The Secret to the Ultimate Climax: Prostate Massage

Hey folks, buckle up! We’re diving headfirst into a wild, wooly, and wholly unique journey: the art of prostate massage.

You may be scratching your head, thinking: “Why in the wide, wide world of self-exploration, would anyone want to have a prostate orgasm?” Strap in, my friend. The benefits aren’t just hidden gems, they’re diamonds in the rough. Imagine putting the squeeze on an enlarged prostate, easing off that pesky distress. But while health is wealth, let’s get to the juicy bit: cranking up the dial on your sexual pleasure capacitor!

First port of call: get yourself one helluva prostate stimulator. The horizon’s chock full of choices – there’s a gizmo for every Joe and their brother. Breathe easy, though, I’ve done the recon for you. Over at my ‘best prostate massager’ post, you’ll find all the insider info from my escapades in toy testing. Don’t sweat it; these contrivances aren’t mandatory, but they’ll make your explorations feel like the grandest expedition.

Experiencing prostate massage can be a helluva ride, with the right mindset leading the way. So let loose, blaze the trail, and capture some good times.

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This post is your personal guide through the wild west of prostate massage – complete with roadmaps, visual aids, and the works. A sneak peek at our table of contents below will give you a snapshot of the ride ahead.

So, whether you’re on a quest to add some fireworks to your bedroom routines, or even if you’re just a curious cat about prostate massage – this is your call to action. Go out there, give it a whirl. You just might find yourself reveling in the joy of discovering something fantastically new. Enjoy the journey!

What on Earth is a Prostate Massage?

Prostate massage isn’t exactly the talk of the town, but it’s a conversation worth starting. You’d be amazed to discover the cloud of myths hovering around this less-tread territory.

So, clear the air, I shall. Here’s a revelation – prostate stimulation isn’t exclusively for those with prostate issues. On the contrary, lots of guys just like you revel in this thrilling pastime for the climactic delights it gifts. The prostate is a hotbed of sensitivity, a simple nudge and it sparks a firework of pleasure.

The Lingo

In the world of prostate exploration, the words ‘prostate massage‘ and ‘prostate milking‘ are siblings, often swapped effortlessly. For the purpose of our leap into this mysterious land, they’re one and the same. Also, get acquainted with our good friend, the P-Spot, the prostate’s undercover alias.

The mission is simple enough: locate that elusive sweet spot and gently massage it into surrender. Simple? Eh, not so fast. Just like fingerprints, every man’s optimal prostate pleasure point is unique, as is the pressure it craves to reach the zenith. And herein lies the thrilling challenge. A healthy serving of practice and patience can unlock levels of delight previously untapped.

Erotic Art: AI-Generated

I’ve been experimenting with text-to-image AI platforms. My customized Stable Diffusion model has been generating some fascinating erotic images!

Why YOU Should Try Prostate Milking!

From increased energy to lower chances of depression, this activity is a great way to “take the edge off” and make life more satisfying and fulfilling.

Stimulating the prostate ushers in a roller coaster of sensations, with profound pleasure sending ripples throughout your body. Many men describe a feeling of fullness and pressure shooting through their pelvis, accompanied by waves of pleasure that radiate outward, akin to a pebble tossed into a placid pond.

With patience, repetition, and a pinch of daring, it’s possible to summon earth-shaking orgasms at will. These prostate-induced climaxes, (details to follow), tend to outlast their more traditional counterparts and are imbued with a potency that turns heads.

For me, the effects of prostate adventure split into two vibrant paths: one spiritual, the other physical.

On the spiritual side, a well-done massage is like a soul-soothing lullaby. The subsequent orgasm delivers a rush of satisfaction that washes over you, a wave of tranquility following soon after. As a lone ranger who doesn’t have the luxury of consistent companionship for sexy soirees, this is a fantastic way to fill this space.

This newfound tranquility paves the path toward other pursuits. Hobbies and interests regain their allure, and life’s usual stressors lose ground.

On the physical plane, the sensation is phenomenal – because let’s face it, orgasms rock! Plus, science has our back here – the benefits of climaxing extend to higher energy, lower odds of depression, and a pleasant liveliness that infiltrates everyday life.

The sum of it? Prostate massage is a ticket to “letting your hair down”, injecting a healthy dose of satisfaction and fulfillment into our human existence.

From increased energy to lower chances of depression, prostate stimulation is a great way to *take the edge off* Click to Tweet

Ready for a Prostate Orgasm?

This version of prostate pleasure involves volunteering your rear end for either your exploring finger or a special behind-the-scenes, bum-friendly toy. Now, if the mere thought has you clenching your cheeks, you’re welcome to sprint toward the next bit about “external” antics. But don’t you dare!

Going deep and internal is like scoring premium front-row tickets. Why, you ask? It’s the real deal, the star performance, the one-touch symphony! The sensations that course through you are tighter, and more potent, they linger, they sing, and if you hit all the right chords, they encore. With some crafty fingering, you can even hit multiple high notes. Multiple orgasms. Yes, you’re reading this right. Too good to be true? Men are just as capable of the grand repeat performance! Convinced, are we?

Now, behave and remember these FIVE commandments before you dive in.

1st Commandment: Time, my friend

This, let me tell you, is no race. Prostate play is a slow dance, a waltz.

At the very least, I steal away a solid hour for this. Better if it’s two. Prime time is when I have the run of the house to myself.

No curious girlfriends bumbling in, no impressionable kids bellowing outside the door.

I go off-grid and dim the lights to create my bubble. The world can wait. Because this, my valuable ‘me’ time, decides the victory or defeat of the expedition.

You’re probably thinking I’ve lost it, right? But trust me, dedication is your ally here. If you cannot pledge your time or focus to the act, you’re better off waiting for when you can. This isn’t your regular five-minute throw-away wank. That’s easy. This, however, requires finesse, and patience, but ask me, and I’ll say it – it’s worth every damned second.

Dave’s shower thoughts

If you can love all of yourself, including your butt, you’ve achieved something great.

2nd Commandment: Relax

Alright, you’ve pressed pause on life. Now, unhinge, let go.

To prep, I prefer an honest-to-god poop marathon, an hour or so before diving in. Perfect tranquility follows a strong purge.

Then, I simmer in a hot, prolonged shower. Make sure I scrub every inch of my skin in anticipation; paying special attention to my posterior playground. Penetrating a bit deeper in your back alley can come in handy to avoid surprise intruders.

Next stop, my sanctuary – the bed. Soft melodies coaxing away life’s worries, serenading my voyage into pleasurehood. It’s a prime time for meditation, in-out breaths, and cultivating calm. A restless mind can be the iceberg to your Titanic. Regardless of whether I nail it in 5 or 10 minutes, or when I feel a wave of calm wash over me, I never skip this step.

Not being in a calm state will kill the mood. Every. Single. Time. This is why meditation, soothing music, a bowel movement and a hot shower are so important to me before I even get started.

Remember to set the stage before you start. Be it towels, lubricants, a bunch of pillows in the right positions, hell, even a remote control if you need it.

You don’t want to interrupt the flow and screw up the mood because you had to go scurrying around for a glass of water.

3rd Commandment: Comfort = King

Two positions work magic for me.

Here’s the top-notch one: I lie in bed, on one side. The knee of my angling upper leg veers towards the chest, all the while making it a walk in the park to insert the toy.

Position two: Simply flat on my back, my feet drew towards my derriere. With my knees propped up and opened like a book, it’s like an open invitation to my rectum. Though I’m not a big fan, it sometimes feels like a game of Twister.

Sure, there could be other positions to try. But for rookies, these are foolproof to start with. So, good luck, and may the force be with you!

4th Commandment: Are You Ready For This?

Assuming you’ve followed the roadmap via steps one through three, it’s time to kick off the real show, the grand spectacle. Different folks, different strokes. So, what I’m about to share is my way of navigating the storm. You might find your rhythm, but until then, bear with me.

Start the process by greasing up both your dazzling toy and the door it’s about to knock on, your back entry. Be generous with that lubrication.

Next, gently coax the toy into your rectal arena. It’s like a well-informed GPS, designed to hit all the pleasure junctions on its route.

You’ll probably wriggle from discomfort initially, and it could feel like wrestling a grizzly to get it in the first time. This is when you need to breathe, loosen up, and try to tame the beast again. It’s like swallowing a big bite, once it’s in, it’s a smooth sail.

A twinge of pain is not uncommon when you’re still trying to get the hang of it. However, if agony is the name of the game, abort the mission. If things are too tight for comfort, take it down a notch, start with a finger, and gently work your way up.

**For the rookies who still haven’t figured out their body map and struggle to locate their own prostate, give a glance at the section further down the page, “How to Find your Prostate”. Instructions there could be your treasure map.

I’m a believer in the ‘contract and release’ method. It’s like a rhythmic dance of your pelvic floor muscles, the PC (pubococcygeal) or as I like to call them, the PC-privates club. It’s all about summoning your inner Hulk and contracting your groin muscles. These are the same muscles that control your piss flow. Next time you need to pee, train these puppies by stopping and starting your urine flow. Adopt this sensuous groove during your next massage soiree.

Keep playing this flirtatious game of catch and release for as long as you can stand it. Take a few seconds to hold the lift, and then release it like a breath you’ve held too long. It’s all about repetition. Add a twinkling twist by aligning your muscular clench with a deep breath, then exhale as you release.

Here’s the kicker: While you engage in this thrilling exercise, the muscles of your rectal walls tease the toy, causing it to swagger against your prostate. The harder you play, the harder it swagger, serenading you with delicious sensations, and setting the stage for a mindboggling finale.

The longer you keep at it, your reward – the enigmatic prostate orgasm – edges closer. First-timers, you must be patient; those muscles are like greenhorns, untrained in the sensual arts. But practice, my friend, makes perfect.

Consider it your first time at the gym. You aren’t going to deadlift 300 pounds on day one. But with time, perseverance, and regular workout, your muscles get used to the grind, ready to perform better, and last longer. The same applies here. It’s all about training that muscle.

5th Commandment: Follow this Infographic

Flying blind into prostate play is the last thing you want to do. Be informed, be prepared, and understand when each reaction is likely to occur.

For the visually inclined, here’s a simple sketch of the journey, starting from the timid start-up stage to the show-stopping, cataclysmic climax. This dear friend will be your road map, your guide, your touchstone as you venture into this intense pleasure land. Practice with this by your side.

Infographic: the 5 stages of prostate massage and orgasm

See the hi-res version here.

Extra round, anyone?

Recall when I insisted, rather dramatically, on not robbing your soldier of his long-earned slumber? Now, I’m granting you the license to do exactly that.

Only march down this road once you’ve made peace with your prostate massage journey and grabbed your ultimate goal by the horns. Now, you’re free to launch your regular hand-to-gland combat, the typical wank to send you over the edge once and for all.

Personally, I find these “after” prostate orgasms akin to greased lightning. An hour or more of prostate epiphanies and the traditional grand finale is literally one straight sprint away.

It’s a massive explosion. It’s a roller-coaster dive. It’s satisfaction, guaranteed. Keep a towel in arm’s reach. You’ll be glad you did.

These gushers are the real tsunamis dwarfing your usual dribbles. Shooting white volleys across the room – welcome to the new normal.

Hey you… yes, YOU!

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External Prostate Massage: The Outroute

This is your go-to if you’re tepid about treading the full-blown prostate way. As kindly as I can put it, it’s a bit like replacing a symphony with a single strum—in my professional opinion, not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. You’re dealing with a roadblock of skin and tissue separating your eager fingers from the secret location of pleasure – quite impractical to stimulate the magic button.

The road to bliss via this method is definitely a roundabout. Yet, in my amateur days, before I ventured into the realm of intruders in the back, this was my path. Call it testing the waters, if you may.

If the idea of fingers or toys venturing into your holy backdoor is as welcome as a skunk at a lawn party, stick with this method. It’s strictly external and friendly, no backdoor breaches are required. Simply put, the prostate receives its wake-up call via pressure applied from outside on the perineum.

Show that perineum some love. It’s uncharted territory on the map of pleasure. Rub this spot for external prostate stimulation.

Diagram of male perineum. Rub here for external prostate stimulation.

Welcome to the delightful zone of the “taint.” It’s an intriguing patch of skin where the seams meet, creating a sensation of two skin parts glued together. That’s the treasure chest—your prostate is nestled just above this spot.

Buckle up for the special three-finger salute here. Your index, your middle, and your ring finger are headed for an epic mission.

The first couple of steps are pretty much ditto as the internal method.

Find your haven—comfortable, warm, might I suggest, a bed.

Achieve your zen. Mind and body in concert, absolutely focused on you and only you. Be it through meditation, audio porn, or steamy stories—hit your perfect pitch of calm.

Once you’re reclining comfortably, knees up and feet down, bring your three musketeers to join the party. Position them on your perineum, pressing down gently yet firmly.

Unleash your inner minstrel. Massage the zone in soothing circles. Go full circle, clockwise, say about half a dozen times, and then swing counterclockwise. Play around, and switch spots until that bolt of pleasure hits you. Tweak the pressure, gradual to gripping -until you strike gold.

Keep spinning your web of pleasure as long as comfort lasts.

As stated earlier, hitting a prostate orgasm via this route? That’s a tall order. I’ve trudged this path more times than I care to count and the yield? Not much. But it does serve to heat things up, priming you perfectly for a deeper, more gratifying internal excavation.

What’s the Big Deal with Prostate Play?

I can hear you wondering, “What’s the kicker, Dave? How does prostate play feel?”

Well, luckily, I got an email from a reader who traced the experience better than my words ever could. A shoutout to Klaus from Denmark for this vivid impression. If his words don’t get your engine revving, ready to run this race, then I’m out of tricks.

Dear Dave:

I am a man, 67 years old, single (divorced), and I just want to thank you for your site/post since it just made it for me. I have never been into anal sex, but about two months ago I stumbled into it googling for remedies for an enlarged prostate. What I found was that prostate massage might be the answer to my benignly enlarged prostate.

Today I stumbled into your site and read that with prostate sexuality you have to have patience, awareness, really good time etc. (your post: It takes time . . . )

So I followed your instructions and it became quite nice, – I could hit all the right spots etc. Nice, but no orgasm. After a good deal of time I just couldn’t stand it any longer so I left it there and cleaned up. Afterwards I sat down in a chair to read.

And then it hit me!

For at least half an hour I was in heaven. Just sitting in that chair, my pelvis rotating like hell, I experienced one orgasm after another. Orgasms that seem to include my whole body, (except my penis!). The orgasms were centered in my prostate area but hit right up into my breast, my heart I would say, where I had a “feeling-orgasm”.

The last one hit right up through my throat and towards my brain, I didn’t now that was even possible. I have never experienced anything like it, it just went on and on, and a part of me just wouldn’t believe it – here I was just sitting in a chair without any form of outer stimuli, orgasming over and over again.

After the last orgasm, reaching up towards my head, I started coming down, but I was left utterly and completely chattered for hours. WAUW!!!

So again, thank you for your very instructive and not-comdemning site. As I said, it really made it for me. THANK YOU!

Thanks, Klaus! You hit the nail on the head.

Read a few more of my thoughts on this topic, below…

Why join the club?

A better question is “Why the hell NOT?”

Take it from a man who’s stumbled down this path – it sure changed the outlook of my sex life. And for the better. The old-fashioned ‘get-hard, get-off routine was like a faithful old hound but it started to lose its charm after a while. Then I discovered the art of pleasuring the p-spot, adding just the right amount of spice to keep the banquet of carnal pleasures interesting. An avenue that allows a full-scale “sexual liberation” from time to time.

Your age is just a number!

Got a prostate? Congratulations! You’re a candidate for this ecstatic journey, whether you’ve just turned 18 or have 85 candles on your birthday cake! As men age, maintaining an Hercules-like erection can become more herculean a task. Thank heavens for prostate play, a gem of a pastime where an iron rod in the pants isn’t a prerequisite but knowing the secret sweet spot is!

Solo is fun, but duo is dynamite!

While giving myself a thorough prostate massage is a joy in its own right, sharing the experience with a trusted partner is like trading bronze for gold. It’s one of those shared erotic escapades which knit couples closer, and stoke the fires of mutual sexual satisfaction. Not to mention, their exploring hand can often hit the bullseye better than you can solo.

Communication, consider it your north star when sailing with someone else in these uncharted waters. Discuss your do’s and don’ts before you embark, voice out your feelings, the highs and lows, throughout. And once you regain your bearings, sit down for a post-match analysis, a learning curve for the next passage.

Now here’s the cherry on top that turns up the heat for me: the submission. Having a compassionate partner alongside in this intimate rollercoaster adds a layer of richness, deepening the pleasure well. By lying back and abdicating control, you’re offering them dominion over your body, a ritual that strengthens the bond and spices up the sensual tango for the Submissive or the Dominant seeking a new thrill.

Surrender was a tough pill to swallow initially, but the minute I let go, I set my foot on the path to orgasmic liberation. In this paradoxical exchange of power, by submitting control to another, I grew MORE attuned with my body and its sensual vocabulary.

Lelo Hugo

Lelo Hugo



My #1 favorite
Remote control

How to find my prostate?

Here’s a thorough and true-blue roadmap to the grand discovery of your prostate. It’s more of a journey than a trek, so pour yourself a cold one, or a hot, your preference, and get ready to ride.

Primed and ready, here’s the Dave way of embarking on this personal expedition:

First station,

The throne room, the solitary seat, the porcelain bowl. Engage in a personal rumble – offload the bowel, a private turf war between you and your insides. Affirmative, a blank canvas ensures no abrupt encounters.

Stop two,

There’s beauty in cleansing, especially where sun rays seldom peek. Shower or hot bath, take your pick, just wash that one-way alley clean. The simple act of soothing yourself prepares you for the adventures ahead, trust me on this.

Descent three,

Here’s where the uniqueness of the human touch comes in, but let’s not make it a horror show. Fingers gentle, nails trimmed and filed. The oncoming exploration needs finesse, not claw marks. Scavenging your rectal area isn’t on tonight’s menu.

Stage four,

An unchartered landscape requires comfortable positioning. A bed, your new operation table. Lay on your back, knees bent like sprinters ready at the line, a pillow under your butt tilting the entire stage just right.

Fifth turn,

The application of lubricant, the game changer. A dry hole is like a book with no words, absolutely dreadful. Let the good times waterfall and smoothen your approach. No fun without it, believe you me.

Sixth action,

A carefully traversed dip between the legs, slide your index finger gently into your rectum aiming upwards, till you hit the sweet spot between the 2nd and 3rd knuckle.

Seventh miracle,

Now, engage all your senses. Shallow, deeper, left and right. Locate that sensation of novelty that’s distinctly different than any you’ve known. That, my friend, is your prostate. The sensation might not scream pleasure at first, but call it interesting, weird even.

There you are, the end of the rainbow; the 1st prostate massage, take pride in your journey. Cup it, explore it, start slow, and remember the route for next time. Dave isn’t with you, but you’re now a brave new explorer in his style.

Locate my prostate. Source:
Locate your prostate. Find your male G spot. source:

The Preamble:

Pre-gaming isn’t limited to the bar scene, pals. It applies here too. Get the party started by gently massaging the perineum and its surrounding territories. Warm up the engine, feel the blood thrumming. But, kind sirs, no entry just yet. Save it for the main act. Let the anticipation build while you’re splayed on your back, preparing to dive into the unknown.

Your prostate is not the neighbor next door; it’s cloaked behind a protective wall, your rectal wall to be precise. When you venture on this expedition, you’re pressing against the inner restriction, signaling a message to your prostate on the other side.

My rookies, do avoid a brash entrance, for this road less taken is delicate. Be kind and gentle, tread slow, and win the trust of the resisting sphincter. Resist the urge to plunge. Patience is key here; else the pain would drown the pleasure, leaving you stranded.

Let’s admit it; it’s a bit of an intimate treasure hunt. Can’t find the elusive spot? Consider asking a buddy – an act of bravery, both for the seeker and the guide.

What’s better than exploring the unknown? Having a fellow traveler. Rookies or pros, we all need a little hand sometimes. And who better than a fellow knight in this prostate pursuit who carries the very proverb that you seek? Here’s a tale of a brave soul, who dared and succeeded. I might add, he played for the other team. But in this play, it’s the shared stories that matter, nothing else.

Will Mr. Happy Stand Attention?

The mystery of the hour. Every soldier marches to a different drummer…aka an erection. Yours might salute proudly, rearing into a fanfare akin to a stiff-flagged pole. For yours truly, that’s the usual. However, other comrades report no flag raising at all. Let this be clear: there’s no right or wrong in this parade. Remember, the pleasurable siege of the prostate has little correlation with the status of your flagpole. Erect penis is not required!

BONUS: How about those warriors battling the tyranny of Erectile Dysfunction or have crossed paths with menacing prostate cancer? My friend, this could just as well be your secret weapon to reclaim your reign. See, every cloud does have its silver lining. Stumbled upon some helpful supplements for BPH? Take note.

Will I have the BIG O?

Doing the steps right in this dance can lead you to the pleasure podium, my friend. Not to paint an intimidating picture, but realism is my thing, and truth be told, reaching the crescendo isn’t shooting fish in a barrel. It took me a murder of moons and a flood of patience to crack the code of my prostate, before basking in the euphoric nirvana. Convinced though I am that every brave explorer is up to the task, some paths are simply rockier than others. Such is the game of life.

Anatomy of the prostate orgasm: Think of your regular wand-waving orgasm. Yup, this is identical, only jack it up on steroids. It’s the elusive chalice every prostate crusader seeks; the cherry on top of this peculiar sundae. It’s rare, it’s elusive and patience, dear friends, is your greatest ally here.

Prostate vs. Traditional orgasm

Food for thought, or orgasm, in this case:

Let’s say I’m a carnivore, well because I am. Salads and fruits are nice side-shows, but in this potluck, meat steals the thunder.

Sometimes nothing but a full-blown, greasy hamburger will do the job; dripping cheese, crunchy bacon, slathered mayo going down in a divine gulp. That’s your on-the-mark orgasm.

But once in a while, only a perfectly cooked, medium rare Filet Mignon hits the spot. The ecstatic pleasure of sinking teeth into the tenderness and the exquisite delight of savoring every morsel, well, that’s the prostate orgasm.

Yes, the difference is really, that stark.

The Bonus Round: Stick with me, cause it gets better. These sensations don’t restrict themselves to the nether regions. They travel, from the arse’s abyss to the core of your abdomen. The party trick? These joyous jolts can be savored in multiples. Like the urban legend, the Energizer Bunny; you get going… and going… and going…and…

Will I Have Multiple Orgasms?

Indeed, my friends! Just as the pot of gold lies at the end of not one, but multiple rainbows. Buckle up, fellows. We’re in the realm where multiple orgasms are shared joy, not a coveted treasure of our female counterparts.

Here’s the plot:

Trailing the path of the conventional climax, men usually land in the desert of a refractory period, crying out for a hiatus, lunging for the oasis of recovery before saddling up for another ride.

But voila! Prostate massages smirk in the face of refractory period. There are no pitstops, no roadside lodges, instead an adrenaline-filled ride of back-to-back orgasms.

Personal scorecard? Five glorious chain climaxes, like a wildfire, barely 20 seconds apart.

The impatience trap. Ah! The flood of queries in my inbox, all boiling down to ‘how’? The truth? Sometimes it’s sheer serendipity. Sometimes it’s the comfort of the companion or the heat of the moment. Sometimes there’s really no rational explanation. My advice: Drop the mic. Quit worrying and ride the waves. Leave the number-counting to the accountants. The stress of meeting a quota can torpedo your desire and make the elusive multiples a pipe dream. In this game, folks, the journey is truly the destination.

Multiple orgasms are NOT just for women. With prostate massage, men can experience them too! Click to Tweet

Eruption: Will I cum?

Ah! The million-dollar question in my mail-trove. The straightforward and honest reply is a resounding NO. Strange as it may sound, the fountains don’t necessarily have to gush in the garden of orgasms. Now, if you pair the prostate play with the familiar touch of conventional masturbation, now we’re talking arching waves that might drain your hydration.

A little leak? Tons of it, mate. Always been the leaky kind, truth be told. Even an innocent brush, a fiery kiss can turn my jeans into a damp battlefield.

LELO Hugo banner.

How to stay safe?

This joyride, dear friends, does have its safety manual. Journeying into the delicate caverns of our body calls for two allies: gentleness and top-tier hygiene. This isn’t a battleground, prostate play is no risky business. But, boo-boos could happen if you go full-throttle with fingers and joy-sticks. The precipice of extreme cases could even scar the inner rectum. Avoid the reckless route, no shortcuts here.

Here’s your four-rule compass to a safe and sound sojourn:

Your tools dictate your trek. Fingers are amicable comrades, but other household props like broom handles and toothbrushes? Too far in the danger zone, reserve them for their original functions.

Maintain your arsenal of sex toys. Take the manufacturer’s word for the maintenance, to guarantee their longevity for countless future ventures.

Lube is a lifesaver. If the purse strings allow, buy quality. The pricier, the smoother.

Don’t binge on this newfound self-indulgence. Be a seasoned indulger before cranking up the frequency. Let a couple of days roll by between each session and get acquainted with your own limits. As you evolve, so will your play dates.

Navigating the dual-course with a partner:

Don’t jump into unfamiliar waters. First, be the explorer of your own body, the sole voyager gets comfortable steering his own ship better. It helps you steer clear from rocky shores when joined by another navigator. An unseasoned navigator might push rough and tumble, veering the voyage towards discomfort or worse, pain. Set up safe-words as light-houses on this mutual voyage.

The final stroke: Gents, sex toys are not female-exclusive. There’s no room for guilt or shame in harnessing them for the joyride of prostate play. Toys are for boys, as much as they’re for girls. Take pride and ride.

Refresh, Reinvent with a Douche?

Defining the terrain first; douching is a best buddy alliance with water pressure, bidding adieu to impurities in the rectum. My motto sings, “When it’s murky, simply douche.”

The rectum is not everyone’s playground; trepidation perches on many minds. One haunting dread is the unsought guest appearance of fecal fragments on a naive finger or the adventurous toy. Indeed, traipsing around the back alley might warrant such encounters. But consider it as a ticket to the ride, nothing more.

To spill my beans, I’m not an ardent douch-er. My nether regions remain fairly pristine.

The Douche Handbook:

In reality, it’s a no-brainer. The magic tool here is a humble enema bulb or rectal syringe. Do a quick search online (look for “rectal bulb syringe”) or check out your neighbourhood drug store. Bonus: they’re dirt cheap, usually below the $10 threshold.

Here’s a sneak-peek of what they look like:


Now you know how to take masturbation and your sex life to the next level! With these tips and tricks you’re now prepared to take the next step on your journey to prostate nirvana.

Remember: using your fingers is a great way to get started on this journey. When you’re ready to move to the next level, there are lots of special made toys out there to make the job easier and more exciting.

Do take the trouble to browse my top-pick prostate playthings. In the treasure chest of my pleasure-inducing artifacts, they’re the masterpieces I keep returning to.

A friendly reminder: perfection comes to those who grind. Want to hit the bullseye? (Hint: it’s prostate nirvana). It demands persistence. But isn’t it the rule of thumb, mate? The dreamiest pleasures call for a chase.

Got anything nagging you or need the lowdown on something? Poke me on my contact page or scribble down a note below.

Keep the good times rolling!

Adding on: Not so long ago, I stumbled upon a gem of an article at Sexual Alpha that pretty niftily lays down the facts on this niche. Don’t forget to go over their rendition of the “3 legged stool technique“.

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Enjoy your stay. Drop me a line if you have something to say!