For the ULTIMATE male orgasm, try prostate milking! [NEW 2020]

Lots of guys get squirmy when the topic of prostate play comes up. I totally understand. Once upon a time, I felt that way too.

Then, one fine day, something happened that changed everything. A day that will live in infamy. I experienced the orgasm of all orgasms. A series of moments so intense, it redefined the meaning of getting off.

What happened?


I learned to harness the power of prostate milking. For me, it paved the way to a level of sexual pleasure that I never thought was possible.


In this post you’re going to learn the methods and techniques I’ve been practicing and perfecting for many years. With them I’ve learned to summon powerful, mind blowing orgasms at will. Literally.


The goal here is to help my fellow dudes enjoy the same pleasures I’ve had the good fortune to learn. Now you can be a master masturbator too…


More intense prostate orgasms


** Make sure you check out my awesome and informative 5 Stages of Prostate Orgasm infographic in section 2, below! It’s an indispensable tool that will help you on your journey to orgasmic nirvana!


Common questions and answers:

  1. What is prostate milking/massage?
  2. How to do it: internal prostate play
  3. How to do it: external prostate play
  4. How does it feel?
  5. How do I find the right spot?
  6. Will I get an erection?
  7. Will I have a prostate orgasm?
  8. Will I really be able to have multiple orgasms?
  9. Should it make me cum?
  10. How do I play safe?
  11. Is anal douching necessary?
  12. Will I need to use lube?


1. What is prostate milking?



I use the terms massage and milking interchangeably. For the purposes of this post, they are one and the same. I also use the term P-Spot, which is just another name for the prostate.


Let’s define prostate massage. It’s a relatively simple process that involves applying light to moderate pressure to the prostate gland. This gland is most easily reached through the rectum. It’s about 2 knuckles deep and rests on the anterior side, toward the front of the body.


The goal is to find just the right spot and slowly massage it. And that is the tricky part. Every guy is a bit different, so things like location and pressure mean different things to different guys. It takes practice and perseverance to get maximum pleasure.

Now, proceed to chapter 2 and learn how to do it…



2. How to do it: Internal prostate play

This method of prostate play involves inserting a finger or specialized toy into your butt. If you’re uneasy about putting things in there, feel free to jump ahead to the next section which covers the external method. BUT DON’T DO THAT!


Internal is the ONLY way to get the FULL experience. Simply because of the fact that it feels the best! The sensations are more focused and intense (in a good way). They also last longer.
With practice, you can experience multiple orgasms. Yes, you read that correctly. Men can have multiples too! Need I say more?


Before we get started with this section, here are 4 important things to consider.

  • ALWAYS Start small and work your way up. Your index finger is perfect for the first couple of times.
  • Once you get the hang of it, there is no substitute for a prostate toy to get the job done right.
  • Always use plenty of lube. Don’t skimp on this either. Spend a few extra $$ and make the entire experience easier and safer.
  • Don’t touch your penis! This is the last thing you want to do during a prostate massage. You risk blowing your load and taking attention away from the task at hand.




INSTRUCTIONS. 4 easy steps

Here they are. The keys to Dave’s holy grail.

In the next few minutes, you’ll learn how I do this. Step by step.

This guide assumes you’re flying solo. If you have a partner to help, that’s awesome! These instructions apply equally to both scenarios.



Mr. Racy's art of prostate milking



Step 1. First and foremost, make sure you allow plenty of time.

I can’t stress this enough: prostate play is not a quick process.


I like to have AT LEAST an hour of solitude for this. Two is even better. The best time for me is when I’m home alone.


This way I know there won’t be any interruptions. No girlfriend walking into my bedroom. No kids screaming outside the door.

My phone and TV get turned off. The lights are turned low. I want this time all to myself. No outside interruptions. I want to focus solely on ME and only me. This is critical for a successful session.

Maybe all this seems like overkill, but it really isn’t. If you can’t devote this amount of time and dedication, just wait until you can. It’s worth it. This is totally different than regular masturbation. Heck, I only need 5 or 10 minutes for that. The lights and TV can be on. I can pretty much do that whenever.

A good p-spot massage session is an entirely different matter. It’s more challenging, but well worth it.


Step 2. Clear the mind and relax the body

Now that you’ve set aside some time for yourself, it’s time to relax your body and mind.

Personally, I like to start with a bowel movement an hour or longer before I get started. There’s nothing more relaxing than having a nice purge.

Then I like to take a long hot shower. As hot as I can stand it. I spend plenty of time washing my entire body from head to toe, especially the area around my bum. I also advise doing some deep cleaning in the rectum. This involves using a washcloth and a finger. Push the cloth in your butt hole just a little bit to clear out any poo that might hiding near the surface.

Next, I crawl into bed. I like to have some soft soothing music playing. Music soothes my soul and prepares me for the journey I’m about to embark on. This is a great time for meditation. I like to practice breathing exercises, inhaling deeply, exhaling slowly. I may do this for 5 to 10 minutes, or until I feel I’ve calmed down.


Not being in a calm state will kill the mood. Every. Single. Time. This is why meditation, soothing music, a bowel movement and a hot shower are so important to me before I even get started.


At this point, it’s wise to have everything prepared and ready to go.  This includes towels, lube, glass of water, remote controls, etc. Have your pillows all arranged in the right places. The temperature in the room should be just right. Not too hot and not too cold. A like to have a fan blowing over me as well.

You’re going to be at this for an hour or more, and the last thing you want to do is have to get up and spoil the mood.



Step 3. Get into a comfortable position

There are two positions I like to use.

Here’s my favorite:  I simply lay in bed, on my side.  Whichever side I’m laying on, I pull the knee of my upper leg (the one on top) up toward my chest.  This makes it easy to insert the toy, finger or whatever into my rectum.

My second favorite is also quite simple.  I simply lie flat on my back and pull my feet toward my butt. With my knees raised and spread apart, it provides access the rectum. I don’t like this one quite as much because I find that it’s a bit harder to reach around down there.

There are other positions you can utilize, but I recommend one of these to get started.



Step 4. Start the massage

Assuming you’ve followed steps 1 – 3 above, it’s time to get started. The following technique is what works best for me. There are other ways to do it, but this is my personal favorite.

Start by applying a generous amount of lube to both the toy and your butt hole.

Then gently nudge the stimulator into your rectum. It should be anatomically designed to hit all the right spots.

The toy will probably feel uncomfortable at first, and it may be hard to get in. This is where it’s important to relax, wait for a second, and then try again. Generally, prostate toys have a larger business end that tapers down, so once it’s in, it feels more comfortable.

It might even hurt a little prior to getting it all the way inserted. This is normal. But if the pain is too much, you should stop and try again another time. If you’re having difficulty, starting out with a finger to loosen up your hole is advisable.

** If you’re using a finger and aren’t sure where your prostate is located, check out section 5 below, How to Find your Prostate. Follow the directions there for the massage


I like to use the contract and release method. This involves flexing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles, also known as the PC (pubococcygeal) muscles. Think of it as lifting your groin muscles. These are the same muscles you use to start and stop the flow of urine. In fact, you can practice this lift and release the next time you go to the bathroom. Make note of this sensation and use it during your next massage session.



Keep doing the lift and release for as long as you can. I suggest holding the lift for a few seconds, and then slowly release. Simply keep repeating this process over and over. Try to time your muscle contraction and simultaneously take a deep breath. Then release the contraction and exhale.


Here’s what’s happening when you do this exercise: the rectal wall muscles are slightly drawing the toy in and out, causing it to bump against the prostate. The harder you contract, the harder it bumps. This is what creates the good feelings, leading to climax.


The longer you do this, the closer it will bring you to the ultimate goal, prostate orgasm. If you’re a beginner, it will be difficult to keep going, as those muscles aren’t trained for this activity. You can improve this over time by practicing.

It’s just like hitting the gym for the first time. You’ll be very weak and unable to do lots of reps, but with time, the muscles get stronger and have more endurance.


Infographic: the 5 stages of prostate orgasm

If you’re going to try prostate massage, it’s critical that you know what to expect, and when it will happen. The following infographic walks you through the five basic stages from initial stimulation to the orgasmic finale. Use this as you’re practicing this step (step 4).





See the hi res version here.



Toy recommendation

I’m going to make a prostate toy recommendation here, as I feel this is the most efficient and effective way to enjoy this experience. It’s called the Aneros Helix Syn (see my full review here, or click the banner below).

Obviously, you don’t have to use a toy. You can use your fingers, or any other SAFE item to do this. I’m simply recommending based on my own personal experience. This is the one I first started using and the reason I’ve become a Pro Prostate Player.



Top Pick!

Helix Syn

Aneros Helix Syn

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BONUS: kick it up a notch by doing this…

Remember how I told you NOT to touch your penis a bit ago? Well, now is the time to do just that.


Only do this once you’ve had your fill of the prostate massage and achieved your goal. You can now proceed with your normal penile masturbation routine and really finish yourself off.


Personally, these are the fastest orgasms I can ever hope to achieve. After an hour or more or prostate orgasms, the traditional ejaculation is literally only a few minutes away.

It’s BIG. It’s intense. It’s very satisfying. Be sure to have a towel ready for cleanup. YOU. WILL. NEED. IT.

These ejaculations are at least twice as big as a normal one. Shooting big ropes of cum isn’t out of the ordinary.


3. How to do it: external prostate play

This is a very indirect method of prostate play, which in my professional opinion is not all that effective. There’s too much skin and tissue between the outside of the body and the prostate gland to stimulate it properly.


It’s also much more difficult to reach orgasm this way. However, I did this in my early days before I was comfortable using internal devices. It’s a good way to get started.


If putting fingers or toys into your rectum isn’t your cup of tea, this is the method that will be best for you. No anal penetration is required. In a nutshell, the prostate is activated from the outside by applying pressure to the perineum.



Diagram of male perineum. Rub here for external prostate stimulation.


This area is sometimes called the “taint.”  It’s an area of skin that has a ridge and feels like two pieces of skin have been glued together. The prostate is located directly above this area.


Here’s how to do it


The best way to do it is by using the 3 finger method. Your index, middle and ring fingers will be used for this exercise.


The first two steps are identical to the internal method.

  1. Lay down on a flat, comfortable surface. A bed is the best location.
  2. Relax and put yourself in zen mode.  Meditate, listen to erotic audio, read erotic stories, etc.  Whatever it takes to be calm and able to focus exclusively on the task at hand.
  3. While laying on your back, with your knees up and feet on the bed,using the 3 finger method, place all three fingers on your perineum. Apply firm, but gentle pressure.
  4. Start to massage the area in a clockwise motion. Do this 5 or 6 times and then switch to a counterclockwise motion. You may have to move around a bit until you find the spot that feels most pleasurable. Also experiment with different levels of pressure until you find what feels best.
  5. Continue to perform these repetitions for as long as you feel comfortable.

As I mentioned earlier, achieving orgasm is extremely difficult this way. I’ve tried it many times over the years with not much success. However, it does feel very good, which makes it a great way to warm up for an internal massage.



4. How prostate massage feels

You might be asking yourself: “So what’s awesome about it, Dave? How does it feel?”

Well, I received an email from a reader recently who answers this question better than I could have. This is what Klaus from Denmark had to say. If this doesn’t get you fired up to try it out, I don’t know what will.


Dear Dave:

I am a man, 67 years old, single (divorced), and I just want to thank you for your site/post since it just made it for me. I have never been into anal sex, but about two months ago I stumbled into it googling for remedies for an enlarged prostate. What I found was that prostate massage might be the answer to my benignly enlarged prostate.

Today I stumbled into your site and read that with prostate sexuality you have to have patience, awareness, really good time etc. (your post: It takes time . . . )

So I followed your instructions and it became quite nice, – I could hit all the right spots etc. Nice, but no orgasm. After a good deal of time I just couldn’t stand it any longer so I left it there and cleaned up. Afterwards I sat down in a chair to read.

And then it hit me!

For at least half an hour I was in heaven. Just sitting in that chair, my pelvis rotating like hell, I experienced one orgasm after another. Orgasms that seem to include my whole body, (except my penis!). The orgasms were centered in my prostate area but hit right up into my breast, my heart I would say, where I had a “feeling-orgasm”.

The last one hit right up through my throat and towards my brain, I didn’t now that was even possible. I have never experienced anything like it, it just went on and on, and a part of me just wouldn’t believe it – here I was just sitting in a chair without any form of outer stimuli, orgasming over and over again.

After the last orgasm, reaching up towards my head, I started coming down, but I was left utterly and completely chattered for hours. WAUW!!!

So again, thank you for your very instructive and not-comdemning site. As I said, it really made it for me. THANK YOU!


Thanks, Klaus! You hit the nail on the head.


Read a few more of my thoughts on this topic, below…


Why should you try it?

The bigger question is “Why SHOULDN’T you try it?”

Seriously though, learning how to do this changed my sex life. For the better. The tried and true method of getting a hard on and then stroking until orgasm was fun, but got really old. I’ve found that p-spot milking adds just enough variety to keep things interesting and allows me to have a full on “sexual release” from time to time.

It’s good for me both spiritually and physically.

Spiritually, a good massage is soothing to my soul. The resulting orgasm provides a fantastic emotional sense of well being. A sensation of calm and relaxation almost always follows. As a single guy who doesn’t always have a woman around for sexy time, this is a great way to fill the void.

Physically it feels good because orgasms are, well…AWESOME! Orgasms that come from prostate massage are even more intense. There are tons of scientifically proven benefits of getting off. From increased energy to lower chances of depression, this activity is a great way to “take the edge off” and make life more satisfying and fulfilling.


You’re NEVER too old or too young!

This activity can be enjoyed by ANYONE with a prostate, whether you’re 18 or 85! In fact, as males age, it often becomes difficult for them to get and maintain erections. Prostate play is a wonderful activity because an erection is not required. All one needs to do is rub the right spot!


Solo play is fun. Partner play is even better!

I really enjoy doing a prostate massage on myself. Enjoying it with a trusted partner is 10 times better. It’s one of those sexual experiences that couples can do together that strengthens their bond and provides for mutual sexual satisfaction. Not to mention a trusted partner can often hit those hard to reach spots better than I can by myself.


Communication is CRITICAL when playing with someone else. Make sure to lay out the ground rules beforehand and communicate your feelings, good and bad, throughout the session. And don’t forget to have a discussion afterwards so they can learn and improve for the next time!


Here’s what makes this activity super hot for me: the act of submission. Having a caring partner (this could be your girlfriend or boyfriend) as part of the experience makes it so much more gratifying. By laying back and letting that person take control, I am literally submitting to them and allowing them to have power over my body. This makes it a most excellent activity for the Sub or the Dom that wants to spice things up a bit.

Being submissive was difficult for me at first, but once I allowed myself to transfer control, it put me on the road to orgasmic liberation. By turning myself over to someone else, I actually became MORE in tune with my body and what it likes.


If you’re an experienced player, or just want to rock your prostate, Loki is the toy for you


Top Pick!

Lelo Loki

Lelo Loki

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AMAZINGLY strong vibes
Never falls out
Gives a good “stretch”

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5. How to find my prostate?

This is often the difficult part for the beginner, but with a bit of practice it’s easy to find.

Here’s a step by step guide to help you locate it with a finger:


Step 1

Use the restroom, or more precisely, have a bowel movement. This is to ensure that your rectum is clean and ready for action.


Step 2

After that, I always recommend taking a bath or shower. Washing your butt hole with a cloth will do, but a full on hot shower or bath helps with the relaxation process, making the rest of the session much easier.


Step 3

Make sure that the hands are soft and that fingernails are trimmed. File those nails to ensure no sharp edges or snags! Scratching your rectum is the last thing you want to do, for obvious reasons.


Step 4

Lay down on a flat, comfortable surface. Preferably a bed. I like to lay on my back with my knees bent and feet pulled back toward my butt. Placing a pillow under my bottom helps with the angle.


Step 5

Lube up. Trying to put a finger or toy in a dry hole just isn’t pleasurable or fun. Trust me on this and pick up a good lube. Read about those here.


Step 6

Put your hand between your legs and GENTLY stick your index finger into your rectum and curve it up toward the penis. Stop when you get to the 2nd or 3rd knuckle.


Step 7

Now, feel around a bit. Go a little deeper or a bit shallower until you feel your prostate. You’ll feel a different sensation. Perhaps not pleasurable at this point, but it will feel “interesting.” Remember this spot for later.


Congratulations! You’ve started your first massage! Start massaging that spot slowly if it feels good.


Locate my prostate. Source:

Locate your prostate. Find your male G spot. source:



Here’s a great instructional video

Honestly, this is a weird demonstration on how to find your prostate. But once you watch it, it will make perfect sense.


“Warming up” is a good way to get ready, especially for the beginner. Here’s what I mean: massage around the anus and perineum to get the blood flowing and get in the mood. Don’t stick anything in there yet. This is good to do while laying on your back, before you start.

The prostate can’t be touched directly, because it is behind your rectal wall. When you perform the massage, you will be pushing on the rectal wall, transmitting this pressure to the prostate gland.

Don’t just jam your finger or toy in there! Be gentle. Start slow. Your sphincter will probably be very tight upon initial insertion so you don’t want to rush it and cause any pain or discomfort.

If you’re having a hard time finding the spot, you might consider asking someone to help you.

If you’re into it, ask another dude to give you a hand (pun intended). Who better to find your prostate than another guy that has one as well? Check out this reader submission from a guy who did just that. Did I mention he is straight?


6. Will I get an erection?

Maybe. But maybe not. Every guy is different. Personally, I get a raging hard boner every time I have a session. But I’ve had some guys tell me they don’t get erect at all. Remember that nothing is abnormal here. Prostate pleasure has nothing to do with having an erect penis.

BONUS: Are you a guy who suffers from erectile dysfunction or have had prostate cancer? (Also, check out these recommended supplements for BPH)

Congratulations, you’re in luck. An erect penis is not required to thoroughly enjoy this activity!



LELO Loki picture.



7. Will I have a prostate orgasm?

If you do everything right, YES you will! But I’m going to be honest with you: it’s not an easy feat to achieve. It took me many months and lots of practice to master the art of prostate play and reach prostate nirvana. I believe that every guy is capable of this, but some have to work harder and be more dedicated than others. Just a fact of life.


Let’s define prostate orgasm: It’s very similar to a normal orgasm that you would experience via sexual intercourse or traditional penile masturbation. But it’s a much more intense feeling. It’s the grand finale that every prostate player tries to achieve. The icing on the cake!


Again, this orgasm is elusive. Patience is key.


Prostate vs. Traditional orgasm

The best way I can describe the difference is with this food analogy:

I’m a dude who loves meat. Yeah, I like my fruits and vegetables, but meat is where it’s at.

Sometimes a big fat juicy hamburger is what I crave. Load it up with cheese, bacon and Mayo and I’m a happy guy. Mmmmm, yum.  Think of this as traditional orgasm.

Other times the only thing that will satisfy me is a juicy steak. Medium rare Filet Mignon is my personal favorite. There is absolutely nothing better than getting a tender slice and savoring every single morsel in my mouth before swallowing it. The filet is prostate orgasm.

Yes, the difference between the two is that significant.


The best part? The sensations aren’t focused solely on the genital area.  They can be felt from deep inside the ass all the way up to the abdominal area. And if that isn’t enough, know that these orgasms often come in multiples.  If you keep stimulating, they’ll keep coming. Kind of like the Energizer bunny…you can keep going, and going, and going, and going…



8. Wait, did you say multiple orgasms?

Yes, I did! Multiple orgasms are NOT just for women. With practice and a proper technique, men can experience them too.

Here’s why:

Traditional orgasms result in what’s called a refractory period. Most guys need from a  few minutes to a few hours to recover before having another.

With prostate massage, there is no refractory period. Thus, there doesn’t need to be a delay or cool down period between orgasms.


My personal best is five orgasms, one after the other, about 20 seconds apart.


This is where lots of guys get impatient. I’ve received tons of mails and messages asking what it takes to make multiples happen. Sometimes it’s a matter of luck. Sometimes it’s the circumstance or the person you’re with. Sometimes there is no explanation. I’ve found it’s best to not think about it and just enjoy the moment. Worrying about things that may or may not happen just kill the mood and make having multiples nearly impossible.


9. Should it make me cum?

This is another question that I get asked alot. And to be perfectly honest, the answer is NO. Not only from prostate play. It’s weird, but a guy can have orgasms without ejaculating. However, when combined with traditional masturbation, I shoot loads so big I’m scared I’ll get dehydrated!

I do leak TONS or pre-cum though. Actually, I’ve always been a leaker. Just a touch and a passionate kiss from a woman can get my jeans wet!




LELO Hugo banner.



10. Play safe and clean

This is one of those sexual activities where safety and cleanliness are important. Since we’re messing around with a sensitive area of our body (the rectum) it’s wise to make sure we are gentle and practice good hygiene down there. Prostate play isn’t dangerous, but being too rough with fingers and toys can cause pain. And in extreme cases, tearing inside the rectum. This should be avoided at all costs.

Here are four rules to follow that will make sure you play safe and sound.

  1. Only put things in your rectum that are designed for this purpose.  Yes, your finger is safe. Do NOT use things like broom handles or toothbrushes!
  2. Keep your sex toys in tip top condition by following the manufacturers recommendations. They will both last longer and remain safe many uses.
  3. Use plenty of lube. If you can afford it, pay a little more money and get a higher quality product.
  4. Don’t do this activity too often. At least until you get used to it. Allow at least a couple of days between sessions. Once you are more experienced and know what your body can handle, then you can play more often.


Before you decide to play with a partner…

Reduce the risk of getting hurt. Practice on yourself first and get comfortable with your body. This will help you communicate better with your partner. An inexperienced partner could push too hard or go too fast, making the experience uncomfortable or even painful. You might want to establish some safe words as well.



11. Do I need to douche?


First, let’s define douching: It’s a simple matter of utilizing water pressure to cleanse your rectum. As I always say, “when in doubt, douche it out!”


Lots of guys (and gals) are nervous about playing around the rectal area. One thing of utmost concern is poo leaking out onto a finger or toy. Let’s face it, when sticking things in our butts, there’s a good chance this will happen. But stay calm. It’s not a big deal. It definitely comes with the territory.

Personally, I don’t douche all that much. I’m fairly clean down there.


How do I do it?

It’s much easier than you might think. The only tool you need is an enema bulb or rectal syringe. They’re readily available online (search for “rectal bulb syringe”) and at your local corner drug store. They’re very inexpensive as well, usually less than $10.

Here’s what they look like:



Watch the video below for a quick primer on how to do it.




12. Will I need to use anal lube?

The short answer is…ABSOLUTELY!

This activity cannot be enjoyed without using a quality lubricant, both for your rectum and the toy or finger you’re sticking into it. Check out my mega guide on lubes, here.


Water based lubes your best bet because they are compatible with all toys and are inexpensive.




Now you know how to take masturbation and your sex life to the next level! With these tips and tricks you’re now prepared to take the next step on your journey to prostate nirvana.

Remember: using your fingers is a great way to get started on this journey. When you’re ready to move to the next level, there are lots of special made toys out there to make the job easier and more exciting.


Make sure you check out my 5 favorite butt stimulators, right here. Out of my entire sex toy box, these are the ones I keep coming back to.


Remember: practice makes perfect. In order to hit the home run (prostate nirvana) it’s gonna take practice, practice and more practice. But like all good things in life, the best things come to those that persist and make their desires come true.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop me a line on my contact page or submit a comment below.

Happy massaging!

Update: I recently ran across a similar article at Sexual Alpha that does a very nice job covering this topic as well. Make sure to check out their take on the “3 legged stool technique”.


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  1. Hi Dave,

    This post is great. I am having some trouble though and questioning some sensations which have not been described in the posts.

    I have been using a vibrating prostate massager which i can feel “hit the spot”. I have been using your technique of tensing the pelvic muscles and after a while I can feel it is good. I then turn on the vibrator and it feels great.

    After a while I first feel my lip move slightly, then my eye lids, then I feel numbness or something like pins and needles on my hands. Then my hands begin to close and I find it hard to open them back up. its like they are locked! A similar thing starts happening to my face, it “locks up”. At this point I still keep going because I haven’t hit an orgasm yet, its all just like a build up.

    Then I start sweat and breath deeper and my legs begin to shake a little at first and then more and more the longer I go for. (it has now been around 45 minutes). I still keep going.

    Then the feeling in my hands begin to go, my legs shake less and less, its like the build up is dying. Then back to square one. this has happened a few times now and it is disappointing to have a build up end in a tease.

    Why doesn’t the feeling keep building up to orgasm? are my hands “locking up” and getting pins and needles normal? Are vibrations too much? Any comment would help if anyone has felt the same.

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  2. Hi Dave,
    Is it possible to achieve orgasm without arousal or sex drive? I am a 28-year old male who has never experienced an orgasm, and honestly I’ve been curious about how it feels for a while. I have been following your guide since 2016 or so. It’s very relaxing, but I don’t think I’ve experienced an orgasm from it. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve even touched the prostate—everything “feels weird” down there. Any ideas? Could it be impossible for me since I have low libido?


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  3. Thanks Dave. Your Website changed my whole sexlife. It is incredible. One question: usually I do not cum during or after the prostate milking. If I cum afterwards, will I have a different, less intense feeling during the next session or does it not make any difference? sorry for my bad english, I am from Austria. Cheers, Anton

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  4. I tried Anal play and some toys , but never anything like you describe here!! I can’t wait to try this once I have an hour for myself. I just wanted to ask if this technique I used, when I was a teenager and it my 20’s was ever stimulating my prostrate. Ever since I became sexually aware I like wearing jeans and they become part of my masturbation routine. You can say I developed a fetish as o got older and made money , because now I just wear jeans and I can’t get enough of them . Anyway, as I said when I was younger I started playing in my jeans my not wearing underwear and let he seam go up my butt crack a bit. As I got more daring I pulled them up higher and higher. To the point it was so high up I began to orgasm without touching my penis. Since , I tried and perfect other means Sometimes those orgasms were so intense my whole body shook. I guess my question is was this like a form of prostrate massage? Thanks for this great article!!

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  5. Hi DAVE,
    and guys and a few gals out there

    I have a really good question. At least I think it is.

    Doing Kegels, or maybe you call it squeezing your PC muscles. (The muscle you use to stop peeing)

    When I do this, I start getting feelings of orgasm. (and there is nothing in my arse stimulating my prostate)
    Or if I hold the muscle for longer periods of time, the feelings of orgasm come.

    If I keep on doing this, it begins to feel unbelievable! I would say 85% of a normal penile
    This is all done without ever touching my penis.

    I have never been able to actually come to a full ejaculating orgasm. But I have had a drop
    or two come out. I have tried so hard to get to climax, (without touching) but I have not yet
    been able to.

    Why did I say all this?

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me if what I am doing is actually squeezing my prostate by
    squeezing my PC muscles? Is this what it suppose to feel like?

    Or why can I just start exercising my PC muscle and have a 3/4 orgasmic feeling, without touching

    It likely has nothing to do with my prostate, but I thought it was worth it to at least ask.

    I have tried to have a prostate orgasm with anal vibrators and dildoes. But nothing even close.
    I still just have a weird dull feeling when I massage my prostate.

    Can anyone help me or give me some answers/opinions? Direction?

    Maybe you can help Dave?

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  6. Hi Dave

    I tried this for the very first time today, the way i was trembling and shaking with orgasm, i did the external one and it was great, each and every 20 seconds worth of lots of orgasm

    Although i never ejaculated, is this normal though?

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    • All I can say is thank you so much Dave….literally mind blowing!
      The key in my case was relaxing totally take your time and that squeeze. Still shaking 20 mins later!

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  7. I have a different approach for multiple wet orgasms… I put the Aneros in my anus and masturbate with my hand while I am tensing hard and releasing… then I cum pretty hard. But then I focus more on the prostate and tense even harder, while still rubbing my cock, erect or not. Doing this gets me a really strong secondary, or third, or fourth orgasm with cum dripping out too. Takes maybe 20 minutes…

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    • Hello Dave, it was so nice to read your article.

      There is one thing I’d like to ask:

      You mentioned there should be no cum appearing while I’m having orgasm through a prostate massaging, but for some reason I always cum few minutes after I’m finding the right spot of my prostate and massaging it.

      I’d really want to experience real prostate orgasms, I wonder why I cum (without to touch my penis at all!), what I’m doing wrong?

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    • Hello, I’d like to ask, how can I have prostate orgasm without to ejaculate?
      I masturbating anally and notice that every time I’m doing it, after a 20-30 minutes I’d ejaculating. I feel I’m not doing it right and as a result I by accidant touching my dick instead of stimulating my prostate.

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    • I have been working on this type of orgasm now for a few years. I have many different toys, however the best one I have found so far is a curved chrome toy with a small and large ball at each end. The name just evades me at the moment.
      Last week I finally got some me time, so I got down to it! had a shower and cleaned out my lower colon with the syringe described above. It take a number of double injections before I’m running clean…clear water when I release!
      I had bought some oil lube which I had heard lasts longer than water based and it worked great! I inserted the small end first and started to massage my prostate lightly. I felt, in time, the need for more pressure, so I kept on going only to feel a build up and muscle intensity growing in my lower abdomen! The need to push down was incredible! This lasted for what felt like 20 or so seconds. Seamen was slowly leaking out as the toy was forced out of my anus. That was the height of the climax! I was able to do this 4 more times before I was spent!
      Question to you all: Was this a prostate orgasm or an anal orgasm if either? All I know is that it feels friggin amazing!!!

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    • Do you have a need to press down like you’re having a big shit? 🙂

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  8. I never knew anything about the prostate gland until recently. I began masturbation probably earlier than most I guess at the age of 9 or10, even before I produced semen.
    Not being the best looking guy in the world I never managed to get myself a girlfriend (I’m straight by the way) but I always had the urge to stick stuff in my bottom quite early on in my teens. Not being very sexually aware I didn’t understand why I wanted to do this and so never actually “did” anything about it until my early 20’s.
    My anal virginity was lost to an old 6in tall salt shaker and Vaseline (Vaseline, not recommended I know but I didn’t know better then) It took several failed attempts to insert this, but I knew not to push anything and luckily I never hurt myself. When I finally did manage to get insertion, it was a really intense moment and I think the mental stimulus alone was enough to make me come quicker than normal whenever I did this.
    I continued to use my salt shaker for many many years, never inserting it more than around 3 inches of its 6 inch length as this was as far as it wanted to go, so I never pushed it. The more I used my improvised dildo the actual penetration of it became more and more important to me, I felt I was able to become both male and female protagonist in my sex play.

    One particular day in my mid-twenties I inadvertently sank deeper onto my sex toy than I anticipated, I remember it so clearly as the dildo became much wetter than usual and it was penetrating me very very easily. I would often ride this without any stimulation of my penis until I wanted to come, but on this particular day I ended up rocking backwards and forwards with it more deeply inserted, as opposed to bouncing up and down. I suddenly felt (it’s hard to describe) a really, really intense feeling deep inside the lower part of my body (rather than at the head of my penis,) that just kept on growing in intensity. This caused a sort of chain reaction that almost immediately caused me to begin violently ejaculating. I could feel my Heart really thumping, and my breathing was so hard, for 10-15 seconds had absolutely no control over my body, something I’ve never experienced before.
    I genuinely thought I was going to pass out the feelings were so intense! I can clearly remember thinking at the time, if I pass out now what is this going to look like if someone comes home and finds me!!
    Completely and utterly thee most intense and exhausting thing I’ve ever done period.

    But, I never put that experience down to the prostate. I was concentrating at the time at being hopelessly penetrated by my make shift dildo, and put the experience down to my mental state being aligned with my feminine desires perhaps.

    I’ve now graduated from my old “salt shaker” to using two proper silicone dildos of 6 and 8 inches. The six inch I can take fully, and the eight is more about being fully stretched. However, I can now hit my prostate with the six inch if I take it’s full length and ride cowgirl style. The feeling is even more intense (if that’s possible!)if I can tie my dildo to a small tree that’s at an angle of 30 or so degrees and straddle it with my legs wide open.
    It would appear that my prostate is much further inside my body than what most people say, as I need to be deeply penetrated to achieve that mind blowing orgasm. I’ve tried to feel for that “wallnut” with my finger 2 to 3 inches inside, but the only thing I can feel is about 4 inches in and what feels like part of my pelvic bone, its really at the very limits of my finger length.
    I’d like to be able to massage mine like many guys on here have said, as it would be interesting to see if I could have a prostate orgasm without it actually sending me over the edge to having a full blown (very messy) ejaculation.

    If I could give advice on my experience, I would say that if you can’t feel the prostate where it should be, or you have no feeling at all in that area, it might be further inside your body than you’re poking, you might want to try a little deeper (however take care if you’re not used to doing this)

    Sorry for the length of this comment, it wasn’t meant to be this long!

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  9. Hi Dave,

    Straight guy here so felt very cautious about anal play but my god was it worth it.

    Thank you for writing this for others. I’ve never felt anything like that before and could feel the effects for hours after orgasm. I simply cannot describe the experience lol

    All the best,

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  10. Hi,
    I have been curious as to whether the anal orgasm is actually possible or just a myth for a long time. I am straight as far as I know or care but I am honestly turned on by gay sex and all that, I’m not quite sure why. I like to explore my own body and what feels good and i have toyed with ass play, literally. I read this article and sat down, well actually lay down and experienced the most mind blowing orgasm and ejaculation without actually touching my penis just exploring my own inner self. Amazing, and thank you.

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    • Sweet! So glad you enjoyed yourself and were able to have “the” experience! That’s EXACTLY why I put this guide together.

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  11. First off, I love reading about everyone’s experience. I’m a 45 year old married guy who has been playing with myself off and on since I was a teen. I have gotten a little more into it the last few years. I have never experienced a p-orgasm and want to badly. I mostly use a 7” dildo can I reach an orgasm with it or do you need the specialized toys. Also reading an article on here where this guy had a experience with another guy were he had an orgasm. I am not really attracted to guys like that I love women but want to experience want everyone is saying is amazing so may give it a try one day.

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  12. Hi Dave – Thanks so much for posting step by step instructions. I tried to play with my prostate previously but much like when I was 13 and learning to masturbate, I didn’t have a clue of what the hell I was doing!

    After reading your instructions and prepping myself I inserted my toy and found the spot. I’ve had anal sex before and this wasn’t nearly as “intrusive”. It was pleasurable, and while i was watching porn and contracting my pelvic muscles I knew right away when an orgasm was nearing. It was incredible! I kept going and had a few small ones in a row. I masturbated after and WOW was it incredible. And just like you said, there was lots of evidence of the good time I had just had.

    Thank you again!

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    • Awesome! Thanks for dropping by and letting me know how it went!

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  13. Hi Dave,
    First off, great website! I’m thinking of ordering the Helix Syn prostate massager for my husband. We’ve only used a toy on him once, he’s very tight..usually it’s just my finger(s) and I’ve got small hands.

    We want to experience this together. Besides the insertion, how can I help him use the Helix Syn? Can I move the base so it gives him a “come hither” inside? Or once inside, is it better for him to just do contractions?

    Thank you

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    • Hey there. I’d say you just need to leave it inside and let him do his thing. With that toy the best thing you can do is stimulate other areas of his body and drive him wild 🙂 good luck!

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      • Thanks for the great article! I tried out my first toy, and wow! Didn’t cum from massage alone, but got close. There was cum dripping from my non erect penis at the time, so I guess I was doing it right.
        Followed your tips, and you’re right on!
        Gotta practice.

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    • Maybe I could assist and help you Gina…

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  14. Hi,
    I am tall 6’7″ My female partner has been trying to find my prostate with her fingers with no joy. I’ve tried one of those massagers like the Hugo but I’m not hitting the spot.

    Could it be that my height and given I am longer in the body than the legs mean my prostate is high? I did once have a prostate exam from a doc and I’m sure he lost his wrist watch he jabbed me that high up.

    I don’t want to buy any more toys until I know if it could simply be a height means I need longer thing???


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    • To answer your question, yes, because I have the same issue. Toys, at least the ones I’ve tried, do not go up high enough for a taller person. Something like the Njoy Pure Wand is a great choice because it can go higher and hit the spot that you need through the anal wall. I wish sellers of these prostate toys would explain this to people. Good luck in your search!

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  15. Wow. I feel so lost as a woman and inadequate. Im almost 50 so my senses cannot really be offended at this point. Why was i not taught this when i was younger why all the secrets. The fulfillment in sex is your partners pleasure. I so so wish this was received better. Many men do not want u to touch their anus period!

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  16. This article is amazing!

    I’ve been trying to get a prostate orgasm for almost 2 years and tonight I finally made it! The feeling is just something out of this world..

    At first I got the feeling that I needed to pee, but I kept on going and suddenly I felt it. For me it was very quick thrusts aimed at the prostate that did the trick. The first orgasm was not very intense and it had me wondering if I really made it, but after a couple of seconds I tried the same thing and had an even more amazing one.

    I kept on going, taking only a couple of seconds at a time to catch my breath. By the end of the session I must have had around 30-40 orgasms. I had to stop because I was so relaxed and pleasure-filled I just didn’t need anything more. Imagine that!

    After the first 5-6 times I started oozing and then ejaculating(!) pre-cum. By the end of the session I am almost certain than I was out of pre-cum and I was ejaculating pee – but who knows!

    Something that caught my attention was, that even though I got the first orgasms with a vibrator (it was a bit big, a smaller one might have been better), I had the strongest ones with my fingers – mostly due to the fact that I could apply further pressure at the prostate at the moment that the orgasm was happening.

    Thank you for this article, it really changed my world.

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  17. I’ve never touched my prostrate internally before. Let alone massage it or orgasm from it.
    I’d like some advice for getting started as well as advice for a good vibrating/spinning toy for this purpose.

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    • This post pretty much walks you through my favorite methods of doing it. Toy recommendations can be found here

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  18. I just had a 3 hour session and OMG! I basically had a prostrate orgasm for the last 2 hours straight. Had one after another. At one point I had multiple orgasms for a good 5 min straight. It was so good and intense that I actually worried that the neighbors might hear me! It was seriously so good that I told myself I would never stop.

    For me I have 2 toys, the nexus revo, which for me did not do it! The moving portion is too deep and does not hit my prostrate, which sucks because I spent so much on it. My original one is the Le Arque and it is incredible.
    I showered and prepped and told myself I would just do it for an hour, maybe an hour and half. I slipped it in and got into position on my back with my feet towards my but. I just let it sit their and focused on the sensations. After a while I lifted my hips slightly and that is when it hit the spot! My ass hole started contracting and it just kept going and getting stronger and stronger until OMG. I definitely did not stop after an hour and a half! Hell no! The first few orgasms were good but the best was yet to come!
    At one point the orgasm was so intense I screamed out and may dick was leaking precum like crazy!
    I’ve always been a sexual person and would NEVER take the time to write a review but after this I had to! I never knew I could feel this good! After orgasming (P Spot) for 2 hours straight I didn’t want to stop but had to because I needed to go to bed. History: this was my 3rd try. First time was meh. A few flutters but nothing mind blowing. The second time good. A few smaller orgasms. The third time was much easier to orgasm and felt so good that I couldn’t stop. I was also more stretched out by day 3 that it didn’t hurt any more.
    At the end I timed a prostrate orgasm with a dick orgasm and it was amazing! Afterwards my whole body was so light and I felt unbelievably relaxed. I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling. Usually after I cum I kind of feel guilty for some reason. But this was pure bliss. Good luck! Well worth the effort

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  19. I had a go tonight and got uncontrollable reactione. I need to practice more I think. I have a Rocks off toy. I did the contractions as you described and it got me going but I feel there is more to come. Thanks

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  20. This is the best advice I’ve come across on the internet so far regarding prostate orgasms and anal play.

    I haven’t reached the elusive P-spot orgasm yet because, although I’m not new to having things stuck up my bum, I’m new to prostate stimulation

    One thing I want to ask – do you find that watching porn (perhaps a good anal scene) enhances the arousal and experience of prostate orgasms? Or is it a distraction from the physical sensations?

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    • In my experience…starting off with porn is fine. After things get going, keep the porn on in the background (low volume) and just close your eyes and use your imagination. Maybe think of a sexy ass woman (or man) down there fingering you and sucking you off. Focus on all the little sensations…don’t overthink it or try too hard For some reason too much effort can be distracting and can lead to frustration that you are not achieving the big-O.

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  21. So lately ive been using my onyx to achieve prostate orgasms. Yesterday, i thought id try the out side area. Laying on your side and top leg bent up gently rubbing the area. Was so relaxed and the feeling was so intense. After about an hour of play, i was ready. 4 orgasms just steady streams. Now thats the spot. As a male over 50 i wish id known about this earlier.

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  22. I always cum when playing with my prostate. Not touching my dick at all. No pre cum but real thick juicy cum. And like you I can have multiple orgasms or a long continuous one if I keep going instead of a brief stop in between. I feel it everywhere in my body.

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  23. Hi Dave,
    Just a question for yourself and those that have experienced this.How fast / slow do you massage while going through the different stages? I have reached, I believe stage 3 or 4, but havent reached stage 5 yet.
    During the 2 sessions I have had I will get to a point where there are very intense contractions, so intense that I cannot seem to move my toy inside of me. Most of the time I have reached this point by vigorous toy movement.
    Should you use slow rhythmical movements rather than fast and furious?
    What have others experienced?

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  24. Hey Dave!

    I’ve been very highly interested in this particular subject, and have recently decided to give it a try for myself, but I’m having trouble.

    I bought a toy, Adam and Eve’s 3 point prostate massager. The thing is big, but I can still (with some carefully applied effort) fit around the girth of it, where it sinks in. Turning it on however doesnt seem to really do anything for me though. It feels ‘nice’, I’d say, but more in a kinky sense… Nothing directly pleasurable.

    I’ve read other comments and some say you sometimes need to go deeper. I get past the second bulge of the toy, but after that, for some reason I cant seem to fit it in any further. It’s like it just stops. I know my bowels are empty and the toy is ‘clean’ when i remove it. I’m thinking perhaps it might be the lube I’m using. I’m using Astro Glide gel that I have, and that might be the issue (having the toy dry out before it’s fully in), but i also dont want to force it. It doesnt hurt or anything, it just wont go.

    I’m looking for information and advice. Should I look at a different toy? New Lube? Or something else entirely I should be considering?


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    • With enough practice, it’s possible to insert pretty lengthy toys into the rectum. My girlfriend recently bought a pegging set, we’re just beginning the act of anal and prostate stimulation. One of the 3 dildos which came with the set is almost 2 inches thick and 7 inches long. At first, I thought there was no way something so big would fit inside me. But after taking a got shower and relaxing, using a smaller dildo, about 5 inches and only an inch wide, I soon felt like it wasn’t enough and went teaching for the larger one which I’d taken into the shower with me just in case. At about 5 inches in, I was faced with a similar issue. Relaxing and flexing your rectum in a way similar to the way you would for a bowel movement, I found I was able to finish inserting it up to the full 7 inches. So, to make the answer quick, you must relax and almost act like you’re trying to have a bowel movement. The reason is, and you’ll know this very quickly if you feel deeply with a finger, is that there are multiple sphincters in the rectum. Getting through your asshole is only the first part. For me, the second sphincter, when relaxed, is about 4 inches deep. Gently massage your toy back and forth until you start to feel it sliding in deeper. With practice, it becomes much easier. But that’s not surprising, considering most things with anal play get better and better as you practice. Good luck!

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  25. Hey Dave, thank you for the information!! I’ve been trying to accomplish this for a while. I purchased a toy, and have now tried two separate sessions to experience this type of orgasm, but I’ve found it really seems like I just have a toy buzzing in my rectum and it just stays there, and that’s about it. I think I’m doing something wrong, but not sure what.

    Have I not found the proper spot? Or am I not waiting long enough? (I was about 10 minutes each with none of the “building” feeling. I didn’t try to identify my prostate by finger before I started, should I try that?

    Just trying to get to the promised land with the rest of you! Thoughts / advice would be appreciated.

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  26. Hi Dave,

    Interesting article – your steps are good, but the technique is very individual and occasionally stroking your penis gets you over the edge with it – I’m not talking about stroking your dick like you wanna ejaculate, but the odd touch, stroke, etc helps to get you between each stage quicker (in my opinion). It is a full body experience, and even nipples, neck, kissing, everything that gets you excited is part of the whole process. Think female orgasm for men – foreplay, erotic zones, pressure at the right time, movement, positions etc.

    Anyway, I am impressed as a gay dude, been doing this since I started having sex and I am so surprised this is some elusive thing for straight men. I am not surprised however that even with step-by-step instructions some dudes aren’t quite there yet – everyone’s body is different, their erotic zones and even their internal ass. Additionally, your “relaxation” is essentially foreplay – you can’t do this without a lot of foreplay, getting yourself going and your whole zone (internal) engorged and ready to go. I’ll also say that sharing this with a partner means you can move about in different positions that work for you. ALso moving about means different angles and is likely to make you get over the edge easier. 2 positions you described aren’t the best for everyone. some dudes are better being on all 4s or on their stomach etc.

    Your instructions on douching need a total rework – the idea of ever putting cloth up my ass to douche is just weird. Invest in a proper douche and learn how to do it properly. Part of this activity relies on the muscles working in a clenching way (i.e that feeling when you stop peeing) but also a bearing down way (i.e pushing when you are taking a shit). Trust me – that 2nd technique is one of the most important parts of the process….it also strengthens the muscles which is also part of the whole process too. Bearing down has obvious risks if you don’t douche properly. SOme guys who aren’t quite getting there, need to consider the bearing down aspect – for me it is entirely necessary and also results in wave after wave of orgasm. Additionally, for some guys a finger isn’t gonna be enough – you need a decent toy and sometimes it is further in for some guys as well. Vibrating toys also help.

    I am saying this from a point of view of a guy who:
    1. Just needs to put his cock in a bloke’s ass and can make him get over the edge quick, because I am an experienced and attentive partner who uses a lot of foreplay and also knows wat he is looking for. It is not just about the prostate – it is a whole of body experience (neck, nips, lips, cock, balls – you gotta give touch attention to them all). Some dudes even get off by massaging their legs at the same time – everyone has their individual erotic zones.
    2. Doesn’t need toys – I can get off (over 20 times) in a fuck session with an experienced dude just using his cock and fingers. I fucked for 5 hrs last night and was so exhausted by this I had to sleep all day the following day. I was basically having wave after wave of orgasm. You know you have done it right when your whole body twitches for a good 30 mins after you have done. It is also the type of sex I can’t have all the time – it is really good, but it is a lot of work, heaps exhausting and very ass full on. I personally can’t eat steak every night.

    Finally and this is entirely optional. get yourselves a bottle of amyl – loosens up the tightest of ass virgins. A tight ass is not congruent with this process. the more experienced your ass gets, the easier this is and the stronger the orgasms and the more of them you will get in one sitting. To the point where you are so exhausted you just finish yourself off and blow the biggest load of you life…..and then continue to twitch a good 20-30mins after you ejaculate. I usually finish by combining an ejaculation orgasm with an ass one – probably the ultimate in male orgasm.

    Anyway – great article, re-work your douching advice, think of this as an erotic experience (needs a lot of touch everywhere on the body at the same time)


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  27. So Dave after years of trying to do this and then finally finding it I was poking it instead of rubbing cause I didn’t find this site before I just stopped and newer did it again cause regular intercourse the feel of orgasm didn’t feel as good the excitement and wow feeling went way with regular intercourse unless my wife was on top after going it hurt a little bit so I newer trying milking again and the same old great intercourse feeling never came back any suggestions

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  28. Ive been trying for close to 1 year now on and off. Then it happened,the feeling of peeing, but kept going and it happend just streamed out hard.after a few minutes i then masterbated and exploded absolutly fantastic.

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  29. Hi Dave.
    Been playing in that area for long and reading useless articles about PO but wasn’t after I found yours that I decided to give it a try once again. Your description of the stages was so accurate!!!
    I tried with a similar Helix Aneros toy to handle slow movements and catch every single reaction. I wanted to be able to recognize every point of pleasure.
    As Dave said, I would advice to go slow and don’t try to force your body. It took me 5 different sessions to reach PO but when I finally did the feeling was so intense that it was worth the patience and perseverance.
    I orgasm after 40 minutes of playing down there. There was a moment when I knew It was going to happen since I suddenly start feeling a clear tension in the prostate followed by trembling and increasing waves of pleasure radiating from this center. At this stage I was in such ecstasy that I couldn’t feel if the toy was still inside myself. After like a minute of consistent pleasure I beging to chill out gently but the tingling all over my body remained for at least 30 minutes.
    I never thought I would naturally be capable of achieving these incredible sensations. I touched heaven.
    Thanks so much Dave for your helpfull lines, for encouraging and teaching people to take this amazing journey to your body and soul…humans like you deserves all the best in life.
    Regards from Argentina.

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  30. Is it better to do this a few days after cumming, instead of had cumming the day before?

    Is it a good idea to take supplements like Zinc to build up cum?

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    • In my opinion, it doesnt matter if you wait one day or multiple days. Do what feels best for you!

      Also I’ve experimented with zinc and I haven’t found that it makes much difference. Staying hydrated is the most important thing!

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  31. Hello Dave,

    thanks for your awesome, I’ve started doing prostate milking few days ago, but the matter I always ejaculate even if I don’t touch my penis, the semen just flow. and if i kept playing and touching I cum again and again, is that normal ? I thought I will have dry orgasms.


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  32. I am now a believer.

    Just had my first prostate experience and it was absolutely amazing! When i finally found the best position suitable for me, it wasnt long before i breezed through all thr stages of P orgasm. Best part is, as i was reaching down to turn off and pull out the toy, then here comes another one! Ended up with having 4 in a span of 10 minutes! Who would’ve thought that wad even possible! Its been half an hour since and im still like a mound of jelly in bed trembling from the experience.

    I just want to say thank you for this article, very informative and well thought out guide. Wouldnt have been possible without you.

    Life will never be the same again… ????

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  33. Hi dave,
    My butt hurts when i do it, I followed your instructions, i did get some little pleasure but it got kicked by a random “poo” feeling in my butt. This isnt my first time doing it, about 3 months ago, I succeeded getting pleasure by putting a finger up my anus, it made me cum but since then, i never get pleasue again after this happened. Please give me a solution asap 🙁

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  34. Thank you so much Dave!

    I just discovered it last night and oh man, it’s fantastic. As I’m a bit on the submissive side, I tied myself up, gag in mouth, cock in the cage and blindfold on. Then I put on the vinyl gloves, lubed them and the rest is just fantastic. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I’ve never chewed that hard on my ball gag as when I got my first ever prostate orgasm. It was just sooooo good!

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  35. The wife and I recently discovered the p-spot. We discovered this accidentally and have been learning on our own. We experimented with lubes and thought we had found the perfect one. Not so, I have been self lubricating. Not possible right. When she gives me an orgasm I cum and it comes out of my anus. Looks, smells and tastes like cum. This has happened every time I orgasm. Big messy loads. Not possible, I know, yet it’s happening. Anyone experiencing this??? Damn curious and a little freaked.

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  36. Hi Dave,

    Thank you so much for the article and I really enjoy reading and learning the prostate massage from you.

    I used to use tool for the prostate massage and today I just learn that my fingers are even better (after 1 hour’s practice).

    I found out that only using my index finger is short and difficult to hold my prostate spot. But if I use 2 fingers, index finger to hold my inner hole muscle while my middle finger can exactly find the prostate spot, and I can get a great touching and leaking. My prostate fluid was almost completely out during this massage.

    Of course I have played my prostate for 6-7 months hence my hole is not so tight. So 2 fingers are not difficult to me. For other people they may need more practice.

    Just want to let you know that 2 fingers are much much better than only 1 finger from me experience.

    Next I am hoping to find a partner for the safe prostate massage.

    Thank you.


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  37. Im a bigger guy, as in im fat(295 lbs)…….ive tried and tried to find it but its obviously a lot of work for me. So i tried using a toy and i think that in my case 2-3 inches wont do it. I stuck the toy in more like 7-8 inches and touched something that made me feel like maybe i wanted to pee and it also felt good. Is this a fact that if your a large guy that the prostate will be further to reach? Also the toy i used was basically a smooth vibrator and i started stroking it in and out and i think i came very close to a P-orgasm but i got so tired and worn out i couldnt continue and was frustrated so i quit and my arm was very sore from trying so hard.What i wanted to really know is am i right about mine being further in?

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    • Im heavier than you are and i made it, so dont give up, it is absolutely possible.

      I cant say for you, but in my case it took the entire length of the tool for me to start involuntarily clenching, kept at it and the rest is history.

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    • Hi Randy,
      as a young guy I explored all day often staying in the bathroom checking out all sorts of nice places to rub in there. People dont often get their finger just inside on the Prostate side where there is a sensor that makes you want to poo.. If you rub that its awesome, sometimes just too much. I also used to when having a shower used to use my thumb by pushing my elbow against the wall of the shower till it got over the Prostate. I then progressed to bottles, wooden Dildos that I hand made. Eventually I bought a nubby condom as I had heaps of girlfriends and thought Id use it on her. I was in my mid 20’s and had found the prostate. Lost that really kinky girl friend after giving her an anal orgasm, and I used it on a large thick wooden pole and thats where I went real close to oragsming. Since then I have been buying Large Dildos and wanting a fucking machine to do all the work.. coz yeah its hard work. At 48 its even harder work. I have a non kinky wife and I have to tend to my Prostate myself. The chinese made Dao Huan machine was cheap and I wished I hadve bought the HUGHER or the SHOCKSPOT. Either can push past the Anal wall Slowly/evenly or Abruptly/Fast/ with programs. The “slowly” bit is important at the start coz if you get used to being penetrated fast you start getting off real quick when you need to stay on it and focus on staying on it as the strokes build up the tension.
      Whilst the Prostate is great to rub the tension of a a long thrust with a thick non Phallic Ribbed Nubby Dildo just leaves me Trashed for days and yet Ive had no Anal oragsm where I havent had to touch the penis as it just gets too much to handle.

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  38. I’m new to this subject and found your article informative. My boyfriend has expressed a possible interest in prostate massage but seems cautious and not too sure. Any suggestions as to how I can help him relax and become comfortable? I have tried to reassure him that I’m not judging him and just want to please him, but I feel like he’s holding back.

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    • Hello,

      My best advice would be for you two to read through some of my blog posts together. Might help with the stigma.

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    • I reckon just make a date. (make sure he knows to clean out the faecal matter. Maybe a soft bathroom hose.
      Tell him to lay on his back lots of pillows under his butt, kneel between his legs, grab the middle of the shaft skin of his penis, suck head(with lips and tongue, no teeth) slowly to the bumpy glands just below the shaft, whilst even slower move hand up and down the shaft but not far, 2cm.
      Whilst doing this hard task ever so gently WITH A WARM HAND, get the other hand and with lots of lube stroke under the testicles up and down between the anus and the base of the testcle.
      Do all of this for a minute and then start pushing a gloved warm finger with warm lube around the anus hole and even pushing on it.
      Push several times till he wriggles a bit.(he may try to push you in.) If he doesn’t you may need wait a bit more.
      Slowly insert one finger in a little, in a nibbling sort of way each time just a little bit more. Always stop the nibbling (not the finger stroke though) every so often for a few seconds, keeping the same length in stroke, for him to catch up. If its all going well start to insert a second finger. Otherwise continue on exploring inside the anus especially towards the top just inside the thick muscle of the anal wall sphincter. A little further in at the back of the penis is the Prostate. If you have little fingers they may not reach. The woman who did this was a strong big handed Islander. The good thing is that you can put more fingers in this time if your hands are small or next time. The muscles of the anus are very strong and will tire you out.
      If he cums Suck and have a cup ready to put the mouth full of sperm in it. Its is Seriously one of the best experiences a guy can have where the cum is sucked out. If not be ready next time. Make it a regular thing second weekend etc.. if your not his favourite girlfriend he will fight for you in his brain “that was the fuck of my life” “so what if she doesnt shut up and is the ditziest woman Ive even met” 🙂
      Dont be surprised if your relationship was good before that this will definitely push him into putting a ring on it… the funny thing is that whilst the stats say that men enjoy the many sorts of prostate sex 10 times more than normal sex it is the woman who can enjoy anal sex up to 30 more if she rubs her clit whilst its being done.
      Hope this helps. Talk a lot after if he doesn’t seem to like it. And tell him how much you learnt and how its going to be better next time if he wasn’t so into it. If he says nah I don’t think so, Im ok. Just say “oh come on you didnt give up when you tried to get your penis in me” tell him you enjoyed it and you both have to keep trying its good for your Prostate(ssshh, eat your vegetables). Give him another date a week later, up two weeks away.

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  39. Hello,
    I have referred to this site numerous times to follow your instructions for both internal and external massaging with and without a toy.
    I am a paraplegic from the lower chest down so the aneros toy didn’t work and I can’t position myself in some of these ways.
    Lately, I have gotten close with the external but I get to THAT point but no further. The best method I could use for internal massage is the toilet but I guess I need to stick with it longer.
    I have tried to find things online to help me with this with no luck other than expensive massagers. I can achieve a penile orgasm but I guess you could say I’m search for the big O and utilizing the benefits for my prostate.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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  40. I have been reading a lot about prostate orgasms recently, and a few weeks ago I decided to mess around in there and found my prostate easily, massaged it with my fingers and a couple of other items. I never acheived an orgasm, but the sensation was amazing. Now it appears that I can just lie on my bed, or even sit in a chair and have a prostate orgasm, and I’m not touching anything! Sometimes a aqueeze of my PC muscle can give things a push, but it’s not always necessary. The orgasms can come on their own or I can concentrate a bit and they usually come. I know these are prostate orgasms because they fit exactly the descriptions I have read about the sensations involved. Is this unusual, or do others have similar experiences?

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    • Hai Jeremy, am also experiencing the same way. Nothing abnormal in it. Those are just waves of an stimulated sexual energy. Sperm gets retained in this process and gets converted into energy waves spreading throughout the whole body. Due to which our sexual energy gets absorbed and make us feel good and energetic in our life. This is an mature state of our mind in prostate orgasm. Without the need of physical stimulations our mind works in a controlled and focused patterns made by physical stimuli. Retaining ejaculation yields powerful p-orgasms and energy.

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  41. Firstly – great blog! I was looking for a website like this a few years ago without any luck. Dave, if you don’t have time or just don’t want to read my whole comment, jump to the 3rd paragraph from the end, which starts from:”Is it necessary to do it with the contract and release method?”, please – there are some questions 🙂

    I’m thinking about buying a prostate massager toy, but I change my mind as soon as I have classic orgasm (I use fleshlight :)). After a few days, these thoughts about p-toy come back – I have a pleasant tingling sensation while thinking about it. But I’m not sure, if I enjoy it.

    Let me describe what person I am. I used to have homosexual relations, I enjoyed it, but no anymore. Then I had a girlfriend for 5 years and we were having a classic man-woman sex, but from time to time I liked to experiment with myself (well, she didn’t want to experiment… that’s why I was doing it when I was alone) – I started with fingers, but as I was experienced, I wanted something more. I met my ex male partner several times, but it didn’t work, I didn’t enjoy it at all.
    So when I was alone again and had this pleasant tingling feeling when thinking about playing with my anus, I tried something – as I wrote before – fingers wasn’t enough, so I lubed my hand well and put it in (I have small hands for a male). It was so nice, but couldn’t last long, becuase it was so uncomfortable to do so alone (and I can’t do anything with a male partner, all excitement goes away… maybe I’ll have some luck with some open minded female in the future :P), so I had to stop.

    As I said before – I was looking for a website with tips how to enjoy this type of sexual activity, especially achieving multiple male orgasms, but there wasn’t enough info about it. I read that men can achieve it by prostate massaging.

    One night I couldn’t go asleep, because I was thinking so hard about this and had this feeling again. I thought:”Let’s do it!” and I started to massage it, but through the skin. I got an erection right away and it felt good. But I didn’t do a clockwise movements, I was pushing it like a button. After some time, my body started to shake and I think I felt something like mini-orgasm, it repeated several times, but something was missing. And I couldn’t focus, because I had to change my hands when one was tired. When I looked to the watch, it turned out that my session lasted 2,5h! :O I enjoyed it, but I still wonder, if p-toy would be better.

    Is it necessary to do it with the contract and release method? Can I do it like I had a penetration sex? I don’t enjoy doing anything with my ex-partner, but I do enjoy at my solo sessions. Still, the contracting and releasing method seems weird to me. Will this work as well, if I do this by moving p-toy with my hand or riding it? What shape of a toy would be good for this?
    Is contracting and releasing very important thing to achieve this type of orgasm?

    I associate contracting with different method and I think that I couldn’t concentrate and enjoy it. I was training pc-muscles and achieving “not full” orgasm (without ejaculating) with my penis by contracting them. But orgasms weren’t enjoyable and they were short. Final orgasm with ejaculating after these “short” ones wasn’t intense as well, so I didn’t do it anymore. But I can delay my ejaculation (and orgasm) while having a sex with a woman or masturbating alone by… contracting these muscles – see, that’s why I’d like to avoid it at solo sessions with p-toy. I associate it with preventing something – I wouldn’t concentrate on achieving an orgasm :/

    Sorry for not perfect English. Have a nice day! Cheers from Poland 🙂

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  42. Hey Guys,
    As a female without a “p-spot” I just wanted to offer a little encouragement to those of you who do, especially if your thinking of trying this. For a good many of us girls, we love to watch a man get hard and come. But as much fun as it is, we are just as fascinated when your soft, we love the different reactions and sensations of men. The first time I saw this done…holy shit! It’s erotic in the extreme and it is also very satisfying to watch. You want to involve your girl? My her. Like any other masturbation, let her see you do it, then next time show her how to do it for you so you can lay back and enjoy the hell out of it,’s a beautiful thing to see. And just so you know, the same technique is how you’ll get your girl to squirt, but unlike not touching you, she needs all the stimulation you can give her, just don’t bring her to clitoral climax.
    For those of you that haven’t tried this yet? Do, because it sure looks like a ton of fun and as I said, fucking beautiful to watch! ????
    Again fellas, persist, explore and enjoy the hell out of your own body, cos if you don’t then no one else will.

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  43. I’ve just had my first prostate experience, it was strange in the beginning when I stuck my fingers in, but at the same time it felt good and arousing, so I continued. I felt a jolt through my pelvis, abdomen and penis when I first touched my prostate, it took quite some time but all of a sudden I started shaking all over and felt my stomach getting wet by a clear liquid poring out of my penis, but it didn’t feel like an orgasm as I’m used to (quick intense with sperm) rather a deeper, longer and breathtakingly satisfying one! Amazing! Best experience ever, now is it too early to try a toy..?

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    • It’s never too early to try a toy. Whenever you feel ready is the right time.

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  44. I have been into prostate play since 2012, but I was always nervous coming to terms with the social norms that are involved, never allowing me to reach the ultimate prostate orgasm! All my relationships have been heterosexual, although I have had some heteroflexible carnal fantasies! I will admit, a physically cut muscular male body is nice to look at and I often imagine strong hands massaging the knots out of my back! I’m an artist and lime tbe human body! In 2014 I got 2 Prince Albert piercings, then I met a woman, got married, and my wife did not make me feel embarrassed about anal masturbation and my sexual practices! Since letting go of my mental inhibitions, I have been able to achieve multiple orgasms, prostate orgasm, and regular ejaculation! I had to be comfortable in my own body and relax clear my mind, not to mention the sensations pulsating through my urethra, with the piercings, while waves of multiple orgasms flowed, my first prostate orgasm was amazing, the one after that even better!!!! I’m still struggling accepting the idea of physically being with a Greek God, I suppose if the opportunity presented itself, and the guy was super athletic, muscular, laid back, very clean cut, good looking, safety, I would be willing to experiment, plus I’ve heard the real thing feels amazing!

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  45. is pro taste play for straight male? as well are those toys for straight males as of well?

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    • It is for men of ALL sexual preferences. Anyone with a prostate can enjoy this activity.

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  46. I’ve been playing with my prostate since a few years ago. It’s been part of my regular masturbation sessions. I first started with my fingers, then I moved onto home-made dildos, then I started buying real dildos, and buttplugs and other stuff. I even have some vibrators but I think they don’t quite hit the spot if I don’t use a hand to move them around. I’ve felt very tempted to buy one of the expensive ones, to see if that makes a difference but I’m afraid that it doesn’t hit the spot either. I do have fun with my prostate but my issue is that I always ejaculate even if I don’t touch my penis, the semen just flow. I still can’t experience a “dry orgasm” to this day.

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  47. I am really new to this. Is it okay to slowly ‘ride’ an anal toy?

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    • Yes, that’s perfectly fine. I wouldn’t recommend doing it that way unless you’ve had some practice though. More control is available by using a hand and operating the toy that way.

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  48. I’m a regular when it comes to anal play, but this was different. The orgasm was unexpected and uncontrollable. My body vibrated violently. If this is what women experience regularly, then WOW. I learned a lot about my prostate and how to stimulate it.

    But what was more important was that I had to relax my mind. I found that if I was too anxious about it, I was unable to receive the pleasure. The other thing is PATIENCE. This is not a 1, 2, 3 thing, at least not for me. Took me about 30 minutes to reach that orgasm, but it was worth the perseverance.

    My prostate needs to have constant pressure in order to get anywhere near an orgasm, and I found that different toys varied in their effectiveness. Result: bigger is better. A certain length is needed to reach the prostate and stimulate it consistently; that length differs from guy to guy. Girth is just as important because it keeps the pressure applied to the prostate without much effort on my end. It also feels great just for stimulating and stretching my anus. I use regular dildos (but big ones) and they work just fine.

    And LUBE. You can’t have to much when you’re doing this. These are my findings. Just remember to keep and open mind and surrender to the sensations, even if they feel weird (but not painful).

    Dave, thank you for enlightening the world.

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    • Thanks for the kind words, Gray!

      I agree with your sentiments EXACTLY. Happy massaging!

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  49. Great post Dave for beginners and experienced milkers alike.I just love milking myself this way! Once you’ve tried it you never go back believe me!

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  50. Hi.. Had my first experience with ‘milking’ this past weekend. I’ve tried often over the past few years with fingers and toys, only to see very little clear pre-cum and no other results. (I’m not a leaker, so I rarely see pre-cum — would love to know how to increase pre-cum regularly.)
    But, recently my wife and I started using a strap-on where I am ‘receiving’ a very nice sized dildo. Formerly, I was using a bulb-style cleaner in preparation, but recently upgraded to a shower enema cleaning system with multiple attachment options. I spent about 45 minutes in the shower this past Sunday evening trying out the different attachments. One attachment is particularly longer and I really enjoyed its effectiveness, when all the sudden, I felt a discharge sensation from my penis. It was milky, mostly medium consistency like cum but contained a good amount of thinner fluid too. Did I just cum? It didn’t have the same orgasmic sensation as a penile-stimulated orgasm. I wasn’t even erect. At any rate, I’m looking forward to my next 45-minute shower!!!

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    • Hey, you mention that this discharge happened, and that it’s something you want to repeat, but you didn’t actually mention whether it was pleasurable or not. 🙂

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      • For me personally, the discharge isn’t anything special. It’s just a “side effect” that has no overall bearing on the physical experience.

        Hopefully Ray will come back and relay his experience 🙂

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  51. Hello Dave,

    I have been having prostate play Noe for about two months and like the guy who commented above I feel extremely aroused and hard after an hour in but just as I feel relaxed and near my body seems to get slightly tense and I lose the feeling. I am using the lelo hugo which is good but could I benefit from something different? I am determined to get there and won’t give up just wish it would come sooner.



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  52. After I have gone through all the steps and have my toy inserted, how often do I contract my muscles to stimulate my prostate? I guess I am a little anal (no pun intended) but things work better for me if I know what to do. Do I do contractions constantly, hold and count, multiple times in a row….just wondering. Thanks Dave. I really like your site.

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    • Hello Glenn:

      This experience is a bit different for every guy, but if I were you, I would experiment with different patterns. For example, try constant contractions with the hold and count. Beware that your muscles will get tired if they aren’t used to this.

      If that doesn’t work, change it up a bit with hold and contract. Then release and wait 20 seconds and repeat. Just experiment until you find what works for you.

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  53. I had a guy massage my prostate for the first time last week. He was so gentle and took his time. I thought I was going to loose it; it was incredible. I never had a guy fuck my ass with his finger but it was great. I came so fast and kept cuming for about a minute. I had cum all over the place.

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  54. Dave, thanks for diving into and sharing what you know on this topic. I just read your “Art of milking” and although you share about the results, I was hoping for more details on techniques once the prostrate is located.

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    • Hey man, glad you stopped by. How timely, I’m in the process of updating this post that includes those details! Stay tuned…I should have something up soon.

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  55. The first time I was introduced to anything having to do with the prostate was when I was about 36 years old. I was having an odd sensation in my prostate. Following and exam a urologist said he needed to collect some fluid or precumm from my prostate and have it tested. He did what is called milking the prostate. So as I stood he sat in a chair massaging my prostate with one finger while he held my penis in the other hand waiting for the fluid to come out. This went on for a while then it was over. As it turned out there was not anything wrong with my prostate. But after that I bought an Aneros Helix to milk my own prostate. I never had any type of orgasm with it. I did sometimes have a very pleasant or relaxing feeling stay in my prostate and sometimes in my balls for awhile after I finished with the Helix. So now to my question. I was wondering if I got something bigger like the Tantus P-Spot or perhaps better yet something like the Mangasm Voyage Large Prostate Simulator, if I would have a better chance at having the prostate orgasm. I read the reviews for the Voyage and the guys on their reviews make it sound too good not to try. So what are your thoughts? I don’t want to buy something and spend time only to find out that it was all for nothing. Alan.

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    • Hello Alan,

      I have never used the Mangasm Voyager. Although it looks like a pretty decent toy for a fairly low cost. It’s hard to say if something bigger would work for you, since I don’t know your situation. For me personally, bigger does indeed work better. Especially with the P-Spot, it’s not only big, but long. I can really get it up in there when I need to go deep. P-spot is also very inexpensive. I’d give that a go, or go for the Voyager and get vibration with it. Happy massaging!

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  56. I’ve been reading through a lot of this stuff, and i guess I’m just glad to know it might take a little while and numerous attempts to get right. I’ve been using plugs and dildos for years now, but never knew about prostate massage, and so i picked up something simple to try it with. Needless to say the toy i picked up (California exotics p-rock prostate massager) didn’t really get me where i wanted. Definitely noted that i need to avoid cheaper products. The biggest problem with the toy i got was that it just wouldn’t stay put and it was hard to stay focused and relaxed when having to wrestle with it. Hoping i can find my o in the future, and plan on getting something from your reviewed and proven list of toys instead.

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  57. That moment when you realize you’ve been rubbing your bladder…

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  58. Hey Dave,
    I’m a relatively new reader to your blog since I started experimenting with my new desire to try to discover the big O. But like many guys I have been met with the relenting dissapointment that often comes with it. I’m sure guys like me can relate to having a very elusive p spot that is almost impossible to pinpoint and for me I have only ever caught faint shimmers of it through touch. Even after I bought a p spot vibrator I was still having difficulty pinpointing it. I continued to read through your blogs and admit it was partially a relaxation problem. But even taking my time and giving myself plenty of it I still feel I’m not getting anywhere. I’m not giving up but some advice would be much appreciated. I’m sure I’m not the only guy having this problem too where no matter what they try nothing seems to work in terms of finding their p spot.

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    • Hey Luke,

      Thanks for stopping by! My first thought is this: is your toy long enough? Or perhaps you need something with a bit more girth. My advice may vary, depending on the toy(s) you are using.

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  59. Question: you mentioned prostate massage with your girlfriend, does she use a toy on you, and if so, which do you suggest?

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    • Hello Mike:

      I have two toys that are great for couples: Billy and Hugo

      The Lelo Billy is great because she can use it like a dildo. I kinda enjoy the in and out action with vibrations, so this is a great toy to enjoy the best of both worlds.

      The Lelo Hugo is awesome for a totally different reason. It has a wireless remote control. We like to switch “roles” in the bedroom from time to time. When she’s playing DOM, she gets to control the vibrations from afar. She can tease and dominate me in any way she likes, as the control is in her hands. Remember, Hugo isn’t designed for in and out action…it just stays in place.

      So, depending on what you’re looking for, these are both outstanding toys for couples play. I’m lucky to have both of them in our toybox!

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  60. I’m nervous but would like to try!!! Any first timer advice?

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    • Hey Joe!

      Thanks for stopping by. The best advice for first timers is right here: my prostate toy user manual.

      Just follow along and you’ll be well on your way!


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      • I just did it and my ass feels relaxed and my body feels like it’s melting into my bed best orgasm ever

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    • I found, when I first started using any toys at all, that I wasn’t using enough lube…I mean, when I first started using my finger a lot and then my wifes dildo, it just seemed to burn…and when I found my prostate I told myself that I had to find a way to make this work. I started using more lube, I even pull the toy out after it has been fully inserted and lube it again before putting it in the final time. I started by putting a dildo between the mates and box springs of my bed, so that it was like someone behind me and I would get on hands and knees and slowly, slowly work my asshole onto it. Then I would start to fuck my ass into the dildo. Don’t be afraid to visualize and fantasize while you do this because it increases the relaxation and heightens the taboo, I am totally straight, but the first time I fantasized about backing myself up onto a real guys tool I had an amazing orgasm that made me shake. I eventually got a proper, curved vibrating dildo with a suction cup and I can get my ass fucked in any position, and save the vibration for when I’m getting close and then put it in full vibe. I know that I need in and out insertion for my prostate to feel it, and I slowly ride my dildo while kneeling over it and stroking my cock at the same time. It’s often somewhat uncomfortable for awhile, but about 15 minutes later, after I start letting my ass fully relax and the riding gets smoother and steadier I go from being semi-hard to really hard as the orgasm approaches and then it’s all this fluid flying everywhere! Feels different than a normal jack off, but is just as good or better, and I also am able to recover quicker and start again in 5 minutes…I can’t do this with just a normal jerk session.

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  61. Just a question. Will you compare the Aneros Vice and the Lelo Hugo? Which is your favorite?

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    • Hello and thanks for stopping by!

      Here are my thoughts:

      Vice – Definitely a nice product. Very durable and feels very nice. As far as thickness and “feeling full”, it’s about on par with the Hugo. No remote control, you’ll have to reach down and hit the button to change settings. Also, I don’t feel that the vibrations are as intense or enjoyable. Can be purchased for under $100 US.

      Hugo – My favorite vibrator, until something better comes along! LOTS of different vibration patterns and intensities. The wireless remote is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it runs over $200 US. This is a pretty hefty sum to pay for a vibrator, but well worth it in my opinion.

      Common to both – They’re both waterproof. Both hands free, once inserted. The only thing you’ll need hands for is to change the settings. They are both constructed of excellent, high grade silicone. They both come from very reputable manufacturers. However, Lelo’s 10 year product guarantee is pretty nice. This means if the toy craps out during years 2-10, they will give you a 50% discount on your next toy.

      I feel that they are both great toys, but Hugo is quite expensive. It all comes down to your personal budget.

      Hope this helps!


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  62. Hi Dave,

    I came across your blog and I’m glad I did. I have been exploring this area for about 2 years. My first prostate orgasm was in October 2014. I didn’t really know what to expect that time. I was using the Aneros HelixSyn and lots of lube. It took me two hours to finally reach that sensational deep orgasm. I didn’t expect the prostate fluid because I wasn’t even erect. It is truly a completely separate feeling compared to a penile stimulated orgasm. The feel comes from deep inside and it is fantastic.

    But, as you mentioned in your blog, I was trying for the next super orgasm and I couldn’t get to that climax again. I tried in vain for months and got really close. The heart was racing and I would be shaking. But, after a while the feeling dissipated and I would stop.

    It is true you have to be in the right mind frame and sexual arousal. I’ve also played around with semen retention so I had a build up for months. This past week I felt my prostate was really tingling and it was begging to be massaged so I got on the bed, lubed up and stuck the aneros in there. I was using a bit of my finger to swirl the head on the prostate. But, just slightly. after awhile I felt the shakes and my heart started pounding uncontrollably. It started to feel so good. But, I started to tense up was, rushing to get there, and the feeling subsided. So I took deep belly breathes to relax and when I did, my prostate was alive again with tingles. With every breath and movement brought me closer and closer. Finally I reached the climax and it was so intense. More intense then the one in October. The aneros was going crazy with the contractions. It was truly amazing. It’s hard to believe that we men have the capability to reach such a climax. You feel that your prostate has come alive after a long sleep. It was ever tingling afterward and your mind tends to go back to relive that experience.

    If most men don’t experience this type of orgasm for whatever reason, they are truly missing out. But, it is good to know that we are a small group of men that have experienced this kind of feeling, it makes me feel like I am part of an elite group.

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    • I love to receive feedback like this! Thanks for stopping by AND for taking the time to write me! Prostate play is truly the ultimate male treat.

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