
  • custom engraving

What more could a sexy couple ask for?


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This toy was provided to me free of charge by LELO, in exchange for my honest review. So…here it is!



Custom engraving available

The gold band is what really sets this toy apart. It’s classy. It’s sexy. It’s really awesome looking! Did I really need a gold coated sex toy? No. Is it cool? Hell yes!

One of my favorite features! Mr. Racy engraved on the gold band. I Love it!




Let’s start with a video!

Pretty awesome, huh?


What’s in the box?

Here’s what you get:

  • the toy
  • a wireless remote (including batteries – standard AAA)
  • satin cleaning cloth (for polishing the gold band and remote)
  • USB power cord
  • satin storage pouch
  • a sample packet of lube
  • instruction manual
  • warranty card
  • a “key” to open the remote cover


A very stylish presentation in the box. All the accessories are under the divider.


Everything that you could possibly need to get started is included in the box. Even a very slippery sample of lube!



Dual vibrators!

With a rather strong vibrator in each “arm” this toy is sure to please. The addition of the wireless remote makes it an outstanding addition to any “sex toybox.”


Wireless remote

The toy can be used with or without the remote control. It’s just more fun when you can change the settings from a distance!


It’s waterproof

Couples can play with this anywhere. In bed, in the tub and in the shower. It goes anywhere! Just make sure the silicone plug is in place at the charging port before submerging.


Close up of the charge cord plugged in. There’s a silicone flap that needs to be put in place before play time or submerging in water.


Couples insurance

Yes, it actually covers a potential breakup with your lover! Here’s how it goes: within one year of purchase, if you break up with your lover, you can return it to LELO and choose another toy. Pretty awesome warranty!

This is included with their standard 1 year warranty, 10 year satisfaction guarantee. Read more about that, here.


My thoughts

Well, as you may have noticed in my other reviews, I always like to include personal experiences and thoughts. However, I have yet to experience this with a partner (my girlfriend and I broke up shortly after I received it). So I will certainly return to update this after the moment of truth! Stay tuned…

P.S., don’t forget your lube! I recommend a good, water based one. Read more about those, here.


Where to buy it

Your best bet is to pick it up directly from LELO. This way you won’t have any issues with warranties, etc.

Grab one for yourself and the partner you love, right here from LELO.com




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