Best Male Masturbators: 4 Sex Toys Every Guy Needs

Trying to find the best male masturbators is like trying to find the best pizza in New York. Sure, everyone thinks they have the perfect slice. But everyone has different tastes. Do you prefer a thick crust or thin? Cheese and pepperoni or just cheese? Should your pizza be made with gluten-free crust or should it be dairy-free?

The same can be said for masturbators. Some people like them to fit tightly around the penis, others prefer them on the looser side. Some like a realistic looking toy, others don’t care and just want something that feels good.

Have you ever wanted a sex toy that simulates a vagina but won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Male masturbators are designed to pull off what most humans can’t – give you an amazing sexual experience, time and time again.

It’ll never be tired. Never be out of town. And it’ll never, EVER say no.

hand-picked favorites

fleshlight ice male masturbator

#1 pick

$70 @

Fleshlight Ice

transparent design

amazing, adjustable suction

wicked orgasms

lelo f1s vs penis massager

#2 pick

$229 @

Lelo F1s

iOS and Android compatible

the ultimate penis stimulator

remote control


multiple program modes

Autoblow AI blowjob machine

#3 pick

$220 @

Autoblow AI

AI powered

10 program modes

the ultimate blowjob machine

The 4 best male masturbators for your money

1. Fleshlight Ice

Fleshlight makes some of the best male masturbators on the market. Likewise they have a reputation for making high quality products that can give you incredible orgasms.

The Fleshlight Ice is no exception. It is made from their patented Real Feel Super Skin material which feels like real skin when you touch it and it has a wide variety of textures to choose from.

This toy is basically a sleeve (which is replaceable) enclosed in a hard plastic case. You lube your penis up and slide it in. Then with a free hand, you move it up and down on your erection. A few minutes later, bang! you’ve orgasmed.

fleshlight ice male masturbator

If you want to improve your solo sex life or experiment with other types of adult play, then I highly recommend this product because it will make your masturbation sessions more pleasurable than ever before.

The best part is that you won’t have to worry about it breaking down on you after just a few uses. The materials used in making these toys are sturdy enough that they should last for quite some time before needing replaced or repaired. This alone makes it the best male masturbator I own. If you want something that will last for years, then this is definitely a product to consider.

I’ve been a big Fleshlight fan for many years. I’ve reviewed some of their other products here at Mr. Racy. Check out my Fleshlight Ice review. I also have reviews of my favorite Fleshlights, as well as a Fleshlight Girls roundup.

fleshlight ice male masturbator

fleshlight ice

$70 @

transparent design

amazing, adjustable suction

wicked orgasms

2. LELO F1s V2

An automatic masturbator

The Lelo F1s Version 2 is what I’d call a “luxury male masturbator.” For me when a sex toy costs more than $200, that’s a lot of money. But worth it for the features it provides.

This automatic masturbator is a fairly recent addition to the LELO lineup. I’ve always been a big fan of their prostate toys like the Hugo and the Loki. The quality of their offerings has always been top notch, in my experience.

lelo f1s vs penis massager

The F1s is smart! Well, not a true smart sex toy, but definitely worth a look for its various luxury features. Here’s a nice feature, you can control it with your iOS or Android smart phone. Lelo has a very easy to use app. You can choose a predefined program, or make your own customized session if you’re into that sort of thing.

It’s different from other masturbators in that it has DUAL motors for extra pleasure. One does the vibrating, and the other sends out sonic waves for the ultimate in penis pleasure.

It’s also waterproof so playtime can be nearly anytime and anywhere. If you enjoy playing around in wet conditions (like the bathroom) or using lots of lube, The F1s will be just fine.

It’s rechargeable, so there are no cords to mess with. Up to 2 hours of play on a single charge. With vigorous play, I can get at least an hour on mine, which is more than enough.

lelo f1s vs penis massager

lELO f1S

$229 @

iOS and Android compatible

multiple program modes

the ultimate penis stimulator

3. Autoblow AI

An automatic masturbator

The Autoblow AI is an automatic mechanical male masturbator. This means once you slide your erection in there, all you have to do is hold it steady and kick back. The machine does all the work.

If you’re like most guys, you’ve probably tried a number of toys in your lifetime. But until Autoblow AI, there just wasn’t a good option for guys who want to masturbate but don’t have the time or privacy for the hands-on approach. Created just for guys, it’s a healthy and safe alternative to using your hand to give yourself that intense orgasm you’ve been craving.

Unlike other toys, which are limited by what batteries can do or how far technology can go, Autoblow AI is designed to be free of all restraints and deliver mind-blowing orgasms regardless of what mood you’re in.

Autoblow AI automatic male masturbator

As the name suggests, It’s powered by AI or artificial intelligence. A first on the market to my knowledge. Mind you, this isn’t true AI, but a good foray into the future of sex toys. With this built-in “intelligence” the user can experience any of 10 different blowjob simulations. I’d say this is about as good as it gets, short of the real thing.

It’s nice to be free of batteries. But this is both good and bad. It’s good because there’s no battery to go bad or failing to charge after many uses. It’s bad because you’ll have to be near an electrical outlet to use it. Works with 110v – 240v.

It also utilizes interchangeable sleeves. If one gets torn or wore out, simply slide another one in. Voila! These sleeves are quite durable, so you can get plenty of uses from each one. With an average amount of masturbation, a sleeve can last several months.

autoblow ai

$220 @

AI powered

10 program modes

the ultimate blowjob machine

4. The Manta by Fun Factory

The Manta is unique compared to the other sex toys I’ve recommended. Designed for solo play AND for couples. This is a huge benefit when both people in a partnership can share and enjoy the same sex toy. This is great for bonding and deepening the interpersonal connection.

It’s also made by a company called Fun Factory, an appropriate name for a sex toy 🙂

Manta male masturbator

One of the really cool features is the loop handle. This makes it easy to hold on to and manipulate, even for those with challenged dexterity.

Notice how the business end is sort of curved. Look inviting? It should. The primary reason for this is so you can slide this masturbator up and down your erect manhood. The VERY powerful vibrations this thing sends through your mid section is nothing short of amazing.

But care must be taken. At high settings it will probably be a bit too intense for many users. Always best to start at the lowest setting and work your way up.

As I mentioned earlier, it doubles as a couples massager. The best way to do this is have your lady riding cowgirl style. She can lean forward or backward a bit, place this thing between your erection and her vulva. This way you can both enjoy the stimulation. Pretty cool!

manta male masturbator

the manta

$140 @

solo or couples


6 speeds and patterns

What should I know about masturbators?

What’s a male masturbator?

A male masturbator is a device that allows you to simulate penetration with a partner. It’s especially useful for men who can’t have sex or want to take their time and enjoy some solo action.

It’s essentially a sleeve or tunnel that you slide onto your penis, and move it up and down. Some models have an open end for easier cleaning, while others have a closed end to closer simulate an actual vagina or anus.

They have various names, all of them performing essentially the same function.

  • pocket pussies
  • male strokers
  • portable girlfriends

They come in all shapes and sizes, from small pocket pussies to large toys that resemble sex dolls. Some are designed for hands-free use, while others require manual manipulation. From basic sleeves to vibrating toys and everything in between, there are so many ways to have fun with your manhood.

Erotic Art: AI-Generated

I’ve been experimenting with text-to-image AI platforms. My customized Stable Diffusion model has been generating some fascinating erotic images!

Why use a masturbator?

Masturbators are easy to use, comfortable and oftentimes discreet. Some are even portable and waterproof, so you can take them anywhere for some fun alone or with a partner.

Whether you’re brand new to this, or just looking for some new ideas, here are five reasons why you should try one:

  1. It can help you last longer in bed
  2. It’s more intense than manual stimulation alone
  3. It’s great if you’re on your own and want someone else to play with
  4. They’re easy to clean and maintain
  5. Many come with additional features like vibration

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How does a male masturbator work?

A masturbator works by stimulating the penis with suction and/or a massage. This in turn provides pleasure via different textures, materials and levels of tightness. Suction also helps to increase blood flow to the penis, which can be helpful for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) or low libido. This feels better than manual masturbation for a host of reasons that I don’t think need explained here.

The basic idea is to increase pleasure and enhance your sexual experience. Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of something (other than your own hand) slipping and sliding up and down their manhood?

What should I consider before buying one?

These toys aren’t exactly an everyday purchase, so you want to make sure you purchase the best male masturbator you can afford. There are many different kinds, and it can be hard to pick out a good one. No matter which you choose, there are a few things to consider and keep in mind.

Size: It’s important to choose a size that fits your needs. If you have an average-sized penis, you’ll probably be happy with nearly any masturbator. If you have a larger than average penis, try looking into some of the larger models such as Fleshlight Go Surge or Tenga Flip Hole.

Material: Some materials feel better than others depending on what kind of stimulation you’re looking for. Silicone is probably the most popular material because it feels great against.

Inner orifice: There must be a thousand different variations. This is where you put your penis. You can opt for something straight and tight, more like an ass. Or something with ridges and waves, more like a vagina.

Price: Yes, they can be a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for. A cheap plastic stroker bought from Amazon for a few bucks isn’t going to be NEARLY as fun as something priced on the higher end. What’s most important is that you find something in your price range.

Do I need to use lube with my masturbator?

As with any sex toy, lube is essential. As a general rule, I suggest using a water-based lubricant. It’s inexpensive and easy to find at nearly any grocery or drug store. Stepping up, many are compatible with silicone-based lubes, which feels amazing. Like rubbing your penis on satin sheets. But it’s significantly more expensive.

Wrapping Up This Best Male Masturbator Review

When you’re using the best male masturbator you can afford, the experience will almost always be pleasant. Using the pizza analogy from the beginning of this post, do you like the cardboard box crust pizza from the freezer section? Or would you prefer a delicious slice of freshly made pie from the pizza kitchen around the corner? The same applies to masturbators.

These toys are beneficial for men with ED as well. The more arousing action of a motorized masturbator will be more stimulating than the same old hand that’s been used for decades. This can stimulate when an erection was previously impossible, or even make for a firmer erection.

Male masturbators are so much more than “just another way to get off.” They make the whole act of jacking off more interesting, enjoyable and pleasurable.

Hopefully this guide gave you the information (or inspiration) you need. Feel free to drop a comment below if you have questions or better suggestions. Happy stroking!


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