REVIEW: LELO TUX…a luxury cock sock for the penis in your life!


Ever considered a cock sock for your penis?

If you’re like me, the answer is probably NO! In fact, I never even heard of such a thing until I tried out this new product called TUX. It’s essentially a snazzy looking sock that fits over his dick, but with sex appeal. Pretty cool, eh?

Most women are suckers for a well dressed man. A guy in uniform or a tuxedo definitely catches their attention. Well, here’s another way to get her attention when you’re “standing at attention!”


I always get excited when LELO sends me a new product to try out. I’m more than happy to give my honest and unbiased opinions about new toys. This review of the TUX willy sock is no exception.



So, what is the TUX?

It’s a dapper, sophisticated and sexy piece of intimate apparel designed specifically for men.

No, it’s not a sport coat or sexy piece of underwear, at least in the traditional sense. It’s made precisely for his “chick-sicle.” Sound interesting? It sure is! Keep reading…


LELO TUX penis apparel
A view of the TUX from the front. Sophisticated and dapper, right??


Who wears a cock sock anyway?

To be perfectly honest, this is a great accessory for ANY guy. The size is universal. It will work just fine for at least 99% of men.

Unless your dick is hung like a coke can or a #2 pencil, this will fit just fine. As I’ve mentioned throughout this blog, sex toys and intimate apparel aren’t just for women.


For the married blokes

This is the perfect complement to her sexy lingerie.

Our beautiful women spend lots of time doing their hair, painting their nails and dressing to the nines. They do it in part for themselves, but they also do it for us!

So why not give a little something back with a sharp looking cock tuxedo to complement your manhood?!


For the single guys

Maybe you’ve been dating someone for a month or two. You’ve had some hot sexy times together, but you’d like to spice things up a bit.

The next time she pulls back the sheets, imagine her amazement when she sees that cute cock of yours, dressed in a  tuxedo, begging for her lustful attention.

Yeah, it works. I just tried it this weekend with my gal! She was VERY impressed, and the sexy time was out of this world 🙂


LELO TUX penis apparel
View from the back. There’s an elastic strap at the top that accommodates nearly ANY size member.


Where to buy it?

Check out the TUX cock sock at It’s reasonably priced and comes with their stellar warranty, just like the rest of their products.

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get one for yourself.



Check price @



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