REVIEW: the Lelo Loki. Everything a luxury massager should be.

Before I even had a chance to run the Lelo Loki through the gauntlet, I was VERY impressed with this new anal toy for men. From the initial presentation in the windowed box, all the way to the prostate trembling orgasm grand finale, I loved this toy. Every step of the way..



Top Pick!

Lelo Loki

Lelo Loki

The BEST, hands down

AMAZINGLY strong vibes
Never falls out
Gives a good “stretch”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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FYI: for an upgraded experience, check out the Loki Wave, right here.

It doesn’t come with a remote control, but that’s OK. This is still a stellar device, but it won’t hit your wallet quite as hard.

The look. The feel. The power. The ease of control. It’s the embodiment of all these things. Unifying these magical forces into a high quality, luxury sex toy for men was a substantial achievement.


They made it superb by keeping it simple. This is one of the main reasons I LOVE it.

Disclaimer: the folks at were kind enough to send this toy to me, free of charge, for an honest review. And I intend to give it to you.

loki box


What a curious name for a sex toy

When I heard about this toy, I immediately thought of the Marvel comic book series, Thor. It reminded me of the good old days of thumbing through the latest issue, dying to see what mischievousness he would conjure up next. Ahhh…times were so much simpler, then.

Which then got me thinking…is this just a Billy with a few upgrades? Or is it a completely new magical toy, hammered in the forges of Asgard?


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I figured the easiest way to get to the bottom of this would be to ask Lelo directly! Here’s what they had to say:

We reviewed a wide number as we always do, and this seemed to fit best with the product. Norse mythology is indeed the inspiration – the wily trickster that he is –  and the shape, mood (with snake), and functions all seemed to fit perfectly with the name. It’s not the first time we have turned to mythology when naming products, given other male products come with names of Oden and Tor.



Well, that solves the mystery. Now read about the power!


It’s powerful!

According to Lelo, it is perfectly shaped and angled for a luxurious and powerful prostate massage. And I agree, 100%. This is one of the most intense male vibrators I’ve ever used.

I have no doubt there’s something even more powerful out there, I just haven’t encountered it.


My experience

My first time with this bad ass toy was a rare moment: I had a ginormous prostate O the very first time I used it! An impressive feat, to say the least.

With that said, here are a just a few words that describe the sensations:


how it feels


Yeah, I like it that much. This toy rocks my prostate as well as any toy I’ve ever used. It’s right on par with the Hugo I tested earlier. In some ways, it’s the better of the two. More on that later.


How it feels

From the first moment that I pressed it against my butt hole, I knew it meant business. Fortunately, the tapered tip made insertion easier…but not easy.

I’ve had more than a few toys up my ass over the years, and this one definitely made me wince as I pushed it in the first time. I quickly learned that warming up with a finger or small dildo is a wise idea. Unless you’re into pain…then I say go for it!

Once the tip begins the journey to the prostate, there’s a steady increase in pressure. As you can see in the pictures, there’s an increasingly wide taper in the toy, that doesn’t narrow back down until you nearly reach the base.

Getting it fully in place is the hard part. Once it’s seated, it’s a pleasure to use.

This is where I like to pause and reflect for a bit. I enjoy those precious moments between insertion and engaging the vibrator. I like to just lay there, savoring the fullness in my rectum.

I don’t know about you, but there’s something magical about a toy that fills me up. I’ve learned over the years that the most effective devices for me happen to be bigger and more ful-filling...he he he

Then it’s time to flip on the vibrator. This is where the fun begins! To read more about the different settings, click here.

There are TONS of different settings and intensities available. For my first time, I used setting 3, at moderate intensity. After only 10 minutes of use, I experienced a massive, full body orgasm that literally took my breath away. I never changed the setting, and never adjusted the intensity. This one mode was enough to push me over the edge in no time flat!

Over time, I’ve experimented with all the different modes. It’s really difficult to choose a favorite, because they’re all awesome! I’ve gotten off with every single pattern, so I can attest to the fact that they ALL work.


How it compares to other Lelo toys

Vs. Hugo: It’s tough to pick a winner here. Since the vibrations are the essentially the same, you have to take that out of the equation. All that’s left is whether the user prefers a remote control, hands free toy, or manual control device. Oh, and Hugo costs a bit more too.




I’ll note that Loki has one advantage over Hugo…the user can manually apply more pressure. With Hugo, once the toy is in place, you really can’t do much with it except run the vibrator. With Loki the user can apply downward pressure on the handle to push the tip of the toy harder against the prostate. This will really amp up the intensity, as the vibrations feel like they’re bolting from the end of the toy, straight into the P-Spot. Nice!


Vs. Billy: This one wins hands down. There’s simply no comparison here. There are only 2 reasons to choose Billy over this toy.

  1. Billy costs less
  2. Billy has a smaller diameter. Easier to use for novices.



The vibrations are better because they’re more intense with more settings. It’s also bigger, which in my opinion, makes it a more pleasurable toy. It’s also 100% waterproof. Billy is only waterproof up to the handle. Those controls can be damaged by water.



It’s a great frenulum vibrator!

frenulum locationIf you don’t know what a frenulum is, it’s that unique piece of skin on the underside of the penis. It’s very sensitive to the touch, and feels amazing when buzzed lightly with a vibrator.

The toy wasn’t designed to be used like this, and I accidentally discovered it while my partner was exploring the areas around my cock and balls. While vibing it up from the base of my semi-erect cock, she let it rest on this magical spot just under the head of my penis.

I immediately told her, “STOP! Don’t move!” because it felt so fucking good. At that very moment my dick jumped into diamond mode (a.k.a. really fucking hard).

Loki just laid there in her limp hand, buzzing away at one of the most sensitive parts of my member. The feeling was divine. My pulse was racing. My forehead was sweating.

She just laid there and smiled like a devilish little vixen, while I enjoyed this amazing, erotic treat. I hadn’t felt anything that unique and wonderful since my first prostate orgasm!

This was new territory for me. So, as a guy that feels compelled to research everything, I read more about frenulum play on the internet. After a bit of browsing around, I learned that some men can actually orgasm by stimulating just this area.

Sounds like a new challenge!

Since then, I’ve tried several times to get a big fat orgasm this way, but I haven’t been able to get there…yet. However, with a little persistence, I believe I can make it happen!


It’s a good personal massager for other body parts

This was another unexpected benefit. The vibrations emitted have enough intensity to relieve tense, sore muscles as well. It’s certainly not as good as a dedicated, hand-held massage wand, but it’s decent for relaxing those achy muscles that lie just below the surface. Sore biceps, triceps and calf muscles respond well. For deep tissue massage, it’s mostly ineffective.

Obviously it’s important to make sure it’s clean and sterile before using it on other areas of the body.

Now, for the technical part of the review.


Table of contents

  1. What’s in the box?
  2. Specs
  3. Battery and charging
  4. It’s waterproof!
  5. Use a water based lube
  6. Using the controls
  7. How to clean it
  8. Where to buy it
  9. A product video!


Here’s what you get

Pretty much the standard stuff you’d expect from any rechargeable sex toy:

  • The toy
  • USB charge cord
  • Sample packet of lube
  • Storage pouch
  • User manual (I never read it! Typical guy.)
  • Warranty card





It’s very similar to Billy, but with easier to use controls. And a significantly larger size.


Billy on the left. Loki on the right. Big difference!


As you can see, it’s significantly larger in both diameter and length. In my opinion, the larger device is easier to use. And it’s easier to apply more pressure to the prostate, if that’s your thing.

The downside? It takes a little more finesse to put it in and still be comfortable.

This device will definitely give your puckering asshole a stretch. If this is your thing, you’ll certainly enjoy it as much as I do.



Battery and charging

This sweet device has a built-in rechargeable battery. A handy USB cable is included in the box. One end plugs into the “butt” and the other into a USB port. Simple and effective.




I’ll admit that I have never timed the charge cycle for this toy. Before my first use, I plugged it in for a few hours, knowing it would be good to go. I’ve run it for about 3 hours on a single charge, with no noticeable decrease in power. More than a enough for several sessions.

I normally charge it up after using for two hours, and never had a problem with dead batteries.



It’s waterproof

A toy that’s 100% waterproof is a HUGE bonus for me. I like the option to take my toys anywhere,and not have to fret about ruining them. This was always a major bummer about my Billy.

This makes a wonderful companion in the shower, pool or bath.


Recommended lube

Always a water based lubricant with silicone toys. Astroglide works. ID glide is better. Read more about lubes, here.


The controls

This is where Lelo changed things up, for the better. These new buttons are placed better and easier to operate than Billy.

Billy is on the left. Loki on the right. Loki’s are MUCH easier to use.


The control pad feels solid. The buttons are perfectly responsive. Yet, the settings can’t be changed too easily. It takes a firm, purposeful press to change it up. Sex toy controls don’t get much better than this.


The vibration patterns are identical to Hugo: 6 patterns with MANY intensity levels for each one.

  1. A constant BZZZZZ
  2. A BZZZZ followed by a pause, then BZZZZ again. A second, give or take, for each step.
  3. A faster BZZZZ BZZZZ. Two buzzes and a pause. About twice as fast as pattern 2.
  4. A smooth, accelerating buzz. Starting at low and rolling all the way up to maximum intensity. Then it repeats.
  5. A smooth, accelerating up and down buzz. Similar to pattern 4, except this one rolls all the way up. Then all the way down. Then repeats.
  6. Random vibes. No pauses here. It randomly chooses different intensities, that last for about a second. Then it switches to the next one, automatically.

If you can’t find a pleasing sensation in there somewhere, I don’t know what to tell you.

A tuxedo for your penis??




Cleaning and maintenance

This toy really doesn’t require any maintenance, other than keeping it charged. To clean it, simply use some warm water and a gentle body soap to clean it off. Then dry with a lint free towel or let it air dry.

One could also use an antibacterial toy cleaner, but I just don’t find this necessary.


Where to buy it

If you’d like to purchase a one, I recommend buying directly from Lelo. You get the 1 year warranty and the TEN YEAR satisfaction guarantee. So, if your toy craps out anytime during years 2-10, you can get a 50% discount on your next purchase. This is a helluva deal, unique in the adult novelties industry.

Grab a Loki for yourself, right here at

Current price: $169 US





Product Video

This nicely produced video provides an excellent overview of this toy. In less than a minute and a half, it tells just about everything you need to know.



*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosures for more details.

Author: Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. And I'm fiend?!? No, not really. But, Kinda :) Actually, I'm just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy WOMEN and HOT sex toys. Hence, these are my chosen topics for this blog. I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm. I own a number of male sex toys, and my personal "toybox" is growing rapidly. But prostate toys are my favorite. So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say!

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  1. Try it you will like it, or not, you will not be disappointed with the Lelo Loki, great for in the shower it is waterproof so enjoy it.
    I insert it standing up after lubing up, get a leg up and it will slide in slowly and you’ll be all in.

    My wife enjoys her Lelo Elise while I take her from behind anal, she got me the Loki and will use it on me prior to my giving her anal doggie while she has her Loki inserted, OMG what a great time to cum. She would not believe me when I told her she can have multiple O’s, until she did with the Loki and me in her anus.
    Regards JJ

    Post a Reply
  2. We are a middle-aged couple whose sex life had grown rather tired. A year of so ago my wife could a Lelo Sona clitoral stimulator, followed shortly after by a Elise 2 G-sport massager. What can I say this completely transformed her. She took to masturbating much more and was able to bring herself to strong orgasm. And when we made love she was always very wet and realty into sex as she had been 20 years earlier. A couple of months ago she bought me for my 50th birthday a Leno Wave prostate massager. It did take a bit of practice getting it fully into me as its quite big; but boy when its there is really does the trick. As well as making me rock hard, it seems to have increased the flow of sperm that I produce and our love making last longer. What brilliant products!!

    Post a Reply
  3. Yes it is big, just lube up good and it helps to get a leg up, yes, it will slide right in.
    This thing is awesome.
    I’ll use this when taking my wife anal doggie while she
    uses her Lelo Elise (original model). WOW WOW WOW.

    Post a Reply
  4. Hey thanks for the reply. It sounds like I’ll get the standard Loki. It sounds great, although I’ll say the 1.35 diameter isn’t THAT big… Thanks again

    Post a Reply
  5. Hi and thanks for the excellent reviews. Would you say that the Loki or the Wave is better? I imagine that the straight Loki allows for more movement and thrusting? The Wave just goes in and stays there? I’ve read some reviews saying that the Wave slips sideways?

    Post a Reply
    • Hello. Yes, Loki can be thrusted, but that bulb on the business end is BIG. It causes some discomfort for me if I try to use it like that. Wave is very cool as well and feels really nice with the perineum stimulation. When using both of these I just leave them in.

      I choose the standard LOKI because I feel it’s a better value in terms if cost.

      Post a Reply
  6. I am finding your site for the first time today and am REALLY intrigued. I’ve thought about upping my anal game a bit and experimenting and your site has really got me thinking. Thank you.

    Post a Reply
    • Glad to hear it Shawn! Turn that thinking into action…I promise you won’t regret it 🙂

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  7. Thank you for the information. Interesting that the measurements for the Loki and Hugo/Bruno are a bit smaller than expected. Given the reported 4.5? circumference for the Loki, I would have expected the widest part to be around 1.5?. Then again, most prostate massagers are not round. The vertical (up/down) measurements are usually larger than the horizontal (left/right) measurements. If you think about where they’re going, that makes some sense.

    Even the Billy is not exactly round. Looking at it from the side, it maxes out at about 1.1? or about 1 1/8?. From the top (the view with the control panel), it’s a little less than 1?, call it 0.95?. Same goes for the Aneros Vice (1.3? side, 1.2? top).

    BTW, thank you for the comparison photo. I missed it earlier as I was having email issues.

    Post a Reply
  8. In terms of sizing, how large is the widest part of the Lelo Loki compared to the Lelo Hugo? It looks like there might be some difference there. How about those two compared to the Aneros Vice, which you have reviewed, or the Ego E4 or Lux LX3+ (if you have used them)?

    In practice, how much manual control of the Loki is needed? Can it be used somewhat hands free, or is there a tendency for it to twist/rotate or slide out if not held in place?

    Post a Reply
    • Hello Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by! Here are the diameter comparisons. I threw the Billy in there for good measure.

      Loki – 1.375 inches
      Billy – 1 inch
      Hugo – 1.25 inches
      Vice – 1.25 inches

      I can’t comment on the Ego or Lux, as I have not used them.

      Regarding manual control for Loki…It needs very little, actually. The size and shape keeps it from popping back out. A nice improvement over Billy. It does have a tendency to roll a bit, but not very much. Once it’s in, I would say it’s 95% hands free. The only manual control necessary is to change the vibration settings.

      Hope that helps!

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