REVIEW: the Lelo Loki Wave, with “come hither” motion

The Lelo Loki Wave, A Revolution in Male Pleasure Devices

In the vibrant and exhilarating world of prostate massagers, I’ve become something of a connoisseur. A maestro of the male G-spot, if you will. And let me tell you, my friends, life has been nothing short of a joyous adventure lately. Lelo, the virtuoso of this tantalizing symphony, has been unveiling new devices for our prostates with a passion that would make even Cupid envious. For months now, my prostate and I have been surfing wave after wave of euphoric pleasure.

So, imagine my delight when an email from Lelo arrived in my inbox, singing sweet serenades of a brand new toy for me to explore. Enter the Lelo Loki Wave, a device so innovative, it’s like nothing else that’s ever ventured into my personal playground.

This isn’t your average prostate massager. No, it’s a sibling to the original Loki I reviewed a while back, but with a twist that would make a rainbow jealous. Here’s the scoop:

Lelo has ingeniously integrated an extra vibrator into the device. That’s right, now there’s one in both the anal plug AND the perineum massager. It’s a setup that mirrors the Hugo I reviewed.

But the pièce de résistance? The Loki Wave boasts a ‘come hither’ motion built right into the toy. This is the first device I’ve ever encountered with this kind of action. It’s like a robotic “arm” that playfully beckons you from within, moving back and forth while it’s nestled snugly in your rectum. Intrigued? I’ll delve into this more shortly. And for those of you who are visual learners, there’s a video a little further down the page.

So buckle up, my friends. We’re about to embark on a journey into the sunlit uplands of pleasure.

lelo loki wave prostate stimulator

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$219 @

Lelo Loki Wave

intermediate level

taint massager built-in


Sheesh, did they overdo it with the vibrators?

Now, hear me out, because I’ve got a perfect comparison for you:

See, I have a soft spot for a quality steak. On any given day, I’d go for a small, tender Filet Mignon and pass on a large chewy strip steak. It’s not just the taste but the whole experience I’m after. I’d rather savor and delight in a few delicious mouthfuls than quickly downing a so-so chunk of beef.

But let’s talk about the LELO Loki Wave…

In its case, I must say – more vibrators are definitely better! This thing sends pleasurable vibes all over!

  • From your palm
  • To your rear
  • Right below your balls
  • Deep inside, right next to the prostate
  • The sensation is everywhere at once!

These vibrations don’t just stay put. They travel to areas around me, deep into my body. On full power, I can feel them running wild not just superficially, but inches deep. They’re powerful. Strong enough to make my teeth chatter, almost!

Just pulling your leg there, but seriously, these vibes are intense, and I mean really intense.

come hither loki wave

“Come hither” explained

It’s meant to simulate the action of a finger wiggling around in a guy’s ass.

Cool toy, right? So, the come hither motion simulates the action of a finger, curling up and applying pressure to stimulate the prostate. It releases, then repeats the process. Kinda like when you motion someone to come here with your index finger, except it’s up inside your ass. Pretty nifty. Maybe even groundbreaking.

So, how does this new toy compare to the Loki original? See below…

Loki Wave and Original
The toys are very similar. The main visual difference is the perineum massager that juts out the side of the Wave.

How it feels / how to use it

Keep in mind that the part that goes into the butt isn’t exactly small. At 1.375 inches, you definitely know it’s there. So, the golden rule– always load up on the water-based lube to ease it in and avoid discomfort. Trust me, I’ve danced with prostate toys before, but with this one, there’s always a bit of a wince I can’t hold back when I push it in. The good thing is, it has a long, tapered tip that makes the job easier.

Once it reaches the midpoint, it smoothly slides into its place like it’s meant to be there.

Alright then, now we’re talking! The hard part is over and here’s where the fun part begins.

Before I power it up, I adjust it a bit, like getting the perineum bulb just right under my ballsack. That’s when the Wave turns from good to mind-blowing– once it’s securely in place, it doesn’t budge or slip away.

Like my other toys, I usually follow this simple guide on how to use a massager. It’s handy for any male anal toy and works pretty well for this one too.

All that’s left now is to flick the switch and set the vibes. Mood dependent, I like starting with a constant vibration at a medium intensity. This way, I ease into it, warming up everything down there. It’s usually after a good 5 minutes that I turn on the ‘come hither’ motion.

Once I’m all relaxed, it’s time to crank up the vibes. Here’s where I unleash the robotic wave motion, letting the Loki Wave do its magic. Slowly and gradually, I turn up the vibe intensity, taking it up a notch every few minutes. That’s when that warm, satisfying feeling starts to build up through my midsection. And I know I’m just a breath away from an awesome orgasm.

Now I crank it up to maximum intensity and just wait for the wave of ecstasy to hit. The anticipation builds up in the core of my body, spiraling from groin to stomach. Like a seasoned maestro commanding an orchestra, the Loki Wave rhythmically presses and releases on my prostate, making the most of every moment. Things can get a bit messy here, which is why I keep a towel handy during all of my playtimes.

Just as the climax is building, my body gets surrounded by this invisible blanket of pure bliss. I lose track of time and space, fully absorbed in the vibrations pulsing within me. It’s insanely good!

At this moment, while my prostate is caught in a wave of intense orgasms, the press-release action feels incredible. The pressure is just right– not too soft, not too sharp. With every nudge, the orgasm’s intensity spikes for a brief second before plunging back to normal.

Once I’ve had my share of the good times, I turn off the ‘come hither’ motion and leave the vibrations at a medium to low speed for a few minutes. It’s like I’m letting my body breathe a little, getting it back to the real world. But remember, we’re not done yet, there’s still a sweet little surprise waiting for me at the end 🙂.

Loki Wave

Coming down…

Coming back down to earth is like the space shuttle landing on a runway. It’s coming hard. It’s coming fast. And there’s no stopping it. This is where I start to jack myself off. It only takes a few minutes of vigorous masturbation to bring forth some of the most massive, creamy ropes of cum that my body could possibly produce. Clean-up towels are mandatory!

Anyway, I got kinda carried away there, didn’t I?! If you couldn’t tell, I fucking LOVE this toy.

lelo loki wave prostate stimulator

top pick

$219 @

Lelo Loki Wave

intermediate level

taint massager built-in


LELO Loki Wave’s Luxurious Silicone

As I’ve mentioned in my other Lelo product reviews, the silicone they use on their products is top-notch. It feels soft and luxurious, and it doesn’t collect lint like other similar products. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t hold odors. Last but not least, it’s very durable.

I don’t know what they do differently when manufacturing the stuff, but it’s certainly one of the best on the market.

And one thing that concerns me…

It’s the come hither motion, the crown jewel of this toy. I’m curious to see just how long it lasts. The only reason I say this is because the wave motion is an additional, complex part of this device. As we all know, more moving parts mean more chances that something could malfunction or break.

That said, there is nothing about this toy that indicates poor quality or construction. To the contrary, it feels much stronger and more sturdy than I would expect from a device in this price range. I will say that the mechanism feels and appears to be solid.

Just something to consider, as I like to lay it all out there. Pros and Cons.

Battery and charging

Falling in line with the rest of Lelo’s products, the Wave comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Even though the battery is similar in size, I believe the “come hither” motion consumes a bit more charge. Not much, but enough to make a difference. The charge port is at the bottom of the device.

loki wave charge light
While charging, the LELO logo flashes. It stops flashing when fully charged. Neat!

On a full charge, it gets about 2 hours of use. A little less than the other Lelo products I have. However, I expected this, and it’s still more than sufficient.

It comes with the standard USB charger, just like the other Lelo toys. As a side note, if you happen to own a Billy, or other toy with the standard wall outlet pack, it will (should) work with this.

Note: I own all the Lelo men’s toys, and can confirm that they’re all interchangeable. I can’t confirm that the women’s toys have the same plug.

The Loki Wave is 100% Waterproof!

I won’t even think about owning a vibrator unless I can submerge it completely in water. This one fits the bill perfectly, and can be fully enjoyed anywhere. The shower, bath, hot tub or pool won’t slow it down a bit.

Use water-based lubes

As with all silicone toys, water-based lube is always a safe bet. Astroglide works well, ID Glide is even better. Or, you can read more about anal lubes, right here.

The controls

Lelo’s vibrator controls keep getting better with every new model. The Loki Wave is the first model that has a base completely covered in silicone. Billy and Loki have a hard ABS plastic base. This makes it easier to grip when wet.

However, the buttons don’t have that nice tactile feel of the original Loki. When the toy is up your ass, it’s a little harder to determine exactly where the + and -, and up and down buttons are. I suggest that the user get a feel for their positions before they try it out for the first time.

control pads, by model
From left to right: Billy, Loki, Loki Wave

The vibration patterns are similar to the original

Also, both toys have roughly the same intensity of vibrations. If I had to give a nod to which one had the most powerful vibes, it would be the original, but not by much.

There are 8 modes to choose from with nearly infinite intensities, including:

  • The user can turn the come hither motion on or off
  • One or both vibes can be turned on or off
  • Come hither can be used simultaneously with the vibes or separately

I personally enjoy having both vibrators and the wave motion activated all at the same time. It can be a bit over-stimulating when the intensity is turned all the way up, but sometimes that’s necessary when I want to have an EXPLOSIVE prostate “O”

Cleaning and maintenance

This is pretty basic. There’s really no maintenance required, other than keeping the battery charged. To clean it, some warm soapy water works just fine. An antibacterial toy cleaner is optional, but I don’t see a need for it.

Where to buy Lelo Loki Wave

I suggest purchasing directly from This way you get the 1-year warranty and a 10-year product guarantee! If purchasing from Amazon or another retailer, you risk losing this outstanding perk.

lelo loki wave prostate stimulator

top pick

$219 @

Lelo Loki Wave

intermediate level

taint massager built-in



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