REVIEWED: 5 Fleshlight Girls RANKED! Stoya Destroya is #1!

I’ve written a lot about sex toys for men here at Mr. Racy. I covered the best Fleshlights here. And my all time favorite product, Ice, here. Now it’s time to review the Fleshlight Girls lineup.

Spoiler alert: of all the girls, Stoya Destroya is my #1 favorite Fleshlight sleeve of all time!



#1 choice

Stoya Destroya

Stoya Destroya

Wanna cum quickly?

Killer suction to make it happen
Lovely puckered butt option
Natural looking pussy lips
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Check Price



For each girl, you’ll learn the following:

  • what makes her special
  • Cum Factor, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being insanely awesome
  • my personal favorite adult films the model has appeared in
  • orifice options (the visible part where you insert the penis)
  • inner sleeve texture options (the part that massages the penis)
  • where to purchase



I’ll be perfectly honest, the feeling doesn’t vary a whole lot from one to another. They all feel pretty damn good.

The important thing about Fleshlights is the suction. In my opinion, the cock sucking action that is built into almost all their toys is second to none.


Do you crave the sensation of having an orgasm sucked out of you?


Yeah, I thought so. These are definitely the right toys for you.


What are Fleshlight Girls?

Billed as a great way to “get inside your favorite porn stars,” these masturbators represent yet another line of products to make jacking off more fun. Both visually and physically.

One of the coolest things about them is that they are literally molded from the genitalia and buttholes of an impressive lineup of some of today’s hottest adult film stars.

You’ll notice in all these models that the performer has signed the toy, tastefully molded into the front silicone face. Not a game changer by any means, just a cool additional touch that makes these strokers unique.


Here are the girls I’ll be reviewing in this post:

  • Stoya
  • Riley Reid
  • Dillon Harper
  • Madison Ivy
  • Alexis Texas


So let’s get right to it!



#1 – Stoya Destroya


What makes Stoya Destroya special?

So what makes her the #1 choice? In my personal opinion, she’s the sexiest porn star out there. She’s thin, toned and relatively tall at 5’7″. The mold of her vagina just looks delicious. In a strange sort of way, the physical appearance of the mold turns me on and makes me cum quicker.

There’s nothing like queuing up one of Stoya’s hot films (see a list of my favorites below) and grabbing my Fleshlight. Closing my eyes while listening to her do her thing on screen is an exquisite experience. Sliding a perfect replica of her hot snatch up and down my throbbing member is almost divine, to say the least!


Cum Factor


If you wanna cum huge loads quickly, this is your girl.



Favorite adult film appearances

  • Talk Dirty to Me – 2018
  • A.I. Rising – 2018
  • Erotico – 2013
  • Special Delivery – 2013
  • UnSEXpected – 2012



Orifice options

There are two orifice options available for this Fleshlight Girl:

  • vagina
  • butt hole



Stoya Destroya vagina

I absolutely love the look of her lips in the photo above. They’re just hanging there, begging for attention. I honestly don’t have a lip preference when it comes to vaginas. Small lips. Big lips. They’re all awesome. The girl they’re attached to is the most important, however!




stoya destroya butt orifice

I personally prefer the bottom, because I’m an ass man. Stoya’s bottom is perfect because it shows all the natural wrinkles and creases, mimicking her sexy ass. Looks like it’s puckering up, eh?


Inner sleeve texture options

Again there are two different textures available, depending on which orifice you choose.

  • Destroya comes with the lady version
  • Epic comes with the butt version


stoya butt texture


stoya vagina texture


Both of these are particularly nice because of the nubs attached to the inside. They allow that little bit of extra massage while stroking. They’re barely noticeable, but enough to make me cum a little quicker.



See Stoya @




#2 – Riley Reid


What makes Riley special?

Riley is another one of my favorites, right after Stoya. I’ve watched and wanked to countless pornos she’s starred in over the years. Her petite frame and divine looking pussy are sights to behold. Straight from Miami Beach, Florida, here’s why I LOVE this girl.



Cum Factor


A bit looser than Stoya, but still more than enough to make your knees buckle .



Favorite adult film appearances

  • Ultimate Fuck Toy: Riley Reid – 2013
  • Cum Crossfire – 2015
  • Being Riley – 2016
  • Unexpected Feelings – 2018
  • Lex Poles Little Holes – 2014



Orifice options

  • vagina
  • butt hole



riley reid vag orifice

Riley has possibly the cleanest looking, most inviting pussy lips I’ve ever seen. Very compact. Just enough there to gaze at to make your mouth water.




riley reid butt orifice

Riley’s ass hole is almost as delightful to look at as her vagina. Clean. Simple. Just a slight pucker around her glorious hole.




Inner sleeve texture options



riley reid vag texture


riley reid butt texture



See Riley @




#3 – Dillon Harper


What makes Dillon special?

Ahh, Dillon Harper. I like her because she has that girl next door look. Sexy, yet not over the top hot. Exactly the type of woman I’d like to have sex with. Unfortunately she’ll never find her way to my bedroom 🙁

However, I can have the next best thing her branded masturbator.


Cum Factor


Great for wanking while chilling. Average tightness. A great cum sucker.



Favorite adult film appearances:

  • Taboo Handjobs – 2017
  • The Naked Life – 2018
  • Sexual Fraud – 2016
  • Horny Hotties – 2016
  • Vixens from Venus – 2016



Orifice options

  • vagina
  • butt hole



dillon harper vag orifice

Another compact and petite vagina. A nice tight look, but not as tight as Stoya. That lovely clitoral hood makes my mouth water just looking at it.



dillon harper butt orifice

This is one sexy asshole. Light puckering around the hole is definitely visible. A slight gape makes it doubly interesting. Definitely fun to plunge a hard cock into this one.



Inner sleeve texture options


dillon harper vag texture


dillon harper butt texture



See Dillon @




#4 – Madison Ivy


What makes Madison special?

For the record, Madison Ivy is TINY, at only 4’11” tall. I have a huge fetish for small petite women, and Madison definitely fits the mold! I particularly LOVE the physical appearance of her snatch: the lips, the shape of her clit, the slight gape…everything.



Cum Factor


Reasonably tight for explosive loads. Just the right amount of friction to pull big ropes.



Favorite adult film appearances:

  • A Dream Cum True – 2018
  • Happy Endings – 2016
  • Pornstar Paradise – 2016
  • The Doctor – 2014
  • Hotel No Tell – 2013



Orifice options

  • vagina (top pic below)
  • butt hole (bottom pic)




madison ivy vag orifice

This one is sexy in it’s own way. The lips are a bit larger than the previous ones. Kinda droopy. They’re saying “ooh I’m chill and relaxed. Just get your cock out and fuck me.”




madison ivy butt orifice

Madison’s booty hole has to be the most interesting of the bunch. Virtually no pucker. Just a tiny hole peeping open, inviting you to enter.



Inner sleeve texture options



madison ivy vag texture


madison ivy butt texture



See Madison @




#5 – Alexis Texas

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What makes Alexis special?

Alexis is unique from the other girls I’ve written about here, because she’s not bone skinny. Yes, I said I have a thing for small petite girls. But I like curves too. There’s something special about a girl with some booty and hips. Being able to grab ’em from behind and go to pound town is always a ton of fun.

Queue up “I Like Big BUTTS and I Cannot Lie” by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Remember that song from the 80s? It defined my formative years 🙂

Now, nothing that I just said has anything to do with this Fleshlight Girl masturbator. But it’s the vision of her that I have in my mind when using her pussy is what makes the experience all that much better.


Cum Factor


This is the tightest one of the bunch in my opinion. The look of her lips is a big factor too. I like big LIPS and I cannot lie…



Favorite adult film appearances:

  • Naughty Natasha – 2017
  • Alexis Loves Girls – 2017
  • Texas Hoedown – 2016
  • Big Booty Tryouts – 2015
  • Rookie Swingers – 2013



Orifice options

  • vagina (top pic below)
  • butt hole (bottom pic)



alexis texas vag orifice

Alexis’ pussy lips are delightful. More pronounced. Bigger. Fuller. Definitely more representative of the average girl on the street. I just wish I had the real thing to play with!



alexis texas butt orifice

This bum hole is definitely different from the other ones. Instead of a hole it’s more like a slit. I swear it’s winking at me,  telling me to cum and play.



Inner sleeve texture options


alexis texas vag texture


alexis texas butt texture



See Alexis @





How many Fleshlight Girls are there?

As of the time of this post, I counted 41. Yes, 41 porn stars with exact replicas of their pussies and asses!

I thought about including all of them on here, but decided against it. Why? Because as I mentioned earlier there really isn’t much of a difference between them.

With that said, I’ve left some really hot sexy porn girls off this list. If you wanna see them all, click here for the whole lineup at



Can I buy just the Fleshlight sleeve?

Yes! Save a few bucks by not having to purchase the case too.



Are these girls a substitute for a real vagina or ass?


In my opinion NOTHING can replace or even replicate the feeling of intercourse with a real live person.



How to clean them?

Fleshlights have always been a bit finicky when it comes to cleaning. All those nifty bumps and swirls on the sleeve textures are nice. But they also tend to hold lube and cum in there. This requires more than just running some water through there for a few seconds.

Cleaning your Fleshlight after EVERY use is not optional. It’s mandatory! Do you really want to stick your dick inside a toy that you came in a couple days ago? I didn’t think so…





Well, that’s a wrap! Now you can take my advice, or just pick of your favorite Fleshlight Girls. Buy one direct from Fleshlight so you can enjoy the same experience as me. Have her at your disposal to wrap around your throbbing, erect member.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Stoya Destroya is my all time favorite. Not necessarily because her pussy mold is the best, but because she’s just damn sexy. The look, the feel and my imagination is what makes her top notch in my opinion.

However, no matter which one you choose, they’re all pretty awesome. Now get wanking!



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