REVIEW: the Lelo Hugo with wireless remote. 100% awesome!

If I could sum up the Lelo Hugo in just a few words, it would go something like this:

Whoa! This toy just ROCKED my world!

Yeah, it’s that awesome. This is my very first wireless remote control prostate vibrator! And what a way to pop my cherry. I’ll also mention that it’s totally hands-free once it’s inserted. You only need one free hand for the remote. Oh yeah…



Top Pick

Lelo Hugo

Lelo Hugo

It’s hands free!

Vibrates rectum and perineum
Wireless remote control
Waterproof for use anywhere
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
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UPDATE: In my opinion, there’s nothing more naughty than wearing an anal toy while out in public. I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect device for this, for quite some time now. Hugo fits the bill perfectly! Walking around town with a prostate buzzing toy in my ass is one of my most erotic experiences to date. I’ll just keep the remote in my coat pocket and enjoy a Saturday afternoon jaunt. Mission accomplished!


But first, let’s back up a bit

Not long ago, I got wind from a very reliable source that Lelo was “going anal.” And they would soon be releasing some new products, designed specifically for men! Needless to say, I was excited. Totally pumped, actually. It had been a long time since they came out with something new and exciting for guys. The last time was Billy in 2009.

Too. Damn. Long…

Lo and behold, my contact at Lelo sent an email a couple of weeks ago, telling me that the new toys were on the way! Then, on August 25th, they were sitting on my front porch, ready for the big reveal. And boy, was it worth the wait!

Disclaimer: the folks at were kind enough to send this toy to me, free of charge, for an honest review.





Hugo made prostate play BETTER for me

And it can do the same for you. As I mentioned earlier, this thing comes with a wireless remote control…a first for me. I never really considered a toy that could be controlled from afar, mostly because it seemed pointless. Also, a remote generally adds to the cost. Since I’m a tight ass, it just didn’t seem worth it.


remote control


Man, was I wrong! Having crammed more than a few toys up my ass over the years, I never realized what I was missing. Being able to control the vibrator while reading a book or watching TV is a magical feeling. I can now truly relax, and really get into my play time. I kinda did that before, but never to this degree. It’s fucking awesome.

No more reaching around between my legs, fumbling with the controls, and possibly getting some messy lube on my fingers. Now, I just lube up, pop it in and turn it on. I then have the option to wash my hands and have the freedom to do whatever I want.






And don’t even get me started on the DUAL vibrators…

Ok, I’ll start anyway! There’s one in the perineum end and one in the anal end. Both working in unison to elicit massive, full body orgasms.

Wow, these are the most intense anal vibes I’ve ever experienced, bar none. When on the high setting, I literally feel the vibrations from my thighs all the way up to my upper abdomen. Fucking awesome…

I’m sure there are more powerful devices out there, but I have yet to encounter one. Seriously, at the highest setting, it’s almost too much…almost. Then, throw in the wireless remote, and this is a match made in heaven.

The nearly endless combinations of patterns and intensities really makes this toy stand out from the crowd. From what i can tell, there are 12 (TWELVE) different intensity levels for each pattern. There isn’t a lot of difference between steps, but it’s huge from low to high. Starting at low, which feels almost nonexistent, to high, which nearly vibrates my balls off! Not really, but you get the point.






And there are 6 (six) distinct patterns:

  1. A constant BZZZZZ
  2. A BZZZZ followed by a pause, then BZZZZ again. About a second for each step.
  3. A faster BZZZZ BZZZZ. Two buzzes and a pause. About twice as fast as pattern 2.
  4. A smooth, accelerating buzz. Starting at low and rolling all the way up to maximum intensity. Then it starts over and repeats.
  5. A smooth, accelerating up and down buzz. Similar to pattern 4, except this one rolls all the way up. Then all the way down. Then repeats.
  6. Random vibes. No pauses here. It randomly chooses different intensities, that last for about a second. Then it switches to the next one, automatically.

So, if my math is correct, that’s 72 DIFFERENT combinations to choose from! Not too shabby. Even the most stubborn prostate will orgasm with joy over this little guy.


And then there’s the ball massage…

It took me a few sessions to realize this one. During my 3rd solo massage, I was laying on my back in bed. I really wasn’t trying for a prostate O, just relaxing and watching some TV.

Did I mention that Hugo is awesome when you just want to lay there and chill with some Good Vibrations? Cue Beach Boys song…

As I stretched my legs out flat, I realized that the perineum end (the part that doesn’t go in your ass) was resting right under and against my ball sack. And those vibes felt really good as they pulsated through my scrotum. As I played with the controls, I discovered a few settings that felt really fucking awesome, yet relaxing. Kind of like your kinky ex-girlfriend humming while she takes one of your balls into her mouth. Yeah…you know what I’m talkin’ about.


It’s waterproof

This was one of my rare gripes about the Billy, it wasn’t 100% waterproof. Hugo is truly an all purpose, go anywhere toy. I’ve used it in the shower, and it performed flawlessly. I didn’t bring the remote in there, as it doesn’t appear to be waterproof. I just put it in random mode and enjoyed a long, hot, steamy shower. Immensely relaxing after a rough day at the office.


my first O


My first orgasm

This was a really intense, and certainly unique, orgasm. Or shall I say, series of orgasms.

It actually didn’t happen until my second session. And this is how it almost always goes for me. I RARELY get off the first time I use new device. The Tantus P-Spot is the one and only exception. Read that review, here.

Anyway, back to the orgasm(s). So I’m buzzing away, enjoying a seriously hot shower after a long, hard day at work. Something odd came over me while I was standing there, with that steamy water running down my skin. I stopped mid wash to pay attention to what my body was telling me. And boy oh boy, was it talking.

I was starting to get that warm, fuzzy feeling throughout my mid section. The same feeling that overcomes me right before a big prostate “O”. But all I could think was “no fucking way, this has NEVER happened before.” It lasted for about 1 minute and a half, tapering off as slowly as it came to me.

After it subsided, all I could do was just stand there. It wasn’t like any orgasm I’ve had before, but it still felt fucking amazing. I guess it was some sort of erotic precursor.




“What the fuck was THAT?”

So I finished my shower and dried myself with a towel. I waddled back to my bed, my innards still writhing with ecstasy. Plopped myself down on the bed and just relaxed for a few minutes, with the vibe on one of the lower settings.

Once I was ready, I fired it back up to the up and down setting…pattern 5 that I discussed earlier. I quickly got that warm feeling again, and I knew a big fat prostate O would be coming shortly. It probably didn’t take ten minutes until it hit. My hips were writhing uncontrollably with bolts of pleasure emanating from Hugo.

I literally couldn’t stand it anymore, so I decided to break one of my own cardinal rules of prostate play: NEVER TOUCH YOUR PENIS! But it was absolutely worth it. After about 30 seconds of furious jacking, I launched some of the longest, thickest ropes of jizz I’ve ever seen. In my opinion, they were far better than anything Peter North could conjure up in ANY of his famous porn videos. Quite impressive, I must say!


Lelo Hugo male vibrator


Read on for the specs and additional details…


Table of contents

  1. What’s in the box?
  2. Specs
  3. Battery and charging
  4. Use a water based lube
  5. How to use it
  6. How to clean it
  7. Final thoughts
  8. Where to buy
  9. A review from one of our readers!
  10. Long term update: I still love this toy!


**Note, if you want to see the official user manual, you can find it on the product page. See the “where to buy” section further down.


1. So, what’s in the box?

all the stuff you get



Once you take everything out, here’s what you get:

  • Hugo anal toy
  • Wireless remote (2x-AAA batteries included)
  • A plastic “key” to open the remote
  • USB charge cord
  • Sample packet of lube
  • Storage pouch
  • User manual (what guy is gonna read that?)
  • Warranty card


2. Specs

The highlight of this toy is the DUAL vibrating motors. One in the base, and one in the tip. And they’re pretty damn intense when cranked up all the way! For me, the highest setting is almost too much…not painful, just over-stimulating. I generally like to keep it backed down a notch or two from maximum.

The silicone is absolutely amazing. One of the best in the business. It’s silky, smooth and glides into place with ease. It’s the same stuff found on other Lelo products…good quality silicone. It’s hypo-allergenic and body safe.

Beware though…the bulge that goes up the ass may be a bit large for inexperienced users. It certainly has some girth, but not so much that makes it difficult. I realized just how big it is when I popped it in for the first time. My asshole definitely stretched a bit to accommodate this bad boy.

I consider this an intermediate level toy. Best for guys that have had at least SOME experience with prostate play.






3. Batteries and charging

I LOVE rechargeable batteries. Especially for sex toys. I haven’t always felt this way, but I’ve gained a new appreciation for earth-friendly products. Also, the technology has come a LONG way in the last decade. With the disappearance of NiCad batteries, the world has become a better (and cleaner) place.


For the toy

There’s a rechargeable battery. I don’t know the specs, but I’ll say this: I ran it for nearly 3 hours, over 4 sessions, and there was no noticeable reduction in power or performance. I’ll say that battery life is a solid A+. Simply plug in the supplied USB cable, and you’re good to go. I rarely let my toys drain all the way down. I’ll plug ’em in after every couple of uses.

As it’s charging, there’s a small light right next to the power button. It flashes when charging, and becomes a solid light when fully charged. It’s not visible if the light isn’t on, as it’s hidden underneath the silicone skin.


For the remote

All it needs is 2 AAA batteries. Remove the cover with the supplied plastic “key.” If you lose the key, a coin will serve the same purpose. Just twist it off.

USB battery charger

Recharge with a simple USB cable. Plug it into your PC and charge it while you surf!

remote control batteries 2XAAA

Cover removed from remote. The rounded rectangle thing on the left is the key, to help remove this cover.



4. ALWAYS use a water based lube

Without exception, I use water based lube with my silicone toys. Lelo’s personal moisturizer is pretty good. But if you want something cheaper, Passion  will work just fine. It’s cheaper, but not nearly as slippery and luxurious. Get the lowdown on my recommended lubes, here.


5. How to use it

The possibilities here are endless. Especially with the wireless control in hand. It works equally well standing up or laying down. On the back, sideways…whatever tickles your fancy. It’s totally up to the user and what feels good. Experimenting with different positions and postures may yield some interesting results!

PRO TIP: for me, I get the most intense vibes when I’m laying on my back, with legs flat. This causes the toy to push further into the rectum, pushing that vibrating tip into the perfect spot! As a side benefit, the perineum vibrator makes optimal contact with the bottom of my ball sack. Can you say DOUBLE BONUS?!?


6. How to clean it

Cleanup is a breeze. Since it’s 100% waterproof, just draw some hot water and lather it up with a mild body soap. Then rinse and let it air dry. You could also use an antibacterial toy cleaner, to make sure you kill any germs. I normally don’t use this, however. A good thorough washing with soap and water works just fine.

Just make sure the rubber plug for the charge port is secure before getting it wet.







7. Final thoughts

If you’ve made it this far into my review, you know that I absolutely LOVE this toy. The pleasure I get every time I use it is fucking unbelievable.

I really wish I could find a flaw with this thing, but I honestly can’t. I ALWAYS find something to bitch about with prostate toys, but this one…nada.

  • It’s well built.
  • Has a remarkable range of sensations
  • Great for p spot stimulation as well as relaxing anal vibrating
  • It’s waterproof
  • It comes with an EXCELLENT warranty and 10 year product guarantee

I will admit that this toy is a bit expensive, at just north of $200. But that’s a pittance compared to what it did for me. This is a small price to pay for a totally orgasmic experience.

If you decide to purchase one, I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what you think about it. I might even publish your thoughts right here on Mr.Racy! With your permission of course…

Recently, I came across a serious contender, called the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge. Better than Hugo? Read more, right here.




8. Where to buy it

Grab it straight from Lelo and get the full 10 year product guarantee. If you buy it from Amazon or most other places, you won’t get this industry leading perk.

**Grab a Hugo for yourself, right here

You can also see the user manual there.


Loki Wave is awesome!



9. A review from one of our readers!

UPDATE March 26, 2016: A reader gave his review in the comments section, below, but I liked it so much that I decided to move it up into this post. It’s equal parts erotic story and HUGO review.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up, Chris! Killer review!


I decided to pick up the Hugo after reading this stellar review by Dave a few weeks ago.

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys and give it a test drive for myself. As soon as I got mine, I charged it up for 5 hours, lay on my bed, lubed up my hole and my new toy and slowly went to work putting it in.

Insertion was a bit tricky at first. Hugo’s girth is deceptively wider than it looks. Luckily, I’d used plenty of lube on my hole and plenty of lube on the toy. I took a few deep breaths and slowly worked him in until I could feel it resting comfortably against my prostate and the base against my scrotum. I reached down to turn it on and to my surprise, it was preset to start at the highest vibration setting.

Trying to figure out the remote took a few minutes and very early on I had to turn it off because it was way too intense. I wasn’t close to having a super orgasm. But, my rectum felt just a little over worked and my prostate had been slightly over stimulated.

Having turned it off for a few minutes, I lay there in my bed catching my breath. I looked down and noticed a nice pool of precum, resting below my belly button and a slight stream of precum leaking from my cock.

Semi hard and feeling rested, I reached down between my legs and turned it on again, this time making sure I could lower the vibration setting. I lay there just breathing deeply, paying close attention to my body. Gradually, I began to explore the different vibration settings Hugo has to offer.

Oddly enough, the most amazing setting is the lowest setting. The lowest setting offers a very “deep” feeling of vibration against your prostate and within your rectum. This affords you to not only experience profound prostate stimulation, but also amazing body awareness.

My cock never got totally hard, but it was aroused and incredibly sensitive. I could feel it throbbing slightly, and with each pulse, I could feel and see the precum being milked from the tip of my penis. Truly amazing.

I was also hyper aware of every sensation in my body. My finger tips slowly found their way to my nipples which have always been ultra sensitive. They were massively large, erect and amazing to stimulate. I caressed them with my fingertips, pinching and pulling on them lightly, all the while clenching my Hugo deeper and deeper into my hole with my PC muscles. Eventually, I started to find my rhythm and Hugo went along for the ride. The harder/tighter I would squeeze, the more firm against my prostate and taint Hugo would vibrate.

I didn’t achieve an orgasm that first time. My body wasn’t used to the power of the toy. I’d usually experienced those from my Fun Factory Duke (whose vibrations tend to be more subtle, but the toy itself goes deeper into your ass), Aneros Progasm, or my Aneros Vice. All of which have vibrators that are less powerful.

But, the Hugo definitely had my attention and as I continued to work with it for about an hour, I could feel it slowly starting to work it’s way out on it’s own. Needless to say I was massively turned on by this point and couldn’t resist the urge to reach down and stroke my dick. I had leaked an enormous amount of precum and decided I wanted to masturbate myself to orgasm with Hugo’s help.

I started to stroke myself slowly at first, using my pre-ejaculate fluid as lube. It was warm, thicker than usual and felt amazing coming out of my cock as I laid there stroking. Getting closer and closer to climax, I could tell something was happening down below.

Ramping up the vibrations, I started to increase the speed of my stroke and felt the toy slipping out. That didn’t stop the vibrations. As I started to feel it push it’s way out, I started to let out incredibly loud moans of ecstatic cries. I was ejaculating stream after stream of hot cum, hitting my chin twice and my neck and chest followed.

Having discovered the pleasures of having the real thing inside me recently, this toy wasn’t just working its way out of me. It was literally fucking me on it’s way out. That’s right! For the first time, I’d felt like I was being fucked by the real thing as this toy was working it’s own way out of my asshole.

Laying there, completely out of breath and totally covered in cum, I started to laugh in disbelief. I have a few prostate massage toys. None of them ever recreated the sensations of being fucked like this one did at that particular point of no return.

Needless to say, I’ve had a few other sessions with Hugo and have yet to experience a prostate orgasm from using it. Somehow, I think it might be a little to over-stimulating for my ass and prostate. The vibrators on this thing are really powerful and even at it’s lowest setting, the vibrations feel incredibly “deep”.

I have found that for prostate orgasms, I fare better with the Aneros Progasm or Aneros Vice or the Fun Factory Duke. But, I am not giving up on this toy. Hugo gives me a different experience every time, and I have a feeling the super orgasm is just around the corner with this thing.

My only issue with this toy is that it doen’t hold a charge very long. I tend to use it for no less than an hour or an hour and half. It definitely has to be charged up before each use. That being said, should it die on you in the middle of a session, don’t fret. It still feels pretty unbelievable up inside of you while you are masturbating.

I also love that it’s waterproof. I’ve used the Hugo in the shower multiple times and also while I’m simply trying to relax. It’s a toy I can’t recommend highly enough. Worth every penny and a great investment for anyone looking to expand or explore prostate play and stimulation alone or with a partner.



10. Long term update! Reliability, battery life, etc.

Ok all you crazy prostate players, I’ve owned this toy for just over two years so I wanted  to provide a long term update as of today, November 29, 2017!

I’ve received more than a few emails from readers over the last couple of years, asking how reliable this toy is. It’s a totally legitimate concern, considering the amount of money Hugo costs. Nobody wants to drop nearly $200 US for a stimulator that’s going to crap out and fail in a short amount of time.

I estimate that I’ve used it around 75 times over this period. That’s a lot of discharging and recharging!


With that said, here are my thoughts:

Appearance:  The toy itself looks almost identical to the day I first took it out of the box. The finish is a bit smoother on the main wear points (the bulbous head primarily) because it’s been used so many times. This has no effect, positive or negative on how it works and performs.

The remote does show some wear , especially on the hard gold plastic on the back side. It is a bit scuffed up from all the handling over the last 2 years. It also has a small crack because I dropped it onto the hardwood floor in my bedroom. Despite these battle scars, it still works just fine.


Functionality:  It works just like it did when I first got it. As far as I can tell, the vibrations are just as strong today as they were on day one. The control buttons on the toy still work flawlessly, but to be honest, I have never really used these. The remote is my main point of control.

The buttons on the remote take a bit more pressure to activate than they did when first new. I’m not sure if this is a design flaw, or just a matter of the buttons breaking in. Sometimes it takes a couple of button presses to change a setting versus a single push in the beginning. Again, not a big deal and certainly not unexpected. The useful life has exceeded my expectations.


Battery Life: As with any rechargeable sex toy, this is always one of the most important concerns. I knew from the beginning that the amount of play time available with each charge would decrease, given enough uses. This is unavoidable, and a common occurrence with devices of this nature. I’m happy to say that Hugo’s battery has held up quite well. I now get around 2 hours of fun from a full charge, versus 3 when it was brand new. This is outstanding in my opinion and still provides more than enough time for enjoyment. Since my play times usually average around one hour, I can get two full sessions per charge. Not too shabby.


Fun factor:  This hasn’t changed one bit. It’s still just as fun to use as it always was. It still makes my prostate tremble and puts a big fat smile on my face every time I use it. Whenever someone asks me for a toy recommendation, this is always one that I suggest.



After all this time, I stand by everything I said about this toy from the beginning. It’s just tons of fun. Totally worth the relatively high purchase price. I’m surprised it has held up to all the abuse I’ve given it over the last 2 years. But on the other hand, I’m not surprised at all. I’ve always been a fan of LELO products. They are durable and function better than most of the competition. This one is no exception.

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosures for more details.

Author: Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. And I'm fiend?!? No, not really. But, Kinda :) Actually, I'm just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy WOMEN and HOT sex toys. Hence, these are my chosen topics for this blog. I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm. I own a number of male sex toys, and my personal "toybox" is growing rapidly. But prostate toys are my favorite. So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say!

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  1. Hi Dave,
    I love your reviews and really want to try some different prostate massagers. The one thing that makes me nervous is the fact that because I am allergic to some of the ingredients in water-based lubes, I usually use silicone lube. This is great for some of the metal toys, but I am really wanting to try a vibrating one. As you know, these toys cost a lot of money and I don’t want to spend that much if I won’t be able to use it, or if my lube of choice ruins the product. Do you think its possible to cover the toy with a condom and use my silicone-base lube? or should I just stick to my metal toys and skip the vibrating options. Thanks in advance for your opinion. Keep up the good work.

    Post a Reply
    • Condoms work perfectly fine for covering and protecting a toy.

      Post a Reply
  2. Hello,
    Im very new to this whole prostate thing – found out i like the feeling of it while we were fooling around with my gf. So after reading every review i could get my hands on i finally went for it and got the Lelo Hugo. Then, after it finally arrived and got thoroughly tested, a question came up that i thought i could find an answer to here.
    Firstly, im quite tall 194cm/6’4 to be exact. So, when i have the Hugo in me buzzing away it sort of feels like “its in there BUT..hmmm is it perhaps a little short??” its not hitting the OMG SPOT without the need of helping it get in there better whether by sitting on it or pressing up against it in any conceivable way to get it further in. Then i was wondering, maybe that’s on purpose as having something right up against the prostate/the “OMG im in Heaven” spot the WHOLE time can be quite intense/painful turning it hypersensitive specially if one is moving around (like having it inside while dressed in public).

    So is/should/are a prostate massager design-wise supposed to hit the spot without the need of much effort? I imagine that eventually I’d like to experience an orgasm that’s solely induced by massaging the prostate and i reckon that could be difficult if one is constantly fiddling around and trying to find a way for the toy to get in there better.
    Since i have no prior experience with these toys and know not of what to expect i was wondering weather any of the more experienced users in here would be kind enough to tell me?

    Something though i did notice, was that if i did NOT press on the Hugo (hence not hitting the OMG spot) if i turned up the vibrations to a little below the max setting, they sort of “flowed” over upwards causing a really relaxing feeling.

    Thank you very much in advance! Best


    Post a Reply
  3. Never tried a prostate massager before, but after seeing a guy on a video basically shooting loads without touching himself, only by anal stimulation I began searching for ways and also started trying with my dildo to reach that mind blowing experience…never got to it, though I did find pleasure from being banged by the dildo. I started searching for dedicated prostate massagers and the Lelo Hugo came up among many more and also less expensive toys. However I had a few demands for such a toy. It should be discrete e.g. silent during playtime e.g. being able to wear it / use it with my wife nearby without her knowing (she knows about my buttplay and my dildos and buttplugs) so no nead to hide that. However she’s never involved anymore, sadly. Anyway from my reading I could judge the Lelo Hugo should be a stellar toy in it self, moaning and grunting not included that’s up to I took the plunge and ordered one…..can’t wait for it to arrive now.

    Post a Reply
  4. I purchased Hugo last year. At first I found it immensely pleasurable, despite never being able to reach that elusive P-Spot Super-O. After using it at least once a week since, I’ve come to the conclusion that this toy just doesn’t hit the right spot for me. I’m a little over 6′ tall, so I’m thinking my gland might be a little higher than the tip reaches by default. It gets close at times when I really press hard against it, but I find I have to do a lot of wiggling and re-positioning. Usually I like to sit at a desk with both my legs up and fuck my ass while it vibrates on full. The problem of course, is that the Hugo isn’t designed for that. It’s really designed to be left alone once inserted. As a result of me bending the perineal arm so much now only one motor comes on, so it’s kind of useless to me now.

    So yesterday, still determined to find prostate nirvana, I splashed out and bought the L’Amourose Rosa. It’s very hard to find too many negative reviews about this product, so here’s hoping it rocks my world. It seems to be thicker and longer, which means it’ll most likely have a much better chance of really reaching my prostate. I also like the idea that I can fuck my ass with it, and it’ll give me a much fuller feeling.

    Thanks for your reviews. I’ll report back once I give this bad boy a workout.

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  5. Hi Dave,
    I was wondering if the Hugo was good to use in intercourse. I’ve seen a number of reviews in Amazon where people said that it was hard to keep in. If the Hugo isn’t a great choice for intercourse, do you know one that might be?

    Post a Reply
    • Hello.

      Great question. I have a similar issue with Hugo. If you’re looking for something that vibrates, the Aneros Vice (read about it here) is a great choice. It won’t come out or even move once it’s in place.

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  6. It’s drivin me nuts!! I have to tell someone about my most recent experience with my Hugo! (46 year old, straight, married)

    I got my Hugo a couple months ago. Not a pro at using it my any means. Still learning it… I have a different prostate massage toy that I’ve used off ‘n on for some time, doesn’t really do much for me, but I enjoy it. My wife can feel the vibrations when it’s in, she likes that too. I was researching a new toy, and came across this review. I was convinced, bought it. Wife couldn’t believe I spent that much on a ‘sex toy.’ Anyway… since forgiveness is easier than permission, I was safe. (She wouldn’t have said no anyway, she never does…) So it came, I messed with it, figuring out the ‘controls’ and such, but I was a lil nervous cus it’s bigger than my old one. First time it was tough getting in. Felt like it was stretching me out… Not overbearing and gigantic, just bigger than my old one. Also more ‘firm’, the old one is ‘rubbery’. (I have learned to use the old one as a ‘warm up’, then put in the Hugo… works perfect that way!) Intense!!! Holy crap! Had sex with it in, we both loved it. Got off… INTENSE orgasm! Amazing! And that’s not even really knowing if it was in the right spot… We’ve tried some experimenting since, and it’s more comfortable now, I’ve gotten used to it’s girth. (I still use the warm up one… why not?) Still no hands free solo O yet, but I feel like I’m getting it figured out. (Although it’s hard keep my hands off my dick…)

    So a couple nights ago, I was extremely horny. Wife’s at work at a local restaurant, I’d been stroking myself close on and off all evening. Wanted to put the Hugo in earlier, but didn’t know if I could handle it until she got home. (Haven’t really experimented with keeping it in and ‘existing’ with it, just been using it at sex time…) She texted me, telling me she’d be on her way soon. I got out my lube, got out my ‘warm up’ buddy, inserted, loosened up, lubed up the Hugo and installed. Instantly as it ‘hit bottom’ so to speak, I shot out a wad of pre-cum. (Due to my pre-game playing I presume…) I left it in, went to the couch and waited for the wife, while playing with the settings. (I’ve found that I like the lower ‘speed’ best. Still experimenting with the ‘modes’.) Pre-cum flowing pretty steady. I was leaned back on the couch with my legs up on the coffee table. Perfectly comfortable. Like this was the perfect position. Wife gets home and climbs on. It’s intense and hot! We’re both loving it! I get off, and off and off… seems like a ten minute orgasm! She even says: “Are you still goin!?!?” YEP!! Musta been 2 gallons… So she climbs off, and heads to the bathroom. I just layed where I was, still vibrating, still enjoying. I’m thinking “I don’t wanna be done yet…” Then, I thought “… Jeez… maybe I’m not done yet.” I didn’t go fully soft. Hugo must have been in the exact right spot. I was still aroused! I stroked it a little, just to see if I was imagining this. Then, oh man! Hard again!! HOLY CRAP!! I stroked it hard! Got off again! Another huge load all over my stomach! Didn’t take long… she never even knew! She brought me back a towel, didn’t even notice the jiz all ove me. I haven’t had a double orgasm in … jeez I don’t remember if I ever did before! It was amazing! Pure ecstasy!

    I can’t say enough how much I like this toy! If anybody is concerned about the price… JUST BUY IT!! It’s well worth the money! I’d pay for it again and again if they were all like that night.

    Just buy it.

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  7. Hi dave , michel here.
    I have just bought this lelo and i have a couriosity: how many times do you use it in a week ?

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    • Hello,

      I have lots of prostate toys, but for this one, I’ll squeeze it in once a week on average.

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  8. I got this and it tends to slip out unless I’m laying around with my legs together. Any tips on keeping it in? Perhaps theres a fine line between to much and not enough lube?

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    • I have to admit it kinda does that to me too. It never slips all the way out, just enough to move it away from my prostate a bit. I assume this is the problem you’re having?

      In my experience it tends to stay in a bit better as all those muscles around the rectum get stronger. This creates a tighter “grip.” As with everything else, practice makes perfect! Hence, I don’t think it’s a lube problem.

      You could continue to do it with your legs together until you become stronger down there. Personally, I like to prop my body up on some pillows so I’m laying back at an angle in bed. Once it’s in, I can just adjust the weight of my body to make sure it stays planted.

      PRO TIP: do the contract and relax routine as I describe here. This is how I use an Aneros, but it works with most any prostate toy. This is a great way to strengthen and train your PC muscles.

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      • Hi Dave – it actually falls out if I dont concentrate on keeping it in. I also have the Lux and its shaped slightly different but does stay put although it doesnt quite hit the spot like this one. The Hugo has a wide range of vibes that are amazing to stay the least. Ive been tempted to wear a thong or something to mindlessly keep it in. MMMmmm….maybe thats a new product!

        Is there a way to turn it off instantly after you climax instead of going through all of the programs before you find stop?

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        • Dude, the thong idea is great! As long as it fits fairly snug, I think that would work perfectly. The thong would also make it easy to pull out when finished. I have considered trying biker shorts or compression shorts, but it would be a pain in the a$$ to get them off to get the toy out.

          I am not aware of an INSTANT way to turn it off, but it can be done in a couple of seconds. If you hold down the power button on the toy (the indented one) for a few seconds, it will power all the off.

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  9. What is the insertion length?

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    • The insertable length is 3.4 inches, or 85mm

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  10. Hi there –

    Thought I’d share my experiences with this toy so far, having just purchased one.

    I’ve been a P-spot enthusiast for a few years now. That said, I’ve only ever used the Aneros MGX with limited results. While it always intensified my orgasms while masturbating, I’ve often found I need to thrust it in and out of my ass to really get any prostate stimulation. Wiggling it around also was pleasurable, but I’ve always felt I needed something that gave a more specific amount of pressure on my prostate. Leaving the MGX up there for long periods, despite my self induced contractions, never aroused me enough to reach the elusive Male Super-O. If anything, it’s now become a good warm up toy.

    So after realizing I need to up my game and take my P-spot journey to the next level, I came across the Lelo range of prostate toys. I was immediately struck by their wonderful packaging and seemingly top grade product design. This was a stylish product for Men. After a few weeks of research, reading just about every review on this site and many others, I decided between the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge and Lelo’s Hugo. I chose Hugo.

    It arrived a few days ago, and after charging it up, I got straight to work. I used the MGX to warm up and get my ass into gear before the big plunge. Then, I lubed Hugo up and began to insert it. Keep in mind, this is the biggest thing to date I’ve ever attempted to jam up my ass, so it took a while to get it up there. At one point I thought my ass may not be able to accommodate it, as the bulbous tip is deceptively big. My sphincter was not cooperating, so it took quite a while to get it into place. Once it was up there, it felt a little weird – just in the sense that it was like trying to insert a boomerang up your ass, as I’ve only ever been used to the MGX, which is longer and thinner in its design. The Hugo also kept popping out, so I decided to sit in a chair, with my legs up on my desk. That kept it in place. However, it still felt like it wasn’t in properly. I kept having to really put pressure on it. Fortunately, the swivel on the perineal arm is quite flexible, so it was easy to adjust, pushing it deeper. The arc on the end you insert is quite pronounced – it’s quite a curve.

    Anyway, then I switched it on. By default it kicks in on a high buzz, and holy fucking shit, I nearly jumped and hit my head on the ceiling. It was intense. Immediately I began to write and wiggle, moaning as this powerful little thing shuddered and tickled my innards. I did find that cycling through the various settings was better for me, as having a constant buzz became numbing after a while. I loved the wave motion as you can control the different vibrations by simply waving our hand with the controller. The best vibration for me was the rolling buzz, which starts off softly and ends with a powerful rumble. Because I was feeling so good, I broke the cardinal rule and began to stroke my cock, which was begging me to touch it. It only took a few pumps and my cock erupted, dumping a massive wad of jizz everywhere. Again, a very intense orgasm, but no Super-O. I played with this for about 2 hours before it needed charging and towards the end I found my ass was getting a little sore. All up, my first session with Hugo saw me rub out 4 intense orgasms by masturbating. Needless to say, I was exhausted. But in a good way. Like I’d just finished a really hard session at the gym. Pulling the Hugo out of my ass was a bit painful, especially since my ass had dried up a little over the course of my session. I was careful not to tear anything as I gently pulled it out. The next day my ass was still a little tender and raw, but I suspect the more I use Hugo, the more my body will get used to its shape. My asshole will adapt!

    So my final summary is this – This toy is by far the best product I’ve ever used for prostate play. My first session had mixed results. There were moments of sheer pleasure, and then other moments of having to reposition and losing any sensations due to numbing from the constant buzzing. It really does come down to finding a good position that works, and maintaining it. While I’ve never experienced an actual prostate orgasm, I’m confident that if I continue to use Hugo, it could happen. Admittedly, I’m not very disciplined and often find I have to masturbate, especially if I have some hardcore porn playing. So I’m training myself to leave my cock alone and just concentrate on my prostate and let this toy do its thing. I’ll report back if and when I have my fist prostate orgasm. I’m determined to find prostate nirvana.

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    • Dude,

      AWESOME review! Thank you so much for writing this up. I love this stuff!

      I’m pleased that you’re enjoying this bad ass toy. It’s still one of my personal favorites. I’ve been using it for a year now, and it has performed flawlessly.

      Yes, please come back and share your story.

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  11. Just got this and the manual is missing some very needed info like how to use the remote. I got the batteries in the remote and when I push the button(s) the remote starts to vibrate, not the Hugo. Why does the remote vibrate and how to get it to work together?

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    • Hey Rick,

      I’m just catching up on the comments. Were you able to resolve your issue?

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      • Hi Dave – yep, found a very detailed instructions on another website.

        The missing nugget of info…you need to turn it on first with one touch of the button, then the remote control can communicate. The remote still will give a short burst of vibration but then stops. I guess to let you know what to expect

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        • Thanks Rick, this is something I should have included in the review initially. Much appreciated!

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  12. Hello Dave,
    First – thanks for a great and informative website. The information provided has me quivering down there just thinking about the possibilities. Until now my p-massage experience has been limited to my girlfriend penetrating me using a strap on (Tantus P Spot on the strap on and a 1.25” handheld “starter” dildo to get things relaxed down there) and slowly thrusting back and forth as I lay on my back while looking down at her slim waist and rather large boobs gently swaying back and forth. Needled to say I have experienced prostate orgasms that way and they’re phenomenal.
    Recently my girlfriend received a great job offer in a town several hundred miles away so sadly our sex will unfortunately be much less frequent. Consequently I have begun researching “solo” prostrate massagers and have narrowed my choices to the Lelo Hugo and the Aneros Vice. I really like the hands free idea of the Hugo but there are a fair amount of reviews on Amazon complaining that it has a tendency to fall out at the most inopportune time. The reviewers rarely post any information on their body type (I’m 55 years old and 5’11” and weigh 180#’s) so I don’t know if that is a factor. All that said my concern before I spring the dollars on the Hugo is will it stay put down there even though I have been penetrated by the monster Tantus (which is about as big as I ever feel the need to go) in the past.
    Thanks for staying with me. I look forward to your reply and thanks again for a great website.

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    • Hey Rick,

      Goodness, that P-Spot is a monster!

      In my personal experience, it has NEVER popped out on me. Even with some of the body contortions I tend to do when I’m having a monster O. I’m about 6’3″ and a bit heavier than you.

      I’ll admit it does have a tendency to move out a bit, but the way I use it, it rarely happens. I personally like to use it in a reclined position on my bed, with a few pillows behind my back to prop me up a bit. This way the bed makes sure it stays put.

      It’s a killer toy, but it’s a bit pricey as well. Personally, if I had the extra cash to spend, I’d go Hugo all the way. No questions asked. The vibrations are much deeper and pretty damn intense. But…for more bang for your buck, the Vice is a great choice at almost $100 less.

      Have fun 🙂

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      • Thanks for the quick reply Dave – have one other question – do you have any experience with a significant other wearing the Hugo under a strap on harness. She has the Jocque harness but I would certainly entertain other harnesses if you have any experience or recommendations. The reason I ask is that I sometimes feel selfish when my partner has finished me with a strap on in that I’m (somewhat embarrassed to say) essentially worthless especially if she ends bringing me to a conventional orgasm. What I’m trying to say is that it would be nice for her to be receiving as much pleasure as possible when she is giving me a P massage and I’ve always enjoyed simultaneous or near simultaneous orgasms with my partner. In other words, ideally it would be nice to repurpose the Hugo for her when she uses a [strap on] on me.
        Thanks again – will be ordering the Hugo later today. BTW – thanks for the coupon on your site.

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        • Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with a Hugo strap. I don’t have much experience with straps in general, so I’m not the right guy to ask. I typically like her to pop me with an “in and out” toy, like the Billy. Technically the Hugo isn’t designed for her, but it’s worth a shot! It just might stimulate her g-spot. And YOU could run the remote! Just make sure it’s sanitized, for her safety.

          I’d be interested to read how this goes. Please report back if you find a way to make this work 🙂 I know lots of other guys that would be interested in this solution.

          BTW, you have an awesome lady that seems very open minded. Good for you, man!

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  13. I am on the search again for something better than what I have to achieve orgasms without masturbating. I have a aneros progasm, Helix, lelo Billy, and nexus revo intense. Nothing I have has ever really gotten me there except I think once or twice Helix almost did. What would you recommend I try? Njoy pure wand, lelo Hugo?

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    • Considering the toys you already have, I’d go with Hugo. It’s hands free AND comes with the wireless remote: double the fun. The Pure wand is a killer toy, which I believe can be even more effective than HUGO when used properly. But it requires a constant hand to guide it, and the hassles than come with that.

      If you have the money to spend, Hugo. For about 1/3 the price you can try the Pure Wand.

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  14. I decided to pick up this toy after reading this stellar review by Dave a few weeks ago. (I included this complete review at the end of the post) Please see above.

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    • Chris,

      Your description of the HUGO experience was awesome. Thanks for contributing this!

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  15. I just bought the Hugo but haven’t used it yet. Would you consider this a bigger toy? I m new to this so I am not sure if I am up for it yet. Also, when you use it, do you usually cum without jerking off? I have tried aneros syn and even though it felt good, I don’t think it was hitting the spot.

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    • Hey there JD,

      I don’t consider this a bigger toy. More in the intermediate range, as the bulbous end is deceptively bigger than it looks.

      I have my orgasms with Hugo, then jerk off to cum.

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  16. If you had to pick one, Hugo or Wave?

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  17. Thanks for your informative reviews. I recently purchased a Lelo Hugo and a Nexus Revo and both have certain superior qualities to the other.

    I got the Revo first and thought it was the greatest toy ever until I got the Hugo. However, one major difference that I find disappointing is the duration of charge on the Hugo. Mine only seems to last about 1.25 hours before dying on me, which is not enough time. You claim that yours lasted over 3 hours and so I’m wondering if I got a defective toy and should return it…

    I have used my Revo for 4 hours straight without losing a charge. I love the rotating arm and the toy has more weight to it which is fun to bounce on. However, because of the weight and bulk, this toy is not easy to use discreetly and it falls out too easily.

    I love the variability of settings on the Hugo and the remote. It’s vibrations are far more intense than the Revo. It’s size is perfectly suited for my body and stays in easily – I can wear it under my clothes and walk around with it on, which is a lot of fun. Also, the remote control feature is ingenious – it’s a little tricky to figure out the settings at first, but I got comfortable with the operation fairly quickly. I turned the remote over to my partner and it was exciting to not know what kind of vibration would come next from her randomly adjusting the settings.

    But, I am seriously bummed about the charge time – I feel like the first hour of massage is basically warming up for me… A 2-3 hour session is my preference, and so this toy has left me unsatisfied and disappointed at how much it cost. Since the only option is to plug it into an USB to charge, there is no way to get around the short battery life.

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    • O M G – Still waiting for Lelo to get back to me about exchanging my Hugo for one that holds a charge longer. However, I finally tried the device while taking a bath last night and achieved my first Super-O after a couple months of experimenting with different devices and positions.

      I warmed up for awhile in the bedroom, getting frustratingly close to Super-O, but not quite reaching it. Of course, my device died on me so I recharged for a couple hours, then drew a hot bath and inserted the Hugo.

      As soon as I laid back in the tub, it felt incredible – the vibration produced bubbles which felt incredible running up the bottom of my scrotum. Within ten minutes I had my first Super-O and lost track of time, but I was nearly continuously orgasming for about 20 minutes. It felt absolutely transcendent and I was glad my housemates weren’t home because I started moaning uncontrollably. After about a half hour, I couldn’t resist playing with my cock and soon had an outstanding ejaculatory orgasm.

      For a couple hours after, even without anything inside of me, I felt incredibly tingly and almost like I might have another orgasm by just flexing and rolling my PC muscles as I was getting ready to sleep. More than 15 hours later and I still feel amazing and sexually satiated in a way that I haven’t felt in years.

      So – if anyone else is having trouble reaching your first Super-O, then maybe a warm bath and a waterproof toy will help?

      I was beginning to think I was one of the guys who couldn’t have a prostate orgasm and I should stop investing so much time and $ on toys. Now I will be taking a lot more baths when my housemates aren’t around… I’m curious to try it in a hot tub.

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  18. I couldn’t agree more with the nuts on the outside massager. Fantastic.

    Do you ever want a firmer surface than the bed? Like the floor?

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  19. Hello Dave,
    I’m using right now a Rocks-off Ro-Zen; while it’s quite funny, what I’m finding really frustrating is that it tends to pop out of my ass-hole very easily, forcing me to stay fixed and sometimes to keep it in place with my hand…. I suppose that’s due to its “wedge” shape.
    So, given that I’m interested with this Hugo, I’m wondering if it could risk to have the same problem or if I can enjoy it keeping my hands free without problems….

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    • Hey Bilbo,

      My sentiments exactly, regarding Rocks-off. I have the exact same problem! Regarding the Hugo, it DEFINITELY stays planted in the butt. I will say that sometimes HUGO needs a bit of pressure on it to get ALL the way in. But I’ve never had it pop out. Hugo will provide the hands free experience you’re looking for.

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      • Thanks so much Dave, very helpful!

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  20. Holy shitballs! I have used a plug occasionally during masturbation and intercourse for a few years, and I’ve been wanting something that vibrates. So after doing a fare bit of research, I went to my local shop to compare in person. Even though the HUGO was by far the most expensive, its vibrations were so strong and the craftsmanship so obvious compared to the cheaper options.

    I was a bit worried that after spending all that money I’d not get the promised orgasms, but HUGO, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Just this evening I’ve had three of the most breathtaking orgasms of my life, to the point that I’m worried my neighbors heard the moaning. I wanted a bit of a challenge size-wise, and I got it. This thing is honestly almost more than I can handle seated. Looks like those fancy dinners with the girlfriend holding the remote will have to wait awhile…

    I’m interested in this multi-orgasm thing, but at the moment, I find myself so sensitive and exhausted after one that I can’t think about going for another. Any suggestions on how to reach that higher plane?

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    • Ha! Like the name!

      If you wanna reach that “higher plane” my best suggestion is to keep working at it! In my experience, it takes time and practice to get there. If you haven’t read it already, I recommend checking out my guide on how to use a prostate stimulator, right here.

      Glad you’re enjoying yourself! There are certainly more great things to come from your continuing adventures in prostate play!

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  21. Dave,

    I’m new to all of this but I did buy a Hugo and have used it twice both times not touching myself but I do have a lot of pre cum but that’s it. I’m 6′ 2″ any suggestions?

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    • Jason:

      Thanks for stopping by. The best info I can give you is to read through my “How to use a prostate massager” page, right here.

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  22. I have never experimented with prostate play before and bought the HUGO as my first toy. No Super-O yet but I have a question about the toy/asshole heating up. Did you experience any of this? How much is normal?

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    • Hmm, I haven’t had this experience, Frank.

      I generally get a warm feeling down there anyway. The more turned on I get, the hotter things get with the increased blood flow, etc. But the toy itself? No, I’ve never experienced that.

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      • Thanks for the info (and the great site) Dave!

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  23. Hey Dave,

    After reading your stellar review of the Hugo I went ahead and picked one up myself. I’m not very experienced in the realm of prostate massages but I’ve used a rocks off product in the past. Since buying Hugo I’ve used it 3 times and it hasn’t yielded a single orgasm, or even got me close for that matter. But to be fair to Hugo I didn’t orgasm with the rocks off product either. I’m 6’4 so is it possible that it’s just not hitting my spot? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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    • Hey Ryan:

      Thanks for stopping by. Well, as I’ve mentioned on my blog, it’s quite common for men to not reach orgasm the first few (or many) times. It may even take a long time. Or it may never happen. Every guy’s body is different.

      Also, if you haven’t already, check out my post on using a prostate toy, here. There’s a lot of good info there. One suggestion I would make on using Hugo: try to apply more pressure on the toy while it’s inserted. One technique I utilize is to use leverage to apply some pressure. It’s fairly easy to do, and it’s as simple as arching your back and putting some weight down on your tail bone area. You’ll feel the toy bearing down on the bed, forcing it a little deeper into the rectum.

      To add to this,I do believe things can be a bit different for taller guys. Sometimes it takes a longer toy, with more reach to really get in there. I’m taller, but not as tall as you. And I have had similar experiences, but not with this toy.

      Hope that helps!

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  24. have tried both the revo stealth and intense……thought id give this lelo hugo a try…..all i can say is……dont bother with the revo……the lelo is way better……and alot more comfortable…..

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  25. How does this compare to Revo toys? Nexus Revo Stealth?


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    • Hey Phil,

      Thanks for stopping by. I have never tried a Revo, but it’s certainly on my bucket list!

      Here are a few differences:
      – Hugo is 100% waterproof. Revo is only splashproof. So it can’t be submerged.
      – Revo Stealth has a rotating tip. Hugo does not rotate.
      – They both come with wireless remote.
      – The charger for Revo Stealth uses a magnet to snap on. Nice feature. Hugo has a plug that’s inserted.

      These, I believe, are the highlights. I’m sure Nexus makes a great product. But I can personally attest to the greatness of Hugo.
      I hope this helps!

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