REVIEW: Lelo Hex. The best condom on the market, PERIOD.

Nearly unbreakable. The thinnest prophylactic available. The latest innovation in condom technology.

These are just a few of the things I read about HEX, prior to testing and writing this review. Sounds a bit far fetched, doesn’t it?

For the record, I’ve used a LOT of different condoms in my day. Not a single package or box made lofty claims like these. And they certainly didn’t allow for realistic feeling sexual encounters. In other words, a condom is a condom, right?

WRONG! In my opinion LELO just developed a revolutionary product. Keep reading to see why I give it a solid two thumbs up.

The verdict

These condoms are AWESOME for two reasons:

–  They feel thinner than other brands. For a more natural, less restrictive experience.

–  They’re mega strong. Pound away to your heart’s content with minimal risk of breakage.

The downsides? None, other than a higher price point. You’re paying a premium price, but getting a super premium product.

Disclosure: I received these condoms for review, free of charge from LELO. This does not affect my opinions in any way, shape or form.

Let’s start with a video

YouTube video

How HEX feels

For me

They look like any other condom I’ve worn, except for the unique honeycomb pattern imprinted into the walls. Sexy, actually. Spiderman would be proud!

Very easy to remove from the package. Easy to roll on and apply properly.

BONUS #1: I feel that they’re easier to roll on in a dark room than standard drug store brands. If the room is pitch black, and you’re in a hurry to get a Jimmy on, these are great.

BONUS #2: Just by feeling the condom after it’s out of the package, I can easily tell which is the right way to apply without looking.

In addition, the fit is slightly more snug than offerings from Lifestyle and Trojan. And that’s OK, because it’s certainly not restrictive. I’d like to think that my dick is just getting bigger as I age, but that’s certainly not the case!

The best thing about them? They allow for more pleasurable sensations than any condom I’ve worn in the past. It’s still not as fun as going without, but with STDs on the rise, it’s a no brainer to always wear one.

As a result, when I first plunged my throbbing rod into my latest lover, I was amazed. The sensation was exquisite. I could hardly tell there was anything protecting me at all. With each stroke I could feel the grip of her vaginal walls squeezing and stroking my cock. It was a feeling of freedom and openness. Like having unprotected sex…except we weren’t. Totally awesome!

Condoms have always had one upside for me (aside from STD prevention). The reduced sensations always made me last longer in bed. They helped me perform like a rock star and prevented me from blowing my load too early. With HEX, though, it really didn’t hold me back. It allowed me to experience sex at about 95% of full sensation without protection.

Furthermore, the sensations felt so unhindered that I had to think about something else, so I didn’t blow my load right then and there. As usual, thinking about baseball for short bits held me back and got me through to the finish line.

For her

I normally don’t brag about my performance in bed, but the first time was a serious home run for her too. She was moaning and her body was moving with ecstasy the entire time. Every time I started to slow down to keep myself from cumming, she begged me to keep going harder and faster.

Consequently, she was really enjoying herself, spoken in no uncertain terms. This did wonders for my sexual self esteem, too. NOTE: I hadn’t been laid in over 2 months until this happened!

The first round only lasted about 10 minutes, both of us crumbling after getting off really hard. Before the night was finished, I used all three condoms in the packet. Awesome!

Most noteworthy: after we got done, she admitted that she couldn’t even tell I was wearing a condom! She absolutely loved it.


Some back story

I hate to admit this, but I was stuck in a LONG dry spell. Almost two months without getting laid. No sex. No hand jobs. No blowjobs. Nothing. Sometimes life just gets in the way: family commitments, career, etc. Add to that the fact that I didn’t have a girlfriend for a while. A recipe for celibacy. UGH!!!

But last weekend, that all changed.

I met this sexy Latina woman a few weeks ago at a German beer festival here in the US. She was a few years older than me. Petite with lovely thick hair. Very sexy. Very sensual. Killer boobs. A great dancer with lots of smooth moves. I’ve always had a thing for Latin women.

hex appeal

As the evening progressed we moved to the music of the house band. Sometimes together, sometimes separate. But every time our eyes met, I could feel that tingle in my midsection. That feeling of arousal, even though we never touched except for a few bumps and grinds here and there. It was like telepathic sex.

At the end of the night we chatted, exchanged pleasantries and phone numbers and went our separate ways. We set up a date for the next weekend.

So we met again a week later. After a wonderful evening including dinner, drinks and excellent conversation, we ended up at her house. Both of us tipsy from several glasses of red wine. There really wasn’t much heavy conversation.

Within 15 minutes the first kiss happened. It was on. Clothes started falling off like snowflakes in a blizzard. We proceeded to have some of the most amazing sex I’ve experienced in years.

It was nearly two months to the day since I last got laid. For her…almost TWO YEARS! A proud and satisfying moment for both of us.


HEX explained

Stronger than Spiderman’s web! Seriously, this thing is almost unbreakable. Probably the strongest, most resilient one I’ve ever used. In my personal experience, it’s nearly indestructible. It allows for full-on pounding and thrusting like no other. I can go at it from any angle, any depth without much concern.


The feels

It allows for more responsive sex. Period.

I’ve used many brands over the years. Trojans, Lifestyles, etc. All of these diminished the pleasure of sex to a certain degree. Many times it felt like I was wearing a leather glove over my cock, numbing the pleasurable sensations significantly.

Most of all this new rubber allowed for the most realistic sensations I’ve felt to date. No, it’s still not like going bareback. But it’s damn close. This simple fact alone makes it a worthy protective device that belongs in every guy’s safe sex toolbox.

The strength secret

Notice the honeycomb pattern imprinted into the condom below. The image on the left is a regular condom, HEX is on the right. This pattern is one of the keys to its amazing strength. A needle will puncture it, but the the overall integrity of the condom remains intact.

Even if the structure is compromised, the chances of it shattering and leaking out any baby-making semen remains incredibly low.

NOTE: I’m fixed…had a vasectomy a few years back, so getting a girl pregnant isn’t on my list of concerns. But the protective qualities are undeniable. This alone makes it my condom of choice.

Here’s what I learned from this review

I REALLY like these condoms. No, actually, I LOVE them! As I mentioned earlier, they offer the best of both worlds. They allow for more realistic feeling encounters. Having sex with these is almost as amazing as going without. ALMOST.

This is a HUGE leap forward in STD prevention technology AND sexual pleasure.

As always, choosing a good sex lube is important for both pleasure and safety.

In conclusion I highly recommend them for anyone that’s sexually active. Yes, they cost more than the average drug store prophylactic, but totally worth it!

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