The best male masturbators: 6 sex toys TOTALLY worth your money!

Choosing the best male masturbator for your personal jack-off pleasure is a snap. And in this post, I’ll make it even easier for you to decide.

Strokers for guys are some of the best male sex toys available. They’re versatile, easy to use and most of all, they feel so much better than wanking with your Rosy Palm.



Best Value!

Fleshlight Ice

Fleshlight Ice

AWESOME suction!

Transparent design
See yourself in action
Fully adjustable suction levels
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Autoblow AI

Autoblow AI

Blowjob bliss!

AI Powered
10 pre-programmed modes
The ULTIMATE Blowjob machine
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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5 qualities the BEST male masturbator has

  • It’s comfortable. Both for the penis and the hand.
  • Has the cum sucking action that every guy craves
  • Eliminates the chances of death grip, a.k.a. squeezing too hard when masturbating
  • Provides a reduced friction method for beating the meat. No chafing.
  • It massages the penis, kinda like a vagina would.



Let’s get started!

Here are 6 devices I own, use and highly recommend. They are listed in numerical order, with number 1 being my favorite. Remember, all these fit my definition of a GOOD masturbator, as mentioned above.

Most of these devices are rather large and definitely not discreet. If you’re looking for something more portable that could fit in a large coat pocket, I recommend you take a look at our best pocket pussies page, right here.

Let’s get started!


1. Fleshlight Ice

It’s like a pussy staring you right in the face…

Honestly, Fleshlight makes a TON of killer masturbators. There must be hundreds of different combinations available. However, the Ice is the one I own, so I can only talk about that one.

This is my #1 cum sucker, with outstanding suction when needed most. An outstanding toy, but also the most expensive. The primary material is medical grade silicone, with a hard plastic case. Read the full Ice review, here. See the entire list of my Fleshlight favorites, here, and Girls, here.



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2. LELO F1s


This is a recent addition to the LELO lineup. I’ve always been a big fan of their prostate toys (see my favorites here). Since they decided to enter the realm of male masturbators, I just HAD to give it a go. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Key features of the F1s:

  • It’s smart! Yes, you read that right. You can control it with an easy to use app on your phone. You can even make your own custom programs if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • It’s different from other masturbators in that it has DUAL motors for extra pleasure. One does the vibrating, and the other sends out sonic waves for the ultimate in penis pleasure.
  • Fully waterproof so playtime can be nearly anytime and anywhere.
  • Rechargeable, so there are no cords to mess with. Up to 2 hours of play on a single charge. With vigorous play, I can get at least an hour, which is more than enough.


Check price @


3. Autoblow AI

Autoblow AI


I’ll start off by saying that the Autoblow AI isn’t cheap. At over $200 US, it’s an expensive sex toy. But it’s totally worth it.

If you LOVE blowjobs as much as I do, this is a MUST HAVE sex toy.


5 things that make the Autoblow BAD ASS:

  1. As the name suggests, It’s powered by AI or artificial intelligence. A first on the market to my knowledge.
  2. With the built in “intelligence” the user can experience any of 10 different blowjob simulations. Yes, this is as close to an actual blowjob as a guy can get, short of the real thing.
  3. It NEVER needs batteries. This is both good and bad. It’s good because there’s no battery to go bad or failing to charge after many uses. It’s bad because you’ll have to be near an electrical outlet to use it. Works with 110v – 240v.
  4. It utilizes interchangeable sleeves. If one gets torn or wore out, simply slide another one in. Voila!
  5. The motor inside is all metal. This means it’s not some cheap plastic piece of junk that will wear out after a couple of months. This is HIGHLY unusual and a very nice feature.


Check Price at Autoblow


4. Tenga Flip Hole – Black

Looking down the barrel of a Flip Hole

This is another excellent device, which might be #1 on a lot of guys’ lists. In my opinion, this one still can’t top the Fleshlight. It does have some unique attributes, though, that make it stand out from the pack. Namely the ability to apply more pressure with your fingers if necessary. I also reviewed the Tenga Polygon, right here. It’s not great, but certainly worth a mention.

It has a hard case, but there are cutouts in it with buttons for the fingers. The primary material is medical grade silicone, with a hard plastic case. Read our detailed Flip Hole review.


Check price on Amazon



5. Lilith Uterus

Almost looks like a real pussy, eh?

I thought it would be interesting to throw an underdog into the mix. Most people have never heard of this company, including me (until I stumbled onto it by accident). But don’t let the no name status status scare you off. This is 100% Japanese quality craftsmanship.

I was pleasantly surprised, and happy I found it after using it a few times. This one doesn’t have a hard case. It’s kinda like a long rubber tube, with a front that looks remarkably like a real snatch. This is made from a very soft TPE, not silicone. It’s also latex-free, which is a good option for guys with certain sensitivities. Read our review of the Uterus.


Check price on Amazon



6. Pipedream Extreme – Fuck Me Silly

The Pipedream Extreme – Fuck Me Silly

This is one of my favorite sex toys of all time. So why do I have it at number 6, you ask? Well, quite simply, it’s HUGE. At 20 lbs. heavy, you certainly can’t throw this one in your briefcase for your next business trip. Most certainly NOT portable. But it feels amazing 🙂

It jiggles, it wobbles, and spanking it is TONS of fun. On the reality scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the real thing; it’s an easy 7 maybe 8. Not too shabby. Read my extensive review, here. It’s expensive at north of $200, but totally worth it. Be sure to watch the video. My first one!


Check price on Amazon




Don’t forget the lube!

As with any sex toy for men, lube is essential. I suggest a water based lubricant for all the devices above. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sliding your penis into a dry hole. Check out my favorites, right here.


My dick craves comfort

It loves a tight, comforting, warm hole to hang out in. Especially when it’s rock hard, throbbing away in a sex toy or a real vagina.

It DOESN’T like to be squeezed too hard or get friction burns.

By the way, this happens WAY too often to guys that only use their hands to jack off. When a cock is handled too rough, too often, some guys can suffer from a loss of sensitivity in their penis. I call this Death Grip, and it’s a sexually active man’s worst nightmare. As a result, he may find it difficult to orgasm when banging a real woman or man. That’s no good…at all.


How I got started

As a guy, I’ve discovered lots of different ways to jack myself off over the years. In my younger years, Rosie Palm brought my first erotic masturbation experiences to my bedroom, nearly every single evening. But as I got older, and had my own money to spend, sex toys came into the picture.


One day, out of the blue, I just said “fuck it” and bought a fake pussy from Fleshlight. I totally lucked out, too. Little did I know that I just stumbled upon a bitchin’ masturbator, that happened to be one of the best male sex toys on the market.

They sell more pocket pussies and jack-off toys than anyone else. But they aren’t the only game in town. They share the stage with a company called Tenga, who also happens to make great cock stroking toys.


Important: this applies to ALL men’s sex toys.

I’m gonna rant about male sex toy safety. Quality construction from a reputable manufacturer is the single most important thing to look for, followed by price.

When buying a toy that will be exposed to your genitals or ass, you want something that’s safe and won’t hurt you, right? Inferior materials can cause allergic reactions. Sometimes a cheap stroker doesn’t hold up well, to the point of breaking apart over time. And that’s the last thing I’d want…for me or anyone else.

Silicone is usually my preferred choice for its realistic feel and body safe properties. These are phthalate-free. The other choices are rubber or plastic toys. These are usually phthalate-free, but this should be verified before purchase.

In case you don’t know what phthalates are, and why you should avoid them, click here for a nifty article I posted a while back.

So why do manufacturers use it? Because it’s cheap! Furthermore, since the sex toy industry is largely unregulated by the government, it’s up to the consumer to do their own research.

So how do we avoid these nasty chemicals? It’s quite simple, actually. Buy from a reputable manufacturer that clearly states what’s in their toys! Any “cheap” sex toy should be viewed with suspicion, until the material composition can be confirmed.

Now that we’ve covered the safety issues…


Here are 4 key things you need to consider:

  1. Material: the materials used in the toy is one of the most important factors. The two primary materials are silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer.)
    • Silicone is much higher quality, and it feels very realistic. Thus, it’s more expensive. It’s also hypoallergenic and easy to clean. This material has very little odor.
    • TPE is the basic, no frills material. It’s soft, but not quite as comfortable. This is the cheaper, more economical material. These are generally hypoallergenic, but not always. They sometimes have an unsettling odor that will eventually go away after repeated cleaning. As I discussed earlier, make sure it is pthalate-free.
  2. Inner orifice: there must be a thousand different variations. This is where you put your hard cock. You can opt for something straight and tight, more like an ass. Or something with ridges and waves, more like a vagina.
  3. Size: again, there are tons of options. A pocket pussy is small enough to easily fit in a coat pocket, or even loose pants. Some of the larger ones look like a big flashlight.
  4. Price: like the old saying: you get what you pay for. A cheap plastic pussy bought from for a few bucks isn’t going to be NEARLY as much fun as a silicone stroker that costs around $70. Like when purchasing a TV or a new dishwasher, it’s usually worth it to pony up more cash and get something you REALLY want. Gotta pay for your kicks!


Wrapping up

Hopefully this guide gave you the information (or inspiration) you need. If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you at my contact page (bottom of this post). Please let me know if I missed something, or if there are any hot new toys I need to try out.

Happy stroking!


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  • Learn how to have the ultimate male orgasm, right here
  • If kink is your thing, you should try sliding a stainless steel rod in your penis, like I did!
  • Masturbate your man from a thousand miles away with teledildonics!


*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosures for more details.

Author: Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. And I'm fiend?!? No, not really. But, Kinda :) Actually, I'm just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy WOMEN and HOT sex toys. Hence, these are my chosen topics for this blog. I'm fluent in 3 languages: English, Profanity and Sarcasm. I own a number of male sex toys, and my personal "toybox" is growing rapidly. But prostate toys are my favorite. So, enjoy the ride, and drop me a line if you have something to say!

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  1. Dave, I have enjoyed all the reviews on sex toys for men. However, I have not seen a review of the Fleshlight Fleshskin. They are an open-end masturbator that sells for $39.95 on their website. I was wondering if you could do a review on them and let us know how well they work and if they are worth the price.

    Post a Reply
    • Gonna be perfectly honest here. I personally don’t think the Fleskins are all that. They’re just…meh.

      I wrote a few words about them on another page: REVIEW: 7 Best Fleshlights

      Post a Reply
  2. Dave – what are your thoughts about Super Powered Male Sex Simulator SayberX 63017- it’s very expensive and available in Europe, exclusively, it seems but everyone is raving about it.


    Post a Reply
    • Never used it but the name sounds pretty cool!

      Post a Reply
  3. My boyfriend can’t get his semi hard cock into any stroker s he has tried 5different kinds what should be look for in a masterbater

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Nancy!

      Sorry for the late reply. First of all, congrats to your boyfriend for having a big dick! If he’s really big, his options are somewhat limited. Fleshlights seem to be more roomy for the more well endowed guys. Has he tried one of those? Also, I recommend the Fuck Me Silly masturbator, here. It should accomodate nearly any size guy.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      Post a Reply
  4. Dave, you REALLY need to try Japanese “Meiki” toys. You will toss your fleshlights out they are so much better.

    1) Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu
    2) Meiki no Syoumei 06 Yen Jyu Yi
    3) Extrip Haruna Hana

    Trust me…

    Post a Reply
    • Those look interesting. I’ll check those out!

      Post a Reply
  5. My boyfriend is looking for a male masturbater that literally sucks his dick. We have been looking forever and I just want to order one already. I am looking at the autoblow 2, but it doesn’t seem to actually have suction. Do you have any recommendations. Thanks for your help, your reviews are my favorite!

    Post a Reply
    • If your guy wants to feel like he’s getting his dick sucked, then I recommend a Fleshlight. They have adjustable suction, and it’s the closest thing I’ve felt to a real cock sucking. No, it’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s approaching that.

      I have the Autoblow, and will be doing a review of it soon. It’s pretty good for a number of reasons, and pretty bad for others. Suction is not one of its strong points.

      I’ve also been looking at this toy from Amazon, called an Oral Sex Blow Job Male Masturbator. It looks kinda gimmicky, but I may give it a go anyway, since I like to try new things!

      Post a Reply
  6. Great content here dave. I also run a blog called, where I review personal lubricant, what do you think is the best lube to use on sex toys

    Post a Reply
    • What’s up, Alex? I typically stick with water based lubes, since they’re easier for clean up. My #1 favorite is ID Glide. To get the most bang for my buck, there is no substitute for Passion.

      Good luck with your site!

      Post a Reply
    • Nothing, beats virgin coconut oil…NOTHING.

      Post a Reply

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